Simple Steps to Boost Self-Confidence

By Hand On The Hip - 7/17/2019

There is a quote by Maxwell Maltz that describes low self-esteem as like driving through life with your hand brake on. It creates such a visual of just how hard it can be to go through life feeling like this, as we can all relate to driving with a hand brake on; it is tough. The thing to remember is that nobody is just born with huge amounts of self-confidence. If you feel like someone seems to have incredible self-confidence, then it will be because they have worked on it for a long time, in order to feel like that. Self-confidence, as surprising as it might sound, is something that you can learn, and it can build up over time, simply because, life, work, social commitments, and life in general, can start to deflate how we feel.

We can be bombarded by different elements that can threaten our self-confidence. So when that happens, we need to take charge of it and start building it up for ourselves. With all of that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to help to build up your self-confidence.


Visualize yourself as you want to be

Visualization is something that can really help you to achieve your goals, as it is all about seeing an image of yourself in your own mind. It could be you graduating or you working in your dream job. It could be you just being happier in life. It is an important technique to keep practicing because when we are feeling low, through things like low self-confidence, we can have a poor perception of ourselves, and a perception that is often inaccurate too. So practice visualizing a certain version of yourself, achieving the goals that you have.

Question your inner critic

Some of the hardest, and harshest comments, can come from ourselves; we can be our worst critic, which isn’t going to be a happy place to be. If you are someone that struggles with low self-confidence, then the chance is that your critic is something that has become really quite inaccurate. There are things like cognitive behavioral therapy that can help you to question your inner critic, as you might start to look for evidence that can support or deny the things that you are thinking about yourself. If there is no ‘evidence’ then why are you feeling or thinking that about yourself? Look for time when you can congratulate yourself, compliment yourself, and even reward yourself.

Set yourself goals

If you are looking to give yourself some more confidence, then setting goals and achieving them is so important. When you have achieved something and can cross it off your list, then it can be a real confidence boost. It could be something like wanting to educate yourself and go back to school, or perhaps you have personal goals like running a marathon, for example. If you decide to go back to school, then it could be a good idea to make sure that you get the help that you need, to help you to succeed. For example, healthcare document translation could be important for a research paper, and different apps and study groups could help when you’re looking to improve and do well at school. The bottom line is making sure that you are achieving goals, as that can be the thing that gives you a boost.

Shift to equality mentality

If you spend your time wanting to do something else or be something else, then it really is a waste of who you are. The people that have lower self-confidence start to see others as better or even more deserving than themselves. But you need to stop this kind of thinking, and start to see yourself as being equal to other people. When this happens, there is no one that is better or more deserving than you. So start to make a mental shift to help yourselves to have an equality mentality. If you look to do this, then you will automatically start to see an improvement in your self-confidence.

Help someone else

If you are looking to do something to give your self-esteem a boost, then sometimes, it starts sometimes, to think about other people, rather than yourself. If you are able to help other people, then it can help you to forget about yourselves, and help you to feel grateful for what you have. It also starts to feel good when you can make an effort and really make a difference in someone else’s life. So instead of focusing on your own weaknesses and so on, then it could be time to volunteer some of your time, become a mentor, assist someone else, or teach someone else. Once you start doing this kind of thing, then you will start to see your own self-confidence starts to grow as you go along.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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