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Thursday, 18 October 2018

A complete review of Coral Colours Cosmetics

10/18/2018 0 Comments
Hi guys!

I have recently started understanding and using make-up way more than I ever did. (And no, it's not to cover the hideousness the newly arrived acne is causing. Ugh!) I have been giving a lot of new brands a fair chance and not many have stolen my heart the way Coral Colours has! This is not a paid review, so you can imagine how much I must love these products to actually spend time writing about it. Coral Colours is an Australian brand of cosmetics that was first launched in 1989. 

Essentially, they are a group of 3 brands - Om SHE Aromatherapy, Coral Colours Cosmetics and Natural Glamour. They support their local pharmacies all around Australia and NZ, and Om SHE Aromatherapy is also sold in North America, Europe and the UK. They are the epitome of budget beauty and well, now you can see why I have so closely associated myself with this amazing brand. Another major reason I support them is because they are absolutely cruelty free! So, that's like a lot of items checked off the HOTH Collab list and of course, it's make-up! You already know how big a make-up junkie I am!

Coral Colours Cosmetics

  • Strobing Palette in Stargazer 

I'd like to start with my favourite product from this range - The Strobing Palette in Stargazer. This palette looks so pretty that I could spend hours just looking at it. They have another palette called Heavenly, but for me, it had to be this. This has unicorn colors, guys! Anyway, I use this as an eye shadow, as blush and as highlighter. The colors are shimmery and very light shades of pink, purple, yellow tones. The pigmentation is shockingly amazing! I like the versatility of this palette and I often use it for different purposes. It's also very well-packed and so compact. This product gets a big thumbs up from me!
Price: $9.95
You can buy it here.
  • Matte Lipstick in Blush

This is yet another product from this range that I am in love with! I am a bit of a lipstick hoarder and if you take a look at this one you'll know that it's soooo me! The pop of color this shade brings to the table is definitely that much needed brightness in my life right now. It's a very bubble-gummy pink that I usually prefer over nudes or darker shades. The quality of this lipstick is as good as any MAC or Bobbi Brown and it's complete value for money! It's also very highly pigmented, so you can decide how much of the product you want on your lips. Overall, this particular lipstick is a great addition to my collection.
Price: $9.95
You can buy it here.
    • Lavish Lashes Argan Oil Mascara

      My everyday make-up routine ends with a mascara since I don't normally do anything else to my eyes. This particular mascara is infused with argan oil, which, as we all know really helps keep your hair or skin healthy. I wouldn't say it's one of the best mascaras I have used, but it's for sure a brand I can trust and use on a daily basis. It's so easy to use, doesn't smudge and you can effortlessly do your eyes with this one. The packaging, again, is bomb!
      Price: $9.95
      You can buy it here.

      • Highlight & Contour Palette
      I don't do a lot of contouring since I am very new to this concept, however, I like to highlight my cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow before I set foot out of the house to party! This palette has 4 shades of product - 2 for highlighting and 2 for contouring. I like how compact this palette is and it's got very light pigmentation, so you can use a lot a product and not worry about messing up.
      Price: $9.95
      You can buy it here.

      Om SHE Aromatherapy

        • Argan Oil Primer
          Primers are a must for me when I do a full face of make-up. While I love my Miss Claire primer to bits, this one from Om SHE Aromatherapy is not too bad. It has a very herbal fragrance and doesn't harm the skin at all. In fact, it helps your skin because of the argan oil present in it. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to even out my pores the way my Miss Claire primer does. I feel like this would act more like a moisturizer or a day cream. But overall, it's a good base for your make-up since it's paraben free.
          Price: $19.95
          You can buy it here.
            • Gel Eye Liner
              Gel Liners are the best if you want to do like a smokey eye look. The design of this product is fascinating - you can use the lid of this product to close the eye liner as well as a handle for the brush. It's very easy to use, the product doesn't smudge and I like the idea of using a gel liner. Normally, even after a Zumba class this eye liner doesn't budge.
              Price: $19.95
              You can buy it here.

              Natural Glamour

              • Pressed Bronzer in Natural Glow
              Now I don't normally do bronzers, but the packaging of this one has made me try this particular pressed bronzer. I use this as a blush and it is stunning! The color is warm toned and has a bit of a sparkle which really brings out your cheekbones. It blends very easily with my skin. It comes with a bronzer brush, which is amazing because you can just use that! Overall, the bronzer gets a big heart!
              Price: $9.95
              You can buy it here.

              If you have noticed, most of the products cost less than $10 and for the quality of these products, that's a steal! I am usually apprehensive about brands that are not very popular, but Coral Colours has caught me by surprise. If you are thinking of buying some new make-up and don't wanna spend a whole lot, then you know where you can shop from!

              Hand On The Hip

              P.S. I did like a whole GRWM video using products from the Coral Colours range and if you haven't already seen it, make sure you check it out here.

              Friday, 12 October 2018

              Lazy girl's guide to getting ready quickly

              10/12/2018 0 Comments
              Hey everyone!

              If you are a perfectionist and wake up three hours early just to get ready, then please leave. This is certainly not something you would enjoy or encourage. But if you're lazy AF and like to sleep for a few extra hours every morning, then you are at the right place! I am someone who is almost, always running late, prefer to get a full 8 hours of beauty sleep and yet, don't wanna disappoint my boss at work by showing up late. Over the years I have realized that it's very easy to get ready quickly and show up at work on time with some planning. And no, you're not skipping anything - you're just making sure everything you need to do has already been done beforehand! Let's get started!

              Things you can do the night before -

              Sort out the clothes you wanna wear and keep them aside
              I plan my outfit in my head all the time much before I have to actually wear it! If you can't remember what clothes you own, then just spend a couple of hours organizing your closet over the weekend. Segregate your clothes based on occasions and have separate storage areas for each category. If you have no time for this, then just keep 4-5 dresses or jeans and tees that are easy to wear, are kinda your go-to dresses and keep them hung at an easily accessible area in your closet so that you can literally pull them out in 2 seconds and wear them.

              Pack your office shoes and gym stuff in your bag
              I usually wear my running shoes to office because I have to walk a lot to and from the train station. I always have some of my work shoes that go with all my outfits wrapped in plastic bags so that I can just pack 'em in my backpack without spending too much time trying to match shoes to outfits. An even better solution is to keep these shoes in your backpack at all times! Since I go to gym immediately after office, I have to make sure that I have packed my sports bra, a tee and tracks, running shoes and most importantly, socks! (Oh yeah, I have forgotten to pack socks once and had to skip gym for such a silly reason.) As I mentioned earlier, I wear my running shoes or pack them (along with socks) the previous day if  for some reason I don't wear them. I also pack all of my gym clothes before I go to bed.

              Cook and pack your lunch and other food items
              Most people in tech prefer carrying their own dabbas because of unavailability of good food around workplaces or to save money or to just stay healthy. I am definitely one of those people and I literally carry a lunch box every single day! What I like to do is cook something in the evening that works as dinner as well as lunch the following day. I pack my food in a lunch box before I go to bed and I am all set for the morning. I pack some extra stuff as well like fruits, maybe a spoon, some carrots etc. Also, because I am always hungry and low on sugar, I have a pouch full of chocolates, nuts, biscuits etc. in my backpack at all times. I also like to carry a small water bottle that you'll find in my backpack at all times too.

              Take a warm shower
              Since I go to the gym in the evening, I always shower after and prefer to sleep clean! If you think that's not a great idea, then you will definitely have to wake up like 20 mins early or something to shower. But do ensure that you shower everyday :p

              Prep for breakfast
              Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's not wise to skip the same. Making an elaborate breakfast can be a hassle sometimes and going to work on an empty stomach just makes it very difficult for me to function. I keep some things ready the night before so that I can consume them the next morning - like making guacamole the night before or poha sometimes or even getting the chutney ready.

              Things you can do in the morning -

              Have a quick breakfast and  some chai
              On days I haven't prepped for breaky the night before, I grab a banana or eat some cereal before I leave for office and carry a box of fruits to work that I eat at a later time. Nuts or energy bars are another alternative for a super quick breakfast. It's also a good idea to have a husband whose only exemplary skill in the kitchen is chai making :D If not, you can try to make some instant coffee or wait till you get to work and then grab a cup of coffee.

              Do your hair and make-up in 5 minutes
              So if you know me, you'll know that I do no make-up to office on most days, but just to look a little presentable, I do my CTM routine, I apply some lip balm and lipstick and if I am feeling adventurous, some kajal or a coat of mascara and that's it! I also never leave the house without some perfume or deo, but I also keep a tiny bottle in my backpack just in case I forget. I also usually have a lipstick in my purse in case I don't have time to apply any. With my hair, I usually just brush it or tie all of my hair using a hair tie and I am all set. So, this is where you need to be a minimalist. If you have absolutely no time, skip the foundation part and just highlight your eyes a bit and apply some bold lipstick. I just spend 5 minutes on my hair and make-up!

              Take a quick shower
              We all have those days when (especially us ladies) we absolutely need to take a shower before going to work. During these days, quickly hop into the shower and don't spend more than 5 minutes there! By quick, I really mean quick!

              Things you can do while you're on your way -

              Pre-plan your commute
              You would know exactly how much time it would take for you to get to one place from another (unless you're in Bangalore! :p) and if you don't, you can always rely on Google Maps. Spend a good 5 minutes or so memorizing the directions so that you don't waste time looking at Google Maps while you're there. This helps a lot, especially for someone like me who has to go to different locations each day and is terrible with directions! Make sure you leave home on time or at least keep a buffer of 5 minutes.

              Catch up with other chores
              You can do certain things on the train or in the cab - like applying your lipstick, eating your breakfast, checking your emails etc. A lot of my friends and family like to read this really cool blog called www.handonthehip.com :D Just sayin'! :p

              Things you can do after reaching office -

              Make good use of office washrooms
              Oh yeah! If you have left your home without any make-up or your hair undone, then it can be very well done after reaching office. Nobody expects you to be glued to your desk! Excuse yourself for 5 minutes and quickly apply some lipstick or brush your hair in the ladies room.

              Grab some coffee and snacks from the pantry
              I hope you have an office pantry that has coffee, tea and hot water at least. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee at work if you didn't have enough time to make some at home. If you have snacks available at office pantry, then you're the luckiest! Carry some biscuits or titbits in your backpack that you can munch at work if you have skipped breakfast or haven't had the time to pack any.

              Well, I guess with that I have reached the end of my post. If you spend a few extra minutes the night before to prep for the next day, you can sleep more! Yay! Exciting, right? Do let me know if this helped!

              Hand On The Hip

              P.S. This post was inspired by Gia Kashyap's latest video Quickest way to GET READY in the morning and I decided to contribute my thoughts to this topic and write a post!

              Tuesday, 2 October 2018

              Make-up or make do?

              10/02/2018 0 Comments
              Hi there!

              Tuesday blues have struck after a super long weekend of fun, frolic and loads of driving around the Central Coast and there's literally just one thing that cheered me up today! Any guesses? Well, this Ultra HD Matte Lipstick from Revlon that I've had with me for a year or so magically transformed me from a sleep-deprived goon to a summer fairy princess! I can't believe I've had this treasure for so long and it's just the right amount of pink I need for a boring Tuesday at work. You might wonder how a random lip product has such a massive impact on my life. So lemme jump right into today's post - a deep dive into the (not so) glamorous world of make-up! (No brownie points for guessing!)

              Make-up, huh? I have been a big fan of sparkly eye shadow palettes and shimmery lip glosses even before I became a teenager. I still remember that day, nearly fifteen years ago, when my cousin and I sat down to decorate each others' eyelids with vibrant colours from this badass palette from Canada (Had to mention that, G! :D), some silvery glittery thingy and what not. (We looked like circus clowns eventually, but the joy it brought to us was priceless!) When I got my hands (or rather, my lips!) on my very first lip gloss, it was probably one of the best days of my life and believe it or not, I literally used it for ten years or something! Well, what I am trying to say is that make-up has been an integral part of my teen years and it most definitely still is. Make-up gets me excited like a little kid would for ice-cream! (I would get equally excited for ice-cream too, but that's a totally different story!) I don't even use half of the products I own on a regular basis and some of them products still lay unopened, but I still think it's an indispensable possession. Ever since I started beauty blogging, my horizon has expanded. I have been giving so many new brands a well-deserved chance. And while it's all business at the end of the day, it's also a feel-good factor for me!

              Back in the day, at least in India, make-up was a mask that people wore to hide scars or pimples. Some considered it an attempt from women with duskier skin tones to look 'fair' (which unfortunately was or probably still is considered a symbol of beauty by most people) and for some others, it was just an unmitigated way of showing off. Only the rich could afford make-up and the rest who wore make-up were looked at differently. While women who wore bright, bold colours on their lips were considered promiscuous, Bharatnatyam dancers or Kathakali performers (forms of dance in the South of India) got a free pass to paint their faces. I remember wearing some very 'noticeable' blue eye shadow to office when I was in India and everybody thought it was my birthday and on days you don't wear any kajal, people seem to think that you have the flu or something! On the contrary, in most developed countries, some basic make-up that helps you look presentable is heavily encouraged and you are sort of, ummm, for the lack of a better word, looked down upon if you aren't well-groomed. For instance, my best friend had to instantly become Mickey Contractor overnight the moment she moved to the Gulf and I can see that she actually enjoys it. It's pretty disheartening to see all these preconceived notions about make-up floating around and harsh judgements being passed on women who like to glam up a little bit.

              Being a social media influencer comes with a lot of pressure. We have the power to influence others and at the same time, unconstructive criticism can certainly be a pain in the neck. I have had so many aunties walk up to me and tell me that I am beautiful the way I am and that I look great without make-up. That's flattering, but that's certainly not the reason I am wearing make-up in the first place. I have come across a bazillion randos on social media who comment on my posts about how I don't 'need' make-up. Now, well, there are a lot of things we own that we don't really need. There are so many things we do that we absolutely don't need to! And nobody, literally NOBODY, 'needs' make-up! (Just like how I most deffo don't need your opinion! :p) But, why do they care so much? Why and who are these people deciding who can or cannot wear make-up and how much is too much? Who makes these rules and why are we obligated to follow them?

              It's time we changed people's beliefs and opinions about make-up. Make-up is a form of self-expression; it's sheer art. It's something that could uplift your mood. If you think that too much make-up could take a toll on your skin, that's a hundred percent true - but you can always up your skincare game. Make-up may still be a little too pricey, but nothing a common man can't afford to splurge on every once in a while. There are pros and cons to everything and doing everything in moderation is the key! While I am more than happy walking the streets of North Sydney with bare face and maybe some lip balm, my acne scars gleaming (Okay, bit much? :p), I would be equally psyched if I could do a full face of make-up with a primer, a BB cream, a concealer, a lip primer, a lip stick, contouring, smokey eyes and all that jazz. Some of us can't do without our matte lip sticks, some don't set foot outside their homes without a thick line of black kajal underneath their eyes, some are passionate enough to do a full face - how much make-up you want to apply on your face is YOUR decision! The ball is always in your court, ladies! It's your face, your life and you are the boss here. Don't be shy and go all bonkers with your precious Huda Beauty palettes or just rub some moisturizer all over your face or do nothing at all. Do not compromise on anything, definitely not your make-up routine or your make-up experiments just because of some uninvited criticism. I urge you to be more open-minded about new kinds of make-up or fashion or music or art. We now live in a world where we have enough freedom to pursue anything we wish to, so dare to be different!

              On that note, let me sign off by saying, put on some red lipstick (or not) and live a little!

              Hand On The Hip

              P.S. Thanks Gauri for this brilliant idea for a blog post! I hope I have conveyed your message loud and clear! :) Also, just realized you're my very first MUA from fifteen years ago. So cool, huh? :D #MakeUpSisters