5 Tips To Achieving The Perfect Set Of Brows

By Hand On The Hip - 11/15/2019

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In our beauty conscious world, we have become obsessed with taming every feature of our face, and our eyebrows are no exception. We have seen brow styles change from the thin barely-there brows of the ’90s through to the bushy full-looking brows made famous by models such as Cara Delevingne and we have them plucked and waxed into every shape imaginable. So here are five tips to achieving the perfect set of brows.

Understand that all brows are unique
The first step to maintaining a perfect set of brows is to understand that all sets of eyebrows are unique, they have their own natural fullness, their hairs fall in their own unique way and each has its own shape. Brows should be treated like sisters, not twins, and you should realise that wit the best will in the world your brows may never be 100% symmetrical and in fact, for a more natural look, a little difference between them is important.

Find your shape
Our eyebrows frame our eyes highlight our brow bone which means that their shape can completely change the look of your face. Different face shapes suit slightly different brow shapes. A square face suits soft, more rounded eyebrows to reduce the angularity. For a round face, angular brows can be more flattering as they provide dimension amongst the softness. For a heart-shaped face with a slim jawline and broader forehead well-manicured and slender brows are important to avoid unbalancing the upper part of the face.

Visit a professional
Once you’ve found your perfect shape it’s time to give it some action. Although you can play around with tweezers and wax at home when it comes to achieving a polished set of brows it’s best to leave it to the professionals who can use techniques such as threading to achieve the perfect crisp brow lines you want. Research brow professionals, such as https://www.perfectbrows.com.au/, online and remember to read plenty of customer reviews to ensure that they are reliable.

Maintain the shape at home
A professional will do the hard work in shaping your brows for you but now it’s your turn to maintain your brows at-home between your brow appointments by gently tweezing any fast-growing hairs that reappear in the threaded areas. If you find tweezing particularly painful then you can even get swabs with localised numbing cream on them to numb the area, enabling you to focus on getting the hairs and not at wincing.

Use cosmetics
Not all of us are blessed with luscious and full brows which means we sometimes need a little help from brow cosmetics to help us maintain the illusion. Even a very light application of a brow pencil in the direction of the hair can help to fill out thinner brows, or for a more permanent solution, you can even have your brows tattooed on by a professional in a process known as micro-blading. Microblading involves creating tattooed hairs within the brow to give them a more defined shape and help to fill them out.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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