Making Yourself Over To Feel Better Inside And Out

By Hand On The Hip - 9/26/2019

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It's a very simple thing, but if you want to feel good about your body, the temptation can be to completely make yourself over. Changing your style, or starting all over again might make you feel better, at least in the short-term, but it's about having a proper makeover so you feel better inside and out. Is there anything that we can do to ensure that we feel great in both ways?

Understand What Works For You

Sometimes we have to spend a long time getting inspiration. But there is nothing wrong with this. There are numerous guides that can help you to find your own style as well as the right practices for your skin, hair, and so on. Websites like Beauticate is a way for you to get that confidence in preparation. Sometimes we don't like who we are, so we keep looking for the next thing. And it takes a while, but it's about becoming more comfortable with who you are; you need to do this by embodying a learning mindset.

Try To Avoid Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the quickest ways to feel terrible, and age horribly. Because anxiety may speed aging, we need to take it upon ourselves to learn how to calm down. Have you seen those women in the 60s that teach yoga? It seems they haven't aged beyond 25! So perhaps there's something to be said about minimising anxiety? Besides, avoiding anxiety, by engaging in the right practices, helps you to come to terms with who you are.

Look For Constructive Criticism, Not Bad Comments

If you ask a friend for their opinion, you might feel that you are opening yourself up for a lot of negativity. But it's about asking the right person, and making sure that they provide feedback in a constructive manner. Constructive criticism is a very important thing because it doesn't list all the negative things about you, but it also provides you with that springboard to go in the right direction. Sometimes we don't like to ask for other people's opinions, that we should trust our own. Sometimes a second opinion can just confirm what we've already thought.

Learn How To Age With Grace

If you want to feel better inside and out, thinking about the right practices to age with grace is crucial. Getting older isn't a bad thing, and we can spend a lot of time trying to fight the signs of aging, but in one respect, we should embrace it but also, remember that it is a natural thing, and as long as we use the right natural products we don't have to age terribly. As well as this it's about keeping calm, and remembering to feel good about yourself. This is really how we all should age with grace. If we feel better about ourselves, then we won't get as many wrinkles, and while looking at ourselves in the mirror can make us feel bad about ourselves on the inside, it's about that battle between not caring as much about how we look, but also remember that feeling happier should be the priority.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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