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Sunday, 23 September 2018

One outfit from 11 am to 11 pm

9/23/2018 0 Comments
Hello peeps!

Are you a compulsive shopaholic like I am? Do you like wearing new clothes every single day? Honestly speaking, I barely ever repeat clothes to office and hence, I always end up with clothes piling up in my wardrobe and exploding every time I open my cupboard. I am currently also dealing with some kind of a buying disorder and to reduce hoarding, I have started wearing the same outfit in multiple ways for multiple occasions. Mixing and matching has always been the go-to method to create different looks with the same piece, but what if I told you that you can create different looks with the same look? Confusing, right?

Well, to explain this concept to you, let me just tell you about my recent trip to India. I was literally traveling from Mangalore to Bangalore and vice versa every other week and at times I even landed in Kolar or Udupi for a day or a few hours. I was so fed up of packing for all of these mini trips that I decided to wear the same outfit one entire day with some teensy alterations. All I had with me was this leather backpack and two pairs of shoes from Payless Shoesource, a book called The Librarian, a pair of slippers from Lifestyle Stores, a tee and culottes I picked up from street shops for less than 200 INR, a neckpiece from Pantaloons and a pair of hoops. I had to make it work for three different occasions that particular day.

11 am to 4 pm
Since I had a lot of travelling to do that morning, walk around a bit and it was super sunny, I styled my outfit with a cap and knotted up my tee for a more summery look. I wore pumps with the outfit to maintain the comfort level, but I'd have preferred sneakers though.

4 pm to 5 pm
I had to play goody-two-shoes later in the evening because I had to meet some folks for work. I undid the knot on my tee, pulled up my hair into a bun and wore my classy work heels with the outfit. Just to add some shine, I wore my large silver hoops and was ready to roll!

5 pm to 11 pm
I was done with all my work and it was time to kick off those block heels. I later decided to hang out with my friends at a nearby beer café and had to look casual. I opened up my hair, wore a golden necklace and some golden, shimmery flats. The party was lit!

I literally even went to sleep in the same outfit! Well, can you blame me? So, sometimes out of some really basic items, we can create unimaginably stunning looks! I have since then learnt to travel super light and my teeny backpack is all I need! Instead of investing in three different outfits, I managed to use what I already had to use the same outfit for different occasions. I would love for you guys to try out the same technique. Do let me know how that goes!

Hand On The Hip

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Online Shopping ft. Ajio Part 1

9/15/2018 0 Comments
Hello lovelies!

We all love shopping online, don't we? Chilling at home in your nighties, swiping up and down on your fave website, comparing prices, getting a good bargain - all of this without even having to set foot outside of your home can be quite fun for some of us! While there are those who are skeptical about making purchases without trying it on and prefer shopping the traditional way, there are also some of us who love good deals. I have been shopping online (and offline of course!) ever since it was introduced in India. My first purchase was a pair of red heels from a random shoe store that surprisingly was legit and did deliver on time! I am already quite a shopaholic and you won't be surprised to know that I'm also an online shopping junkie.

A friend from work introduced me to Ajio sometime early this year and just before I moved here I went a bit crazy and picked up not one, not two, bit five dresses/kurtis! Ajio definitely has stolen a lot of hearts all over India and although, back then it wasn't all that popular, I still did put all my faith in Ajio and I sure as hell was not disappointed! But then again, we all have had our fair share of bad experiences with online shopping - it's usually a hit or miss kind of a situation. So here are a couple of things you need to know before you become a pro online shopper!

  • With popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc., the chances of having a bad user experience are very rare. You can almost always trust them to deliver on time or before time and they usually have a good collection of products. And even if they do mess up, they have a very helpful customer care team with a very effective return and refund policy.
  • Brands do matter when you shop online and it's always a great idea to pick up stuff from brands you've heard of and used before rather than buy something random just because the picture looks appealing! And trust me, even with reputed brands, I have received defective or smelly products. That's why it's good to shop from websites with a good return policy. 
  • Don't get fooled by the images uploaded. Most of the times the product is nowhere close to what it looks like in the images on the website. 

  • The best case scenario, at least for me, is when I spot a product in the store and find the same one online for nearly half the price. Yes, that has happened to me a couple of times! So before buying something in a store, pull your phone out and check for the price online.
  • If you like staying up to date with the current trends, then you probably won't find too much of a price difference with clothes you find in stores and the same ones online. But if you don't mind wearing something that was in trend a couple of months ago and aren't available in stores, then you should pick 'em up online and expect massive discounts.
  • SALE - definitely my fave four letter word! Wait for the end of season sale and you won't be disappointed with the deals you get!
  •  When you are looking at a certain piece online, it's best to just buy it then and there rather than wait for the price to drop. The analytics engines of most good websites observe your shopping patterns and the moment a product gets a lot of views, the prices tend to increase. 
  • With online shopping, you need to be very patient. The shipping takes a while and if you feel the need to return a product, it takes some more time - so buying gifts or things you need urgently is a big no! 
  • Read reviews of products before you purchase them. When you absolutely hate something, the first thing you do is write a bad review. And if you spot more than two bad but logical reviews, then it's best not to buy the product.

So with all of that being said, let's talk about my outfit. I had no idea what one could wear to work in Sydney before I got here, so I went on a bit of an Ajio bender. I can't remember the prices - but I think I spent around 2500 INR for 5 dresses (which means this is a 5 part series, so brace yourselves! :p) and I was pretty happy with the quality. Kurti dresses have become so popular and literally anybody of any size, shape, age can pull it off. I loved the pattern on this one and realized I can also just wear it as a summer dress in Sydney. I paired it up with my Steve Madden boots to make it look edgy. 

So, what's your take on online shopping? Do let me know in the comments section below!

Hand On The Hip

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Simple ways to get rid of dandruff

9/08/2018 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

The term "dandruff" makes almost all of us cringe. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed at work or be too conscious to wear black. While the cause for dandruff can be literally anything, from a skin disease to just dry skin to climatic to stress, there are multiple ways to get rid of it too. Since I faced the worst kind of dandruff attack earlier this month, it inspired me to educate you folks about the same and talk about my experience. This is deffo not a sponsored post (although I do wish Head and Shoulders does take a look at this and hire me as their brand ambassador =D Too ambitious?) and I really want you guys to know that you're not alone!

Well, if you have been up to date with my earlier posts, you'd know that I recently moved to Sydney and started working quite recently. Since the only move in my life before has been from Mangalore to Manipal to Bangalore, I had not experienced living in a different country for more than a couple of weeks. Well, Mangalore and Manipal are coastal towns and while most visitors might find the weather annoying and sweaty, for someone like me who's been born and brought up there, it's paradise for my skin and hair. I experienced my first pimple when I was 22 ish and had moved to Bangalore! Yeah, that's how awesome the weather as well as the water in Western Ghats actually is! I spent around five years in Bangalore after college and it took a toll on my skin and majorly on my hair. Somehow, after experimenting with a bunch of hair care products, I managed to bring it to a state where it was under control to some extent. I realized that shampoos alone aren't enough and they work differently in different weather and water conditions. I'd use only specific shampoos that would keep my scalp moist in Bangalore since the weather was quite dry and use whatever I wanted to in Mangalore because it's not as harmful. But alas, the week I moved to Sydney, I experienced the unexpected!

The shampoo that works best for me (Pantene) turned out to be my worst enemy! Now I don't know if it was the harshness of the winter or the heat of the water I used or the shampoo itself or work related stress, my scalp exploded! I was shedding tons of white particles off my head all day long! I These particles then flew across and landed on my face causing acne. I had trouble focusing on work, I was always scratching my head and I felt grotesque! Finally, I resorted to certain measures that helped me clean my scalp in no time!

  • I picked up a very expensive bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo. This has been known to be a lifesaver when it comes to dandruff and it never disappoints! I made sure to use this every other day till my scalp was clear! Clinic Plus and Clinic All Clear are some other options you can try, but H&S is globally available and recognized. 
  • I changed my pillow case and bed spread immediately. Dirty sheets can dirty your scalp and cause your skin to get irritated. I am going to try and ensure that I change my sheets at least once a month!
  • I also cleaned all my hair brushes and combs with hot water and some shampoo. 
  • I try to wash my hair as frequently as possible. They say it's not a healthy option to wash your hair everyday, but it's way better than going to bed with a dirty scalp. So if you work out everyday, it's best to wash it everyday too.
  • I am suspecting that using a dry shampoo could have also played a part in this ordeal. Hence, I have decided that I am going to wash it off the same day I use it or probably not use it at all.
  • Your diet also plays a role, but there weren't too many changes with respect to that in my life, so I don't know. I should probably try drinking a lot of water, maybe?
  • I was so annoyed at work, constantly checking my shoulder and running to the ladies room. If you are extremely uncomfortable, avoid wearing black and tie up your hair in a bun on days it gets uncontrollable.  
  • If it doesn't go with H&S, then pick up a strong ketoconazole shampoo or something that a dermatologist would recommend. I try to stay far away from this because I tend to lose most of my hair with these shampoos! It's better to have some hair with dandruff than no hair at all, right? :D
  • Regular hair treatments, hair spa, application of henna can be a great way to nourish your scalp! I tried this hair mask from Coco and Eve and it really helped me get that shine.
  • Try staying away from chemicals! These new shampoos in the market like SP, Tresseme, Schwarzkopf etc. are not at all advisable if you already have a dry or damaged scalp.
  • Natural remedies like lemon, curd, neem etc. seem to work wonders - will probably try them next time! Hopefully, there won't be a next time! :p
  • In order to avoid dandruff from causing acne on your face, it's a fantastic idea to do everything you can to keep your hair away from your face - messy buns, head bands, turbans - whatever it takes!

The key is to not worry too much. It's absolutely normal to go through a dandruff overdose phase and it's not the end of the world! 

Hand On The Hip