How To Return Wedding Gifts You Know You Won't Use

By Hand On The Hip - 10/28/2018

Getting married is so exciting, isn't it? You get to spend the few months leading up to it in the throes of planning with all of your favourite people, and then you get to enjoy a day which will leave you - hopefully - with a handful of amazing memories, hundreds of photos and, if you are really lucky, a pile of presents and cards from your guests. Of course, gifts aren't the reason that you get married, but it’s nice that the people who know you and love you the most are the ones who are putting effort into you for your big day.
The only teeny issue is that while you are appreciative for the thought that goes into any gift that you receive, you don’t necessarily need some of them. For example, if you got two toasters and you already have one at home, you really don't need them. You may also have been swamped with gift cards, leaving you to look for somewhere to sell gift cards online so that you can convert it to cash. It’s not easy to reject a wedding gift, and you certainly don’t have to let the person who gave it to you know that you don't want it, but what can you do? Let’s take a look at how you can return unwanted gifts without breaking any hearts while you do it.
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  • Sorting through the gifts as soon as you can and moving them into a keep pile and a return pile is a smart idea.
  • Look for duplicates in the pile. Albums, dishes, frames: most retailers are pretty flexible about gift returns when it comes to wedding gifts, so take the duplicates to the stores and get the money for them that way.
  • Sometimes you can’t get the cash value, but this way you can exchange for other in-store items and get that matching dinner service you’ve been waiting for. Returning gifts is no fun for anyone but it’s great if you can get something you can get use from.
  • You need some excuses if they turn up at your home later and ask if you’re getting use out of it, or if you got given a gift card, what you spent it on. Here are some good ones:
  • It’s so precious, we keep it in the safe!
  • We keep it upstairs/downstairs/at the summer home.
  • It’s being polished, but we love it.
The very best way to avoid getting any gifts that you won’t have used to comes with two solutions:
  • Put out a gift registry. Not everyone likes these, but it’s a great way to avoid the three toasters you could end up with in your kitchen.
  • Don’t put a list at all and simply ask for honeymoon donations. It’s more common now to ask for cash toward a honeymoon because more couples live together before marriage than they used to.
It may feel mean to return gifts, but consider the way that the gifts make you feel and make them work for you.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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