Steps For Smashing Transitional Season Style

By Hand On The Hip - 7/31/2018

Right now it is that time of the year where you’re not quite sure if the weather is going to be hot, cold, dry, wet, or something completely different and in-between. When going from the winter time and into spring, you never know if you need a jacket and boots, or if sandals will be sufficient. The stores are getting all new clothing lines in too, which can help to get you excited about the seasons that we have ahead. However, this transition period can be interesting as you navigate from winter into spring, and then not far away, spring into summer. Here are some trends to be looking out for, as well as how you can be prepared for all of the varied temperatures coming your way! It would be great to hear what you think.

Layer, Upon Layer

Layering is one of the best things at this time of year, and it is a really easy trend to follow too. It helps you to be ready for the varied temperatures, but without being too over the top with a full winter ensemble. You could use your spring clothing like a light top or tea dress as the base, that is then layered with a chunky cardigan and tights, for example. You could add a scarf too, and then you’re set for cooler weather, but can take it down to the tea dress if it warms up.

Colour and Prints

When the weather is heating up, it is a great time to get creative with the colour and prints that you have in your wardrobe. Brighter colours are much easier to pull off at this time of year, and can help you to feel spring-like, just like the weather is doing. So say goodbye (for now) to the more muted tones and heavier fabric items that you have at home, and say hello to the lighter, more airy, and fresh spring and summer prints and colours.

New ‘Do

After winter, even if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too cold, you can into a bit of a hibernation mode. Which is why getting out of that mode and taking some time to look after yourself and be ready for spring and summer can be a really good thing. It could be having a wax, giving yourself a manicure, or booking in with a womens hair stylist to get a fresh new look (or just a trim) for the season ahead. The cooler weather of winter can lead to some dry and damaged hair and can lead to split ends and just some hair that is in need of some TLC. So book yourself in for something to take care of yourself, or get yourself a new hairstyle.


Spring is a great time for accessories, as there are so many different things that work during this transition season. Hats can be great in spring, both casual styles like a cap or baker-boy hat, or more stylish options like a fedora. Bags and jewellery are great for the season too, as they can make or break an outfit with the pops of colour and style that they give.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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