The Alluring Factors of Sarees That Make Every Women Look Elegant

By Hand On The Hip - 3/21/2019

A working woman has to dress sophisticatedly, and as women love to wear traditional sarees, so sarees are quickly turning into a popular trend in formal wear. Sarees are the only outfits which can make a woman look elegant and beautiful in the most cultural manner. Again, it provides a woman a chance to display her curves. A working woman always desires to wear something which can add optimistic vibes and so, her outfit is highly needed to be comfortable. Following are six types of sarees that can make a working woman add lots of oomph and fun to her regular wear.
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Silk sarees
You can wear bright silk sarees on a gloomy day, and there is something special about silks that a saree lover truly understands. The modest silk sarees have turned more alluring with fine craftsmanship. No matter it is finessed hand embroidery or glittering zari border on silk, these designing improves the appeal of silk sarees to a great degree. Tussar sarees are extraordinarily shimmering and royal regarding texture, and every woman out there likes them.
Silk sarees
Khadi sarees
Also recognized as Khaddar, a khadi saree is one which is hand woman, and these sarees are appropriate options for a working woman because of their classy appeal. The khadi sarees contain rough textures, raw colors, and indefinite designs are they are perfect and spectacular for your office wear. A working woman loves khadi sarees because they keep the body warm during the winter season and cool during the summer months. Again, Khadi possesses a distinctive feature of getting back its shine even after many washes.
Formal cotton printed sarees  
A formal cotton saree looks attractive, elegant, and it catches people’s eyes easily. Cotton fabrics tend to be eco-friendly, lightweight and reasonably priced too. A huge percentage of women prefer to wear cotton printed sarees to work, and they are excellent for offices, schools, aviation, colleges, hospitality industry among many. Similar to other types of sarees, cotton sarees highlight a woman’s femininity. They also make a woman look sophisticated and elegant. The best thing is a cotton saree looks great on woman irrespective of her age, shape, and height.
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Chiffon sarees
A woman finds chiffon sarees of different types and every form ladies look superb in them. A chiffon saree is excellent for a working woman because these sarees are lightweight and so, they are ideal for beating the harsh heat of summer. Plain chiffon sarees are the choice for summers as these sarees emit femininity out of a woman. Again, these sarees tend to be durable and strong. Durability, elegance, and softness go hand-in-hand with chiffon sarees and make them highly different from other kinds of sarees.
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Crepe sarees
To a working woman, a crepe saree holds huge importance as she can drape it easily. As crepe is a flowy and soft fabric, women find it convenient to make pleats in any way she prefers. Again, the softness of the crepe sarees makes them comfortable for wearing and carrying off comfortably. A crepe saree is ideal for showing your figure, and it is great for wearing every day.
Crepe Sarees
Georgette sarees
Versatile and lightweight are the two characteristics of a georgette saree. The fabric of these sarees tends to be flowy, soft, and sheer and they make them ideal for regular wear. A woman can drape these sarees easily, and they are very comfortable during warmer weather. You can also wear a georgette saree for casual functions and formal occasions.
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Sarees have managed to get a special place in women’s heart. They are an elegant piece of attire which ladies of various creed, cast, and nationalities love to have and you have to select fabric, colour, designs, texture per your choice, working environment, and body type. You are just needed to be mindful that your saree is comfortable so that you can focus on your work in place of your pleats.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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