Time To Take Back Control When It Comes To Your Mental Wellbeing

By Hand On The Hip - 3/17/2019

Many of us will struggle with some sort of mental health issue at some stage in our lives. This could be down to the job that we have, the stress levels we endure day to day or a significant life-changing event. Anxiety, depression and generally not feeling ourselves with no real reason for the feeling are so much more common than we realise. Going to the doctors is a great step to take, but what are the options other than taking medication to handle the symptoms?

Often these issues and our mental wellbeing will stem from something. So sometimes it is a good idea to take some time out for yourself and really figure out what is making you feel this way. By doing so, you may be able to find a way that can help you move forward. Sometimes making small changes, either to our lifestyle, the habits we have, or taking action in areas of our lives can make the biggest difference to these feelings of anxiety and depression. So with that in mind, here are some of the things to think about.

Exercising more regularly

One of the main things that any professional would suggest when it comes to combating mental health issues is to increase the amount of exercise that you take. It could be that joining a gym is an option, where you can use equipment or join in sessions and classes. However, that can be overwhelming for some people so you might want to think about exercising at home. It might be that you like the idea of following YouTube workouts, or even investing in some things like weights that you can easily use at home. This could be a great way to start exercising at your own pace. But just being more active could help, such as walking more often or making more positive choices when it comes to using the stairs or parking a further away to increase activity.

Making some changes just for you

Often it is time to start thinking about how you feel, and sometimes within that, we can identify areas of our lives that we may not feel confident in. Perhaps you are not confident in the way you look, so change that and feel happier within yourself. It might be that you don’t feel confident or enjoy your job, so take that leap of faith and find something you are passionate about. Live is for living, and so if that means contacting a cosmetic dentist to finally sort your teeth out, learning something new to get the job, or even changing your hairstyle because you haven’t dared to do it before. Just do it and go for it, what have you got to lose? Nothing. But you have a lot to gain by doing things for yourself.

Your diet and what you eat

Some don’t believe it, but your diet can be an integral part of your mental health and improving your diet and making it more balanced could be a positive step forward. Many mental health issues involve binge eating, eating for comfort or needing that sugar hit for energy. But they can also have side effects that give you the opposite feelings. Instead, why not look at having a more balanced diet and nourishing your body with all of the food it needs to function. It might also be worth increasing your water intake as this has been proven to help with sleep, mood and energy levels.

Having a change in mindset

Your mind is a powerful tool, and often the main cause of your thoughts and feelings. But you can control them if you are aware of how you think. You may find that right now you have a negative mindset, where you think the world is against you, but by actively switching those negative thoughts into something more positive, you take the first step to finally feeling better in yourself. Gratitude and positive thoughts are just habits that you need to develop over time, and in some cases they become a natural thing to do.

Trying alternative methods to medication

Finally, there are other things that you can try aside from medication. This can include talking and therapy sessions that involve things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be extremely beneficial. Other things that people try include things such as reiki, which has a lot to do with energy levels in your body. Also spiritual guidance, crystal healing and acupuncture are also proven methods to help with mental health issues.

Let’s hope this has got you motivated to work through any mental health issues you may be facing.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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