Five Essential Things To Do In Australia

By Hand On The Hip - 11/26/2019

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Australia is hardly obscure as far as travel destinations go. In fact, it's so well known that a lot of people find themselves being turned off by it. They assume that there aren't any surprises in store or anything interesting to do. However, the reality is that that simply isn't true. In truth, Australia as absolutely packed with exciting and interesting things to do every single day. If you're still not convinced, here are just a few of them.

Hit the city

There's so much to love when it comes to Australia's natural beauty that it's sometimes easy to forget just how much there is to do in the many amazing cities. Staying in Melbourne central hotels you can experience the historic Queen Victoria Market, or the modern marvel that is Federation Square. Spending time in the cities is also the best way to experience Australia's fantastic nightlife.

Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

You probably don't need me to explain why the Great Barrier Reef is amazing. As the biggest coral reef system in the world, you'd have to have a total heart of stone not to be blown away by it! And with the danger that the reef is currently in, it's a good idea to experience it now while you still can!

Surf on Bondi beach

Is there anything better than a beach vacation? Yes! A beach vacation where you get the chance to enjoy some of the most glorious waves and golden sands in the world. Syndey’s Bondi beach might not be much of a hidden gem, but its reputation is very well deserved indeed. Whether you're looking for the opportunity to relax in the sunshine all day long, or if you want to dive into the foam for some pulse-pounding action, there are few better places anywhere in the world.

Hike up Mt. Wellington

Want somewhere with a view that's like nothing else? Then a hike up to the top of Mt. Wellington should certainly be on the books. It can be tough for outdoorsy types to find places that interest them when they're travelling since so many places are geared towards tourists who want comfort. But Mt. Wellington strikes a wonderful balance between natural beauty and an accessible climb. Of course, if you're not all that interested in the hike and just want the view, you can get a shuttle from the bottom all the way to the summit anyway.

Take in the Royal Botanical Gardens

For those with an eye for genuine beauty, there are few things more utterly breathtaking than the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. With some of the most extraordinarily gorgeous Victorian landscaping, the gardens are like an oasis of nature right in the in the centre of the city. And there are plenty of things on all year round from film festivals to star gazing tours at the Melbourne Observatory.

So the next time you're thinking about a travel destination, whether you're taking a long trip or a short vacation, you can certainly do a lot worse than experiencing all of the amazing things that the land down under has to offer.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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