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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Once you go black, you never go back!

6/22/2017 6 Comments
Hello there!

Being Hindus, we often find our mothers and grandmothers asking us not to wear black or white for Hindu ceremonies. They believe that black is inauspicious. But black being one of my most fave colors, it's kinda hard to give up on that! Black makes me confident. It gives me power. Black goes with everything. And a black lehenga is something I have always dreamed of wearing! So why not spice up Eid with this sizzling lehenga you can purchase from Zapyle?

As you must have seen in my earlier posts, Zapyle is the place to go to if you love luxury fashion but don't wanna spend too much! A lot of Indian designers do not have the right platform to showcase their talent. But Zapyle is a gold mine for consumers who like a bit of customized, one-piece-only products in their wardrobe as well as designers who want the world to see what they're capable of. Vrushhali Satre, from House of Woya, is one such designer who designs such brilliant pieces with a lot of detailing and intricacy.

While the blouse is a simple, black silk blouse, the skirt is overloaded with delicate gold and silver embroidery, but at the same time it's not too heavy! I wish I could have convinced my mum to let me wear this on my engagement day. Nevertheless, it's not too late for you guys. What say?

Photo credits - Ashish Photography

On that note, let me sign off by wishing you all a happy Eid!

Hand On The Hip

Friday, 16 June 2017

Overall, it was a good idea!

6/16/2017 5 Comments
Hello ladies!

From minions to Bob the Builder, American farmers and railroad workers to Shraddha Kapoor in the OK Jaanu title track, have you noticed something they all have in common? If you have been through my Instagram posts, you'd know my love for overalls or overall or dungarees! As a little girl, I have always wanted to own a pair, but because fashion wasn't as easily accessible back then as it is now, I could only dream of jumping around in one.

Overalls are for everyone! If you go the rural areas in the United States, from painters to factory workers to mechanics, almost every man who considers this a protective garment would be wearing a pair. This is how the existence of overalls actually came into picture in early 1930's. But soon, around 1969, overalls became a high fashion trend among young women and they were manufactured in different kinds of fabric and prints. After a few years, the craze for overalls gradually faded. It was only in the 90's, overalls came back in style. Most of my friends who had family in the United States owned a pair and proudly wore it to class on birthdays. And now, in 2017, they are back again!

I could not resist this one particular pair of overalls when I found them at a sale in Max! They were the perfect shade of blue, ripped at the right places and they fit me really well. And guess how much I paid for them? 1000 bucks! Earlier, people wore it with fitted t-shirts, flannel shirts or just a plain old white tee. I had recently spotted this cute crop top at Dresslily and I am usually a bit hesitant to wear crop tops, but I could not think of a better way to make use of this beauty. It cost me hardly $5-$7 and I can also probably wear it with a saree. What do you think?

Photo credits - Pixelshooter

Let me just say that overall, it was a good idea to buy this! :D

Hand On The Hip

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Satliva Experience - Part 2

6/12/2017 4 Comments
Hello there!

It has been exactly a month since I was introduced to this amazing set of products by the brand Satliva and as promised, here's an honest review about the products and how they worked for me. To give you a quick recap, Satliva makes beauty and wellness products using hemp seed oil which apparently has lots of health benefits. So let's get started, shall we?

Ever since I got my hands on these products, I have been obsessed with them! I literally cannot spend a day without using them. I got about 8 products in this cute little basket and 1 product later as it was missing in the basket. Now these products have a shelf life of 3-6 months - that's a bit sad for me. The soaps are priced at 300 odd Rupees while the face and body butters cost around 700 ish Rupees. Honestly, the pricing could be worked on, but the packaging literally amused me! I mean, there's so much love and thought put into it!

  • Hemp with Shea Butter and Activated Charcoal Soap Bar - This piece of art is a completely handmade soap that's black in color due to the activated charcoal content in it. I have never really seen black colored soaps! But anyway, this bar of soap is better than any Lux or Dove soap that I have used. It doesn't lather a lot, but lathers enough. The only drawback would be the fact that it contains spearmint which if applied on your face could give you a stinging sensation. But since I am weird like that and I actually like the way it feels, it's not such a bad thing after all! The smell is so strong that my entire bathroom smells all minty after using this soap.
  • Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar - This bar of shampoo has similar features as the soap. But since it's a hair product, I was skeptical about using it. The first few washes had my hair all rough, flaky with dandruff and greasy. I was pretty sure I was not going to use it anymore. But I oiled my hair with the Satliva Hemp with Argan Hair Oil and then used this shampoo and boom! It worked like a charm! My hair has less dandruff now, feels healthier and stronger. No kidding, guys! However, the odor is not that great and the hair sort of loses its shine after use. Probably because my hair is colored, I don't think this suits my hair that much. I would continue to use this once in two weeks or so, but would still stick to my regular shampoo and conditioner.

  • Hemp with Moringa Face and Body Oil - I use a couple of drops of this oil on my face, arms and legs every single day. As you know, I have been suffering with tanning and pigmentation on most parts of my skin. This oil has beautifully helped me reduce the same. It is not greasy and at the same time, it has my skin glowing at all times.
  • Hemp with Argan Hair Oil - I use this oil before I wash my hair with the shampoo bar. This, like other Argan Oils or serums, is not a leave-on oil, but it needs to be washed after applied for a night or for a few hours. This might make your hair greasy and hence it's advisable to wash it off after use. This oil has also helped me reduce dandruff and has given great nourishment to my scalp.

  • Hair Cream with Peppermint Essential Oil - This product was missing from my basket and once I contacted Satliva, they had it delivered in less than 2 hours! Talk about great customer service! At first, I had no idea how I could use this. I mean, it's a styling gel, how much of it would I really need? I started applying a little bit of it post shampooing my hair. It made my hair super greasy! But after a day or so, when my hair dried completely, I could feel the difference. My hair was softer than ever!
  • Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Spearmint - Once I apply the body oil, I massage my arms and legs with this sweet smelling body butter. It's non-greasy and gives you a soothing effect. I apply this twice - after I take a shower and before I step out.
  • Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint - I just got lucky with an extra set of this body butter, except that the flavor here is Peppermint. This one is exactly the same as the Spearmint one, but smells slightly different.
  • Mango Fresh Face Butter with Rosemary Oil - I dab this on my face every single day before I step out. This is again non-greasy and makes my skin literally glow. Rosemary has so many benefits for your skin that I can't even explain.
  • Raspberry Lip Balm - The lip balm is on point! I have super dry lips and I am always struggling with it. The lip balms I normally use wear out in an hour or so. Can you guess how long this one stays for? Almost 8 hours!

For more info on these products, head over to their website. In a nutshell, my experience with Satliva was a pleasant one. It would be amazing if they came up with a spearmint/peppermint based facewash though. I'd use it all day, all night! I rate this brand a good 4.7/5. YES! It's that amazing - absolutely no side effects or rashes or pigmentation! Do give it a try, guys!

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The introspection

6/07/2017 10 Comments
Hello everyone!

Have you often caught yourself wondering if where you are right now truly makes you happy? Have you ever felt like you belong nowhere? Are you in your 20s, wondering why all of your friends are getting hitched and when your turn will come? Or are you that person who just wants party and get drunk every night? Who are you? What do you want from life? What makes you happy?

Well, we are all in a confused state of mind. I sometimes wish I had a personal assistant who would make all the decisions in my life for me. But that's definitely not going to help me define who I am. In continuation to my post on increasing productivity, I'd like to ask you guys to make a list. Grocery list? No! Make a list of your goals, of things that you want to achieve. It could be something as small as going to Thailand with your girl gang or something as massive as starting your own café 5 years down the line. But what's more important is setting timelines! Once you have a list of things you want to achieve, decide when you are going to do it.

I am always self-introspecting and trying to figure myself out. But is it really necessary? Of course, it is. Constantly talking to yourself, consoling yourself and motivating yourself are really essential for you to grow. My blog helps me connect with my inner soul. I like writing, I love experimenting with fashion, but what I absolutely enjoy is winning contests! :D

And since I have to talk about this at some point, I won this really cute cold shoulder dress that was sent to me from Bollywoo and this zebra sling bag from The Bag Tales in a contest hosted by the Tum Bin 2 team. Yes, I did get a personalized letter from Neha Sharma. Yay! :D The quality of this dress is a bare 5/10 and is very loose, I'd wear this a couple of times and chuck it. The bag, on the other hand, is a treasure! The detailing, the design, the quality - everything about it is awesome!

Photo credits - Purni Photography

Life is unpredictable and full of opportunities. So don't lose hope and always keep trying to do new things! Otherwise, how will you know what you are crazy about? Spend some time getting to know yourself and trust me, you won't be so confused anymore.

Hand On The Hip