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By Hand On The Hip - 6/18/2020

Hi lovelies!

I have decided to keep you updated as much as I possibly can. Every time bub takes a nap, I end up writing or shooting for my blog and that's my therapy. I collaborated with Femme Luxe Refinery again and this time I deviated a little bit from party wear because let's face it, I don't know when we will all be going out again and I am definitely homebound for a long time. I got my hands on some loungewear and couldn't be happier because they are just what I need right now!

I bought four sets of loungewear that is comfy, warm and stylish. It's extremely mom-friendly and I can quickly do all my chores whilst looking chic. Since we've had bub, we have had a lot of visitors over the weekend. I almost don't know what to wear because nothing fits and my oversized tees don't look all that flattering anymore. Thanks to Femm Luxe Refinery, I bought these really cool outfits that have made my life much easier.

Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set - Maria
This colour instantly drew me towards it. I own nothing like this and this unique piece is something I could wear for my morning walks with bub as well as just chill at home.

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit - Maria
When it comes to lounging, grey is the colour that comes to mind. I had to buy a set in grey. I absolutely love how relaxed and pleasant this colour looks.

Khaki Loungewear Tracksuit Set - Maria
I wanted to try experimenting with a colour I normally wouldn't buy and that's why I picked a khaki coloured loungewear. This colour is also surprisingly amazing.

Black Long Sleeve Boxy Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Amor
I've always wanted to buy a black pair of joggers but never found anything as light as this set. The material is different from the usual fleece-like material that joggers normally have and this one fits like a dream. It looks so stylish, can be dressed up and dressed down.

I really like the collection at this UK based store and it's super affordable too. I was surprised to see the range of clothes they have and since they ship worldwide, it's very easy to buy from them. So how are you lounging this lockdown? Do let me know in the comments below!

Hand On The Hip

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