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By Hand On The Hip - 10/06/2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are staying home, staying safe and well, trying to be as healthy as possible. Given that the pandemic has completely taken over the planet, it's important that we rethink a few things in life. One of the choices that I've decided to make is to try and use more natural remedies in my daily life. For instance, instead of buying baby cereal from the store, I have been making my own at home. Be it food or health or skin care, I have been trying to be more conscious of going organic. And I'm ecstatic to tell you guys that I recently came across this 100% natural, organic, cruelty free brand called Deyga.

Deyga is an Indian based brand that specializes in natural products made by traditional recipes for skin care, hair care, oral care, wellness and so on. It seems like that's definitely something grandma would approve! What's amazing about these products is that they're completely chemical free and hence they're not at all harsh on your body. By using natural ingredients like aloe vera, charcoal, beetroot, essential oils and so on, Deyga has formulated some really rejuvenating goodies for anybody that wants to pamper themselves and at the same time do it the sustainable way! What I love about this brand is that they ship all over India as well as internationally! Since I don't have too many options in Sydney for organic products, this is just the perfect one-stop-shop for my needs!

I browsed through their website and absolutely loved how user friendly the website it. I could easily click on the products I want to buy, add them in my cart and purchase them. They have such a wide range of goodies to select from that I was super amazed! From shampoo bars to soaps to serums to tooth powders to lip balms, the variety they have is just amazing! Just to make things easier and simple, let me talk about my top 3 picks from this website. 

1) Beetroot Lip Balm
Beetroot is known for its heavy pigmentation. But what I didn't know is that it has healing properties that can help with cuts and wounds on the lips. It also makes the lips really soft and mushy!
2) Anti-Dandruff Oil
I have been suffering from dandruff for ages now! This oil, made from natural ingredients, seems really promising! Everything I have used to treat my dandruff has been loaded with chemicals and this would definitely be a positive change!
3) Rose Deodorant
Using deodrants with chemicals has proven to cause cancer. I have been avoiding using any since I have had a baby. Going natural would be the best solution for me and this one is made from crushed rose petals. Rose smells great and feels like heaven!
I am thrilled to be looking at a promising website like this for natural products! They're super easy on the pockets as well and I really can't wait to get my hands on them! What are you waiting for?

Hand On The Hip

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