Are You Always Struggling For Space In Your Case?

By Hand On The Hip - 4/28/2019

To put it bluntly; baggage allowance is a bitch. And, it’s only set to get worse with more airlines now paying close attention to our every move. As if paying for luggage both ways weren’t bad enough; restrictions now mean that you need to work magic to fit everything in. It’s a nightmare which makes those stressful pre-vacation days all the worse. And, it’s a situation which could end up costing you a ridiculous amount. Even if you manage to fit everything on the way there, buying even one thing while you’re away could tip you over the edge.  

In short; baggage allowance alone could sap joy from each trip you take. It could also eat up your vacation allowance, leaving you struggling once you arrive. But, there are ways to get around the beast. Then, you’d be able to travel with a smile once again. But, what exactly are these methods of which we speak?

Buy a lightweight case

Before packing is even a twinkle in your eye, it’s vital that you head out and buy a lightweight case. There are plenty of these on the market due to rising demand, and any one of them could come to the rescue. When you think about it, it’s shocking how much of our bag allowance goes on our cases alone. If you’ve got a bulky old plastic option, it’s no wonder you always struggle to get by. Weigh that on its own to see just how much of your allowance you’re wasting this way. Then, head out and buy yourself a case which is half the weight. Material options are fantastic for this. That said, they aren’t the hardiest. If you’re worried about that, look instead for light-weight plastic options.

Pack multi-purpose pieces

Packing one-wear items is never a good idea when you have a baggage allowance to meet. You’ll never be able to do it. Instead, look out for things which you know you’re going to get plenty of wear out of. These mean that you can get away with packing far less, and could see you sailing through check-in. Your best bet here would be to reach for neutral colors which can pair together in a variety of ways. Think of it as a capsule wardrobe in your case. Pack, too, items like saris which you can also wear as skirts. And, instead of packing endless impractical pairs of sandals, opt for something like these Adidas shoes which you can wear everyday if you want to. Pair these with one smart option for your evenings, and you’ll be flying in no time. Literally.

Book somewhere with a washing machine

Whether you’re going away for a week or four, it’s always worth booking somewhere with access to a washing machine. If you’re worried about having a clean outfit every day for a two-week stay, you’re never going to pack light enough. By making sure you can wash while you’re there, you can halve the number of things you need to take. This way, you should be able to get away with a week's worth of outfits no matter the length of your stay. Airbnb is ideal for this, with most options providing fitted washing machines. Even if you’re booking a hotel, research should soon direct you to options with washing rooms. You don’t even need to make room for washing powder when you’re packing. Just make sure to buy some when you land and make a little time for laundry while you luxuriate in the sun.

Make the most of your carry-on

If none of the above is enough to save you from excess fees, it’s always worth remembering your carry-on. Admittedly, many airlines are now charging for these if they’re over a specific size. So, make sure to check the dimensions of your chosen airline before overloading your bag. Otherwise, those fees will still come back to bite you. If your bag fits the guidelines, though, you can get away with putting plenty in here. You will need to bear in mind that you can’t pack liquids into a bag like this. Toiletries and such will still need to go in your case. But, items like shoes and clothing are fair game in the land of carry-ons. If you’re struggling for case space, then, never forget that this is an option.

Baggage allowance is a pain in the backside. But, with a little thought, there’s no reason it needs to get in the way of your next trip.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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