Think Before You Ink: 7 Things To Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

By Hand On The Hip - 9/26/2019

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Getting your first tattoo can be a big decision. To make sure that it’s a decision you’re proud of, here are seven things that you should consider first.

The design

Most people have a clear idea of the design they want for their tattoo. It’s worth getting an artist or someone with drawing skills to sketch out the design for you so that can more easily visualise it and make any necessary tweaks. Consider the size of it too – certain designs when scaled down may not be feasible. Whether the design has meaning or simply looks cool is up to you (although you probably avoid getting your partner’s name inked).

The placement

You also need to consider where you tattoo will be located. The wrist, thigh and shoulder are some of the most common places to get a first tattoo. If you have a job that requires you to cover up tattoos, you may want to bear this in mind. The pain is also something to consider – bony areas tend to be more painful.

The cost

The cost of a tattoo can vary depending on the design and the reputation of the artist. More detailed tattoos are likely to take longer and will therefore cost more (many artists charge by the hour). Color ink tattoos meanwhile are more expensive than black ink tattoos. Consider getting a quote so that you can save up the money required. When booking a tattoo, you’ll usually have to put down a deposit – you won’t get this back if you change your mind.

The artist

You should always choose a professional tattoo artist. This will ensure that the tattoo is good quality and that it’s done hygienically with the best equipment. Most people go to a tattoo studio, but you may prefer to visit an independent tattoo artist. Recommendations from friends and positive online reviews can be a good sign that an artist is reputable – avoid artists that don’t have such a good reputation.

The pain

Getting a tattoo is painful. Those that deny this are lying (or they may have just got so many tattoos that they’re used to the pain). Some places are more painful than others, but nowhere on the body is going to be entirely pain-free. How you cope will depend on your tolerance. Most people can grin and bear it – it’s usually those that are scared of needles that react the worst.

The aftercare

A good tattoo artist will be able to advise you on aftercare, but it could still be worth researching yourself. In most cases, it’s advisable to keep the tattoo covered with a plastic wrap for the first 24 hours and not get it wet. You should then gently dab it to clean and consider applying lotion. Tattoo numbing cream can be used for the pain afterwards. You’ll need to be most careful as your tattoo is scabbing up – resist scratching if you can so that the tattoo heals well.

The timing

Timing is also an important factor when getting a tattoo. You usually won’t be able to get a tattoo is you’ve been drinking, if you’re under 18 or if you’re pregnant. You should also consider which activities you have planned after – if you’ve got plans to visit a waterpark or plans to hit the town drinking that evening, it’s probably not the best timing as the healing process could be negatively affected.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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