Stay Healthy Flying Long-Haul

By Hand On The Hip - 8/26/2018

Unless you are wealthy enough to be to afford to fly first class or business class, long hauls flights can be exhausting and get uncomfortable after a while. They are even worse if you start to feel unwell part way through the journey, but there are things you can to do lower the risk of this happening.

Don’t Get Dehydrated

The air inside the cabin of a plane is very dry which makes it very easy to become dehydrated. Most airlines will give you water with each meal on a long haul flight, but that will not be enough. When they bring drinks around, avoid alcohol are soda drinks as they will make the dehydration worse. Have water as often as you can and buy some extra bottles from them, or in the duty-free shops before you get in the plane.

Eat Light

When you are thousands of miles in the air the gases in your body expand by about one third. Eating foods that encourage gas can cause you to suffer aches and pains and make the flight uncomfortable. Eating fresh fruits or vegetables such as raw carrots are a better option. However, there is no guarantee that the airline will have these items so it is best to take a few healthy snacks onto the plane with you.

Take Your Medication

It is easy to forget to take your medication, as on a long haul flight you will probably be in a different time zone. However, if you have to take Cartia, insulin, or any other medication you should ensure that you still take it at the right times. Failing to take certain medications could make you ill.

Dress For Comfort

Forget fashion when you are travelling long-haul, it is comfort that matters. Wear loose fitting clothes, as they will stay comfortable for longer and shoes that feel as though you are wearing a pair of comfy slippers. It is good if the shoes will slip off your feet easily, as that can help to lower the risk of your ankles swelling.

Move Your Body

There is so little room on a plane that most people do not leave their seat unless it is to use the bathroom. Sitting for so long is not good for anyone and you should try to exercise your limbs a little. Often, the in-flight magazines have suggestions about leg exercises, for example, that you can do in your seat without interfering with anyone else.


Apart from when you are eating your meals and hopefully doing some exercise, you should make a long haul flight an opportunity to relax. Read a book, watch a movie or go to sleep for a while. At the end of the plane trip, if you have been stressed out the whole time, you will be in no fit state to enjoy your holiday.

Try these tips to see if they help you get through a long haul flight without any problems, as you may well be doing the same trip in reverse a short while after.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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