The Natural Wonders of New South Wales

By Hand On The Hip - 7/14/2018

New South Wales in Australia has more than its fair share of natural wonders, and there are some that you should make sure you see if ever you visit this wonderful place.

Mount Kaputar

Mount Kaputar is part of the Nandewar Range and is made from the remains if an extinct volcano. As part of the Great Dividing Range, The Nandewar Range is the third largest land-based range in the world. Mount Kaputar has scenic walks and spectacular views. It is great for a day visit or to spend a few nights camping as it has all the facilities you need in Mount Kaputar National Park.

Hunter Valley

Lovers of nature should pay a visit to Hunter Valley. It is just a few miles north of Sydney and has an endless supply of stunning natural views that will amaze any visitor. At its heart, you will find Wyndham Ridge, which is an area so beautiful that people are now setting up homes there. As well as the views you would get to see the wild kangaroos that reside in the Hunter Valley. Watching them in their natural habitat is a wondrous sight indeed.

Sawn Rocks

Sawn Rocks have been likened to organ pipes, and it is not difficult to see why. They were formed from basalt lava, which melded together from the lava flow of the now extinct Nandewar volcano, and as it cooled off it took on the look of pipe like columns.

A twenty-minute walk through the rainforest will take you to the foot of rocks where you will also find a picnic area, and you will not be far from the facilities at the Mount Kaputar National Park.

Wellington Caves

These caves are one of the natural wonders in NSW that mean this part of Australia is not to be missed. They are a grand masterpiece created by Mother Nature out of limestone, and there are parts that look as though they were architecturally designed. But that is not the case.  These awe-inspiring caves are perfectly natural, and at the same time as visiting them, you will be able to explore the Phosphate mine and learn about its history.

Kiama Blowhole

Blowholes are formed by the pressure of the water pounding against the rocks above it. It would have taken many years for the Kiama Blowhole to form, but now it really is a sight to behold. Don’t be surprised if you get drenched if it decides to blow particularly high, and certainly don’t take anything valuable that can be damaged by water anywhere near.

The Three Sisters

The three sandstone sisters stand proudly above the Jamieson Valley. To get the best view of them you need to head to Echo Point, where you will find some of the best photo opportunities. Surrounding them are waterfalls, forests, and mountains where you can take a trek or a cable car to see even more of the wonders of this area.

These are just a few suggestions of the natural wonders you should try to get to when you are in New South Wales. There are many more.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and has not been written by Hand On The Hip.

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