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Friday, 21 April 2017

HOTH turns one! :)

4/21/2017 6 Comments

First of all, I would like to bestow my gratitude upon each and every single individual and brand that has helped me become and grow as a fashion blogger. This journey has been exciting so far and I hope to learn and grow each day and try to figure out who I am. Although I have friends and family trying to mock me by calling me "sontada mele kai" (hand on the hip in Kannada) or "pichuade ke upar haath" (hand on the bum in Hindi) and some idiots calling my blog "handsonhip", it has all been a part of this fun journey I embarked upon a year ago.

Ever since I could style my Barbie dolls as a 12 year old girl, I have wanted to become a fashion designer/stylist so bad! But things took a detour as I graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions in the country as a Computer Science and Engineering graduate in 2012. It's the very first anniversary of Hand On The Hip and I thought I should take a trip down the memory lane!

The first of many firsts
I had returned from a trip to Goa with my ladies and was left with more fat than I could handle and more clothes than ever. I was determined to do something about my passion in fashion. My boyfriend back then (fiance` now :D) asked me why I took pictures with my hand on my hip and that's how I decided to start a fashion blog. I had been a huge fan of Aashna Shroff, Riya Jain and Sushmita Gururaj for the longest time and saw how they posted on Instagram. I thought I should do the same and voila, @handonthehip came into existence on the 21st of April, 2016. In no time, I was designing logos and buying domain names for my very first blog.

The first collab request
Within literally a couple of days after my first post on Instagram, the sales manager of a clothing rental portal approached me for a collaboration. At that point of time, I had 2-3 blog posts, 2-3 pictures on Instagram and followers in double digits. He told me he would collaborate with me if I got some followers, promoted myself on other forums and gave me month's time. After a month I figured he wasn't working with the brand anymore, but since then, I was unstoppable :)

The first photoshoot
After a few more days, I was approached by a budding photographer Vinoth Raja and we did a few shots. It was a great experience and the pictures turned out better than expected! You should check out his page for some amazing photography!

The first public appearance
My pages on Instagram and Facebook went live only after a couple of months since I started handonthehip.com. I was excited and nervous! But thanks to my friends, family and well wishers who sent me their best wishes instantly, I felt great and that motivated me more.
My Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/handonthehip/
My Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/handonthehip/

The first actual collab
So once you go public, there's no looking back. All of my friends and acquaintances were helping me gain contacts. I ran into the region head of Liberent one fine day and instantly collaborated with them.

The first mentor
I had no clue about blogging or what I could do to grow as a fashion blogger. I wrote to several bloggers, but only Krupa was kind enough to actually spend a couple of hours giving me a one-on-one Bloggers 101 session on Skype. She is a fabulous fashion blogger and is the most helpful human being I've met. I can't thank her enough for her effective and fun initiatives!

The first fashion show
Soon enough, my inbox were flooding with collaboration requests from photographers and brand owners. I decided to take on everything I could. It was a lot of fun! But what completely overwhelmed me was that I got invited to a fashion show at the Bangalore Fashion Week! It was a dream come true!

The first bloggers meet
I was invited to a POPxo event the same day as the fashion show of Bangalore Fashion Week and I was terribly disappointed that I could not make it. However, I was extremely surprised and happy when Zapyle invited me to their Brunch and Bubbly. Not only did I get a chance to do some classy photoshoots, but also met some lovely people from the industry.

The first fan moment
Aswathi Balakrishnan has always been one of my biggest role models. When I ran into her, I could not control my happiness! She was so sweet and even gave me a few pointers. I was awe-struck!

The first girl gang
Thanks to Zapyle, I met some like-minded fashion bloggers at the event. We bonded instantly and collaborated for several shoots to showcase how we each were different, yet had the same goal. Thanks a bunch High On Stilettos, The Velvet Radio, The Red Lip Rover and All That's Fancy for being such dolls!

The first female photographer
How amazing is it when you run into someone you last met back in primary school? Well, I met my old school friend at a photoshoot and we have been meeting for shoots ever since. Do check out her work at Purni Pics.

The first fashion related Tableau dashboard
I work as a Tableau analyst during the day. I wanted to somehow use my software skills to do something about fashion blogging. And all of a sudden, I was making this dashboard analyzing the top 100 bloggers of the world. Do check out my Tableau profile.

The first vlog
It's almost mandatory for all fashion bloggers to have their own YouTube channel. And that's when I realized how I could make best use of all the small little videos I take here and there. So voila! I made a vlog of my Prague trip. Don't forget to check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HTGude8vGU&t=4s.

The first magazine appearance
Thanks to LibeRent, some of my pictures were picked for an article in a Tamil weekly called the Dinakaran. I was so excited to see myself on print that I felt like an absolute celebrity! :D Do check out the ebook here.

My family, friends, fans (yes, I do have fans :p) and well wishers have been of great help and support. I cannot thank you guys enough for what you've done! I hope the journey doesn't end here and things get better as I grow. Last but not least, to all the haters out there, thank you! Your hatred only motivates me and doesn't shatter me.

Happy first birthday, HOTH :) You are my baby. You always will be.

Hand On The Hip

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Print your thoughts with Print Octopus

4/20/2017 0 Comments
Hey guys!

What's your take on tees with messages? Although I personally like florals and bell sleeves, sugar, spice and everything nice, the summer has made me a t-shirt person. I was thrilled to see this tee on my doorstep that said "We ain't ever gettin' older", a line from one of my fave songs, "Closer" by Chainsmokers!

So this navy blue tee was sent to me by Print Octopus, one of India's finest e-commerce stores that let's you print on stuff! They have a fabulous collection of T-shirts, Phone Covers, PostersCanvas Prints and Mouse Pads with the funkiest designs that will blow your minds. Most of their stuff are categorized by themes. So if you're a fashion buff, you have tonnes of things to explore! Or if you're an Ed Sheeran fan, how about a tee that says "Shape of you"? You can customize your merchandize to your needs, upload your design, create your product and sell it too! How about that, huh?

The quality of the products is beyond amazing! I honestly did not expect it to be so comfortable and soft! The print on the tee is crystal clear as you can see and what I like best is the cute octopus logo :D Why don't you guys check out all the products available at Print Octopus?

This tee has become a part of my everyday wardrobe. I wear it to work, to the gym, to sleep and here's a simple look I created with it. I wore my fave pair of denims from H&M and my colorful flip flops from Max on a hot, sunny day at Coimbatore.

That's all for now. Have a great summer!

Hand On The Hip

Monday, 17 April 2017

Short and sweet feat Dresslily

4/17/2017 8 Comments
Hello peeps!

I cannot even begin to explain to you guys the torture I've been going through in Bangalore because of the heat. My skin is sun burned and my hair needs washing every other day! :( A nice, comfy pair of denim shorts that I got from Dresslily has been a saving grace! I hope you guys remember that I had ordered a few things from Dresslily a few months ago and I was waiting for the perfect weather to flaunt these super cute shorts.

I wore a lace top and a fuchsia cami inside as the bottom of the shorts has this cute crochet thingy going on. I wore my golden espadrilles with it that I got from Max for 500 bucks during some sale.

Now to be very honest, you can see that the shorts fit weirdly. It's too tight around the crotch area and has a false bow on top which doesn't have a classy finish. I would wear it a couple of times and then chuck it because the quality isn't as amazing as it should be. But what I like about it, is that it's got a girly touch to it at the bottom and that they are quite comfy.

Photo credits - Skylit Designs and Photography

Have fun, guys!

Hand On The Hip

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

STYLEWE: A complete review

4/11/2017 6 Comments
Hello people!

You guys would remember from my earlier post about StyleWe where I gave you guys a list of options you can choose for your Christmas party. Did you find something you liked? Well, today I thought I should give you guys a full review of their web portal. Let's see how this goes!

StyleWe has a wide range of products that could excite any fashionista and you would never find these kind of designs anywhere else. They also have some exquisite designer wear that will blow your minds off. Although, I haven't personally shopped from StyleWe, as they don't ship to India, I am definite that the quality of products can be trusted. The bags in their collection is to die for! Actinometer is my personal favorite!

What I like best about StyleWe is their blog. They have a blog that not only talks about fashion tips and fashion icons, but also has a section where a user can answer questions. For instance, if you don't know what a Romper Dress is, you can simply find your answers or even answer questions on their blog. I came across this article about Jennifer Aniston, the loveliest Hollywood heroine and was stunned with the content curated by the StyleWe blog. You should check it out too!

What else do I like about StyleWe? The fact that they have giveaways every other day! YES! And these giveaways are as huge as $150! So what are you waiting for? Grab your 150$ Giveaway Coupon now! If you are not satisfied with these products, you can also check out Just Fashion Now.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate this website 4 based on the variety of products they have to offer, the unique designs of their products, the content of their blogs and of course, the giveaways!

That's all, folks.

Hand On The Hip

Friday, 7 April 2017

Screw calm and party on!

4/07/2017 9 Comments
Hello there!

"I have too many clothes", said no girl ever! When everyone around you is tying the knot, the pressure to look good, wear something new and exquisite is very high. And for all you single ladies out there, if you are looking for that perfect outfit for your bestie's cocktail party, then you should stop! Wondering if you can afford yet another new dress that will be unused for another year or so and then just when you decide to wear it again you realize it's sort of last season? I have the perfect solution for your woes!

Last year for the Bangalore Fashion Week, I wore this classy dress that I rented from Candidknots and as elegant as this looks, the shimmer and the mesh on top can be quite a party starter. I wore a simple Pierre Cardin watch and my Madden Girl pumps to complete the look.

Photo credits - Pixelshooter

Let the good times roll!

Hand On The Hip