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Thursday, 26 April 2018

One month in a foreign land

4/26/2018 0 Comments
Hola amigos!

How are you doing today? I've had a lot of my readers/Instagram friends and followers ask me what I've been up to. In between building furniture and experimenting in the kitchen, I somehow found some time to write about my experience in a new city. And since I believe in sharing my knowledge, I would also share a few pointers with you guys if you are planning to move abroad. Well, for starters, I moved to Sydney sometime in March this year and it has been a little over a month since I started living in the land of kangaroos. Well, honestly I haven't spotted a single kangaroo so far. It's quite disappointing. Anyway, back to the story - so, my husband's company asked him to move to Sydney and I decided to tag along.

A glimpse of Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia.
At first, it was really, really hard. There's obviously this whole "NRI" and "better life for you and your family" tags that attract you, but there are so many sacrifices that have happened in the background. I quit my job, packed off my whole house in Bangalore and Mangalore, hopped on a plane to Mumbai and then to Singapore and finally, Sydney. For someone who has never lived outside Karnataka, this definitely was a big, no wait, MASSIVE deal. I left all of my stuff behind because there was a luggage limit and I had to carry only those things that seemed really important. My job and my life in India has come to a halt. I am officially unemployed right now and super broke. And the most important bit which I guess goes without saying - I terribly miss my family and friends back home :(

That mandatory "see off at the airport" picture with the parents in Mumbai. 
It may seem all glamorous from a distance, but there's a lot of compromise that needs to be done. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world and labor charges are unimaginably high when only one person is the bread winner. So from cooking to cleaning to furniture assembly to laundry to dishes, we have been doing pretty much everything on our own. While that's something I am not used to, it has also been a good learning experience. For a person who has disliked cooking, the fact that I have to cook to survive has actually piqued my interest in this department. I have developed some kind of an OCD and have been keeping the house spic and span. I have been involved in so much carpentry in the past few days that it definitely feels like a major accomplishment for someone who's too lazy to even pick up a chair.

Pumpkin soup with bread and butter that I made. Follow my food Insta page at @dowaqtkirotii :)
Let's talk about my job prospects. Did I give up my career? Absolutely not! In fact, I've moved to a city where I have better opportunities and my skills are quite in demand. I wanted to ensure that I had a job before I moved here. So I basically started hunting for one about 2-3 months before I moved here and somehow landed a decent job suitable for my skills with a decent pay as well. I was meant to join them about a month ago, but my stars were probably not aligned the right way, I have been waiting for my work visa for quite a while now. The rules happened to be changed around the time I applied for my visa and hence, it seems to be taking a lot of time. So yeah, fingers crossed!

A lot of you were also concerned if I will continue to blog once I move. Of course, I will. That's probably the one thing that has been keeping me sane. I have already managed four collaborations in a month, getting paid promotions as well, have mastered the art of self portraits and the best part of all - Sydney is so beautiful that even shooting in my cousin's backyard is a boon. I have so much more to write about, but on the events and collabs front, I am back to square one. I have to establish myself here and write about stuff that caters to Indian audience as well as the Aussies. I am yet to figure out what the blogging scene is like over here. Once I am done setting up my house, I promise, I am going to be giving HOTH my undivided attention! :D

A picture from one of my recent collabs with G & M Cosmetics.
Now that I have brought up "setting up my house", I have SO MUCH to tell you guys! As soon as I got here, I spent the first three weeks at my cousin's place. It definitely helps to have relatives or friends who have already been living here for years together. They can help you with pretty much everything. From where to buy what and when and what one should be doing in this city to letting us know how people actually are over here, my cousin and his wife have basically been our go-to people in the city. Also, the fact that I was living with my two cutie pie nephews was such a blessing that I did not feel homesick and was constantly entertained by the two bunnies.

Our adorable Sydney family. Truly blessed to have them!
We started house hunting on this app called domain.com.au and over here, unlike India, things are ore organized. House inspections usually happen over the weekend and once you have made up your mind, you need to send an application with all your details and documents. If the landlord thinks you are a suitable tenant, you could get selected in no time. Luckily, in our case, we liked two houses and got picked for both. In the meanwhile, we also booked an Airbnb that was sponsored by my husband's company close to our new home so that we could set up the new house before we could move in.

Starting our married life together in a foreign land! Couldn't have imagined a better beginning!
So here are some useful tips that you could use if you are planning to move abroad and don't have any clue about the new city/country you're moving to -

  • Get your work visa issues and jobs sorted well in advance, probably even before you move. This has been the longest break I've taken since I started working and while it's pretty relaxing, it's also very frustrating for someone who likes to work and meet people to be impatiently waiting for her work visa to arrive. On the other hand, I know that some of my friends who moved abroad have Green Cards or PRs, but it has been taking them forever to land a job. If you are career conscious and want to start working ASAP, then start dropping your resumes all over the internet from wherever you are.
  • Pack as much as you can and pack wisely! Why I am saying this is because I did not know how useful it would have been had I listened to my mom and carried a pressure cooker with me. Indians usually have a tough time surviving without simple things like dosa batter or idli stand. And even if you end up finding them here, they cost a bomb. I spent nearly $3 (150 INR) on a 10 rupee Lays packet the other day! Some things that you should definitely make space in your luggage are essential kitchen items, spices, savories, photographs, basic decorative items for the house, steel vessels, plates and tumblers, basic medicines etc.
  • Get your hands on a mobile phone connection with high speed internet literally the day you land or even before. Feeling homesick is nothing but natural. If you had the option of dialing your loved ones every 2 hours, wouldn't that be perfect? My husband had already gotten me a SIM card and although I am not much of a phone person, I pretty much exhausted my minutes in 15 days! Trust me, it's not hard to keep in touch with your loved ones. 
  • Finding the perfect house goes a long way! By perfect I don't mean ten bedrooms and walk-in closets. Find out everything you can about real estate and how much rent you should be paying, suitable locations to live in etc. For me, having a supermarket and a train station at walking distance was of utmost importance and everything else was secondary.
Our new home from the outside! :)
  • Do a thorough research on the internet for everything you need to buy for the house. Since I had a couple of weeks to explore, I found stores like Target and Kmart that had pretty much everything we needed. If nothing else works, there's always Amazon or Ebay!
The hubster and I spent a week buying stuff for the house and literally carrying it ourselves.
  • Try to do a comparison between shipping your furniture from India vs buying new stuff. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper to just book a freight and ship those sofa sets and dining table sets from India than literally buy new ones here. My cousin spent around 90,000 INR shipping around 100kgs to Canada from India. That made so much more sense in his case considering he already had purchased furniture. 
  • Learn to spend time with yourself. Usually any new city or country has a lot to see. I have never really gone to a beach by myself in India considering the closest one in Mangalore was 2 kms from my house. But in Sydney, I have explored so many beaches, streets, malls on my own. There are beautiful parks in every street that one could go to. Every suburb has a public library that's free of cost. If nothing helps, then Netflix your time away!
On one of my solo trips to Bondi Beach.
  • Now is the time to up your socializing game! It can get pretty lonely without people to hang out with. Start talking to your neighbors or join clubs or dance class or any place that would help you meet people. If you have friends and family in the place you're moving to, nothing beats that! If not, start making friends every time you get the chance! Find events in your vicinity that you could be a part of or simply attend. 
Witnessing live art at an art, food, music festival called "Our Hood" in Commune, Waterloo.

List of stores/providers that we approached in Sydney -
  • Furniture - Ikea, Kmart, Target, Amazon, Catch, Lounge In Comfort
  • Kitchenware - Target, Kmart, Ikea
  • Appliances - The Good Guys, Kogan, Target, Kmart
  • Groceries and other supplies - Coles, Aldi, Woolworths, Indian stores
  • Electricity and Gas - Origin Energy
  • Internet Connection - Belong
  • Phone Connection - Vodafone
  • Fitness - Fitness First

I really hope this was an informative post. One simply does not just pack his bags and move abroad without any planning. I think you need to be well prepared to handle a continent-wide move if you are someone who's not used to it. Good luck to all of you who are planning to relocate to a foreign country.

Hand On The Hip

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A date with Australian Creams from G & M Cosmetics

4/24/2018 0 Comments
Hello people!

What's the one thing that you subconsciously neglect whenever you travel or move to a different city with climatic conditions you're not used to? For me, it has always been skin care! I grew up in a coastal town and because of the humidity there and the constant sweating, my skin was always well nourished. I always disliked it because my skin seemed too oily and I would try to make it dry by applying talcum powder. Once I moved to Bangalore, I wished I could go back to my humid hometown. Apart from the horrid pollution and the inevitable lifestyle changes that dawns upon anyone in the corporate world, the harsh weather in Bangalore made my skin quite dry and sensitive.

Since then, no matter where I go or what I do, my skin has been a complete mess. From instant tanning to sun burns to patchiness and irritation, my skin has been through so much. About a year ago I decided that it was high time I started looking after my skin. I've come to realize that moisturizing your skin regularly is super important. When I moved to Sydney, I left most of my products behind and my skin never felt drier. I happened to notice G & M Cosmetics' Australian Creams and considering how reasonably priced they were and the fact that they were completely paraben free, I picked up these three creams and have been using them every single day for the past couple of weeks. If you wish to gorge on these beauties, then please do read my review and you will know whether you need these creams or not!

First of all, the packaging of the products over here is mesmerizing. The box in which the products came in was such a delight to open and the recycler in me has also been reusing this box to store my make-up. When the packaging is so classy and the brand has put so much thought into it, you know that the products are going to be worth it!

The box contained three moisturizing creams from G & M Cosmetics. The tubs and the tube in which the creams arrived were quite sturdy and the quantity is quite a bit. I am sure they will last really long considering how irregular I can get with my skin care. Ugggh! I definitely need to fix that in my life. The Australian Creams MK II Gold Cap is only available in pharmacies like Pharmacy 4 Less, Good Price Pharmacy, Wizard Pharmacy and other independent pharmacies. You can also purchase them online at the Online Pharmacy Warehouse. The price is $6.95 for the 250g and $4.95 for 100g tubes. Now that I've used these creams for quite some time, I shall list out the pros and cons of these products.

Avocado Oil Deep Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin E

As the name suggests, this cream contains Avocado and Vitamin E which helps get rid of dryness and gives you that much needed nourishment. Apparently Avocado is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants that help moisturize one's skin while Vitamin E is known to help keep your skin wrinkle free and slow the aging process. It can be applied all over your face and body and is completely non-greasy. I usually apply this after a shower, usually on my arms, legs and face and then do my make-up on top of it.

Lanolin Oil Night Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin E

This cream is quite similar to the Avocado one, except that it helps soothe you while you sleep. I usually have trouble falling asleep and this cream is something that I really needed. Lanolin oil is supposedly used to help your skin recover from dryness, itchiness and flakiness. It helps you get rid of any kind of skin irritations and softens your skin. I really like night creams that are not greasy because I don't wanna dirty my Egyptian cotton sheets :D

Goats Milk and Manuka Honey Moisturizing Cream

Goats Milk is rich in essential proteins, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and lactic acids that soften and rejuvenate your skin and Manuka Honey is a super nourishing natural humectant known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities. This is an excellent moisturizing cream for many skin conditions. I apply this while I am traveling and don't have enough space in my bags to carry big tubs of moisturizers.


  • The creams are all super light on the skin and don't cause any irritation whatsoever!
  • They are very creamy yet non-greasy and don't contain any harmful, toxic chemicals.
  • If you are a big fan of Ponds cold cream, these creams are like the perfect substitute and are better since they are paraben free.
  • They are ridiculously cheap and come is massive tubs/tubes.
  • The creams are rich in Vitamin E and many other nutrients that are beneficial for the skin.
  • I am pretty sure that these creams would suit any skin type.
  • The packaging is bomb!


  • If you like creams with good fragrances, then these are a big no since they are odorless.
  • As such, there is no major difference in my skin except that it feels less dry because it's more of an everyday cream than something that improves or brightens your skin.

I really think these creams are amazing for daily use and can act as a substitute for cold creams or even petroleum jelly. Since they are not all that expensive, I don't think it's a big loss if you invest in these. Do rush to your nearest supermarket and grab one of these! Hurry!

Hand On The Hip

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Pros and cons of buying Remy Hair Extensions

4/19/2018 0 Comments
Just like any product, you will find benefits and drawbacks of Remy hair extensions for ladies. For individuals who do not know the merchandise, they're produced all natural real hair, and pains are come to preserve the hair's cuticle. The upkeep from the hair's cuticle has numerous advantages to it, using the primary one because your hair has the capacity to reflect sun light, which plays a role in its shiny appearance. Your hair can also be able to be blow dried, curled, and straightened just like a person's natural hair could be. As this particular method is produced from natural hair, they conserve a believable appearance.
Additionally to the believable appearance, Remy can also be quite soft to touch. This specific aspect is very appreciated by ladies who have thick, curly or coarse hair. In addition, yet another pro from the benefits and drawbacks of these for ladies is always that the product could be colored, highlighted, straightenend or permed to complement a ladies natural hair texture and color. This degree of versatility implies that you can use it for Black and Caucasian women's hair. Therefore, it's frequently a deciding element in a ladies decision to purchase this extremely popular kind of hair accessory.
Regrettably, there's additionally a disadvantage side towards the benefits and drawbacks of Remy extensions for ladies. First of all, the main downside seem to be the truth that they may be costly. The costs of those hair extensions can run between $75 to up to $3,000 based upon just how much locks are purchased. Additionally, it depends upon if the expertise of an expert beautician must be familiar with add some hair to a person's mind. Next, regular upkeep of these extensions is needed which maintenance also contributes to their overall expense.
The routine upkeep of it include regular trims and an array of proper hair care products, for example deep set conditioners as well as heat protectant sprays that must definitely be utilized on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, there are several ladies who discover the weight of lengthy Remy extensions to become annoying. Women of color should also make sure guard against traction alopecia, which takes place when extensions are worn for prolonged amounts of time. Regardless of the cons connected with Remy extensions, nearly all women believe the choice to buy Remy is among the correct solutions they've available.

How to make your virgin peruvian weaves soft and silky

4/19/2018 0 Comments

Peruvian hair weave come in different lengths and shapes and are one of the top quality weaves in the market. Their authentic silkiness and shine are their most coveted attributes making the Peruvian weaves virtually meaningless when these qualities are lost. Applying the right care and handling techniques to the Peruvian weaves when they are in use and when they are in storage is vital to maintaining the weaves' appearance and avoiding the hair getting frizzy.

Below are some tips to help keep those Peruvian weaves soft, bouncy and shiny. Care for weaves depends on the shape and length of the weaves. Straight short weaves are generally a lot less stressful than their curly counterparts.

Daily care. Always make sure to apply quality, water-based moisturizer before you comb your weaves each morning when they are in use. Comb gently from the roots to the tips, holding the hair down at the root with your otherwise free hand. This removes pressure from the weft, while brushing. The key to moisturizing is to avoid products with too much oil. Excessive oil makes the weaves appear limp and destroy the hairs' color and also untangle each night also.

Washing weaves. The best part of Peruvian weaves would be that they can be treated same as one's natural hair. Washing should be done once a week and in dry season, more often. Peruvian weaves can be washed while on the head, dried and styled same as the natural hair. Use cold water to wash the hair, this maintains its shine. Apply enough shampoo and untangle hair either with a wide toothed comb, or with fingers, combing still from roots to tips. Rinse out shampoo after wash and apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for some time, hair covered with shower cap. Rinse out the conditioner and air dry the locks. Apply oil immediately after the hair has dried out, comb the hairs out, put up in rolls - in the case of wavy weaves, - or part hairs in four parts and wrap around your head.

Deep conditioning. To attain a deeper cleansing, mix conditioner with essential oils and apply luxuriously to the scalp and weaves, and exposed own hair. Put on a shower cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse hair out and untangle, applying hair oil and styling at will. Deep conditioning is essential to maintain the healthy look of the weaves. It restores moisture and shine to the strands.

Styling. Try as much as possible to style virgin Peruvian weaves immediately after washing. In other cases, use a spray can to moisturize the hair before styling.

Virgin hair can be straightened out, dyed and curled at will, as long as the hair is well taken care. While straightening and curling with heat, use a heat protector like aloe vera. Dyeing should be done by an experienced hair stylist since if done wrongly could damage the hair. Even when in storage, brush and moisturize your extensions, for longevity. Avoid excessive brushing of extra curly hair, that could make it lose its curl and a water based moisturizer is a better choice than the alcohol based one.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

HOTH Summer Faves

4/17/2018 0 Comments
Hey there!

If you happen to follow me on Instagram (@handonthehip), you're going to notice that I have been uploading images of a lot of cool things. Well, I am a collector of pretty things that may or may not be useful at the moment, but won't cost you a lot of money. In India it's hard to find products of decent quality without burning a hole in your pockets. But every time I go outside the country, I hunt for Target or Walmart or Kmart where you can get really amazing stuff for very reasonable rates. During my expeditions to these stores in Sydney, I have picked up some things that might interest you. Along with that, I also decided to post some of the other items that have been quite a hit with me recently. I hope you guys like it.

Essentials from Target and Kmart

I can't even begin to tell you how many things I've picked up from these stores in the past month. From furniture to clothing to kitchenware to underwear, these stores have been so important in my life. Setting up a new house from scratch in a ridiculously expensive country can be quite a challenge. Had it not been for these stores, I'd have been helpless. But you'll have to wait for a whole new post on how my husband and I set up our house. For now, here are a couple of things that I bought which I really needed and did not spend much either.

Water bottle from Target - $2
Flip flops from Target - $2
Hair brush from Target - $2
Floral top from Kmart - $1
Bling pouch from Kmart - $4

Garnier Micellar Water from Coles

I have started using this product and it's addictive. My face feels really fresh and it helps remove make-up quite easily and effortlessly. Sadly, I've heard that one of the ingredients in this product is carcinogenic. However, I haven't done much research on this topic and I suppose it's okay to use the product in moderation. But if you're looking for a great make-up remover, this is the solution.

Big Bottle - $13
Small Bottle - $6

XO Victoria Perfume from Victoria's Secret

I received a 100 ml bottle of this perfume as a birthday gift this year and although I already had a 50 ml one from last year, I was still very excited. This one has a very floral fragrance that's not too much, not too little and is just the right amount of perfume for a woman. I use this almost every single day and the packaging is the icing on the cake.

100 ml bottle - $125
50 ml bottle - $80

Penguin Luggage Tag from Chinatown, Singapore

On my way to Sydney, I spent a day in Singapore and just HAD TO go to Chinatown. Although I wasn't too keen on shopping a lot due to luggage constraints, I picked up this cute luggage tag for $1. Yes! That's not even 50 INR! It's sturdy and cute and now I wish I had picked up some more of these.

Luggage Tag - $1

Earrings from Chubby Precious Accessories

As a part of my very first collab in Sydney, I received two beautiful earrings from Chubby Precious Accessories in Perth. They are of really good quality and the patterns are mesmerizing. I chose these two chunky, statement earrings and they go with everything. Their designs are absolutely unique and classy. You can check 'em out at www.chubbypreciousaccessories.com and get your hands on these beauties!

Green Mermaid Gold Dangle Earrings - $28
Classic Fan-Shaped Pink and Green Dangle Earrings - $29

Moisturizing Creams from G&M Cosmetics

These creams were a blessing in disguise. I have been struggling with dry skin and they couldn't have come at a better time. I am still in the process of fully using them and putting up a complete review, but let me talk about how I've like them so far. They are simply amazing! I have had no irritation or oiliness on my skin like most moisturizers tend to cause since I started using these and moreover, my dry skin has bid adieu. You can check out more info on gandmcosmetics.com.au and decide for yourself!

Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Moisturizing Cream - $3.14
Lanolin Oil Night Nourishing Cream - $5.37
Avocado Oil Deep Moisturizing Cream - $3.95

Coin Pouch from Rubi

I don't usually like carrying massive wallets with 28465 pockets! I prefer having a small purse with all my essentials in it - essentials being credit/debit cards, some cash and my Opal card. It was love at first sight with this tiny pouch from Rubi. Rubi has so many cool purses and accessories like this one. If you happen to visit a store, do pick up something like this.

Coin Pouch - $3

Birthday Outfit from Westside

My lovely MIL always showers me with a lot of gifts and she has great taste in everything. She got me this dress before I was leaving the country and I liked it so much that I didn't think twice before making it mine. I also received a lot of compliments for this outfit when I posted it on my Instagram. I am going to style this in multiple ways and share a blog post on it. So stay tuned!

Dress - 1500 INR

Running Shoes from Nike

I left most of my stuff in India and it gets hard to survive in Sydney without a decent pair of walking/running shoes. I had been looking for shoes all over the city but nothing seemed to be in budget. Finally, my hubby and I found this beauty in Footlocker and it was on sale. It's called Nike Running Free Run 2 Sneakers. They are insanely comfy and I wear them to walk, run, hop, do Zumba in and so much more.

Shoes - $99

That's it for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed my top picks this summer. I have so many food pics to share as well, but for the time being make sure you're following my food blog on Instagram as well - @dowaqtkirotii and share some love! I will be sharing monthly faves more often from now on. Until then, ciao!

Hand On The Hip

Friday, 13 April 2018

Nail the nail art ft. My Artsy Attic

4/13/2018 0 Comments
Hello loves!

I am truly amazed how trends change by the minute and there's always something new to embrace. Who would have thought that contouring would become such a hit? Who ever imagined applying lipsticks of gaudy shades like bright purple and neon pink would actually look stunning? Nail art is one such trend that has caught the attention of many fashionistas. Back in the day, my mum's collection was limited to shades of pink and red. When I went to college, I was a little more adventurous and decorated my nails with some blues and greens along with glitter.  And now, nail art has become super popular and with the invention of gel nail paints and what not, it's easily achievable just by following a few instructions from the experts.

So I thought I should introduce you guys to one of the finest newbie nail artists on the block - My Artsy Attic. Suman from My Artsy Attic has been experimenting with nail art and nail polishes in general for years together. Inspired by YouTube nail art star Hannah Roxit, Suman decided to give her creative side a shot and she believes it makes her really happy. She takes about 30 mins to an hour for each design that includes the time it takes to dry and wants to explore more in this field. But what really motivates her is that she always has fun playing with colors and patterns on her nails. She is so into it that she changes the designs on her nails at least twice a week. That worried me a bit because it could damage one's nails. Thanks to nail massage oils, with the right amount TLC you could have the healthiest nails in town.

When I asked her how she started experimenting with nail art, she told me that a colleague whose nails were always on fleek once told her that no matter how underdressed you are, whether you're made up or not, when your nails are done, you're all dressed up. That actually stuck with her and she believes that well made and maintained nails are the only make-up that don't require you to look into a mirror, constantly reminding you over and over again that you are nothing less than perfect. She further adds that nail art has always been her end of the day therapy. After a long day of work and household stuff, she gives herself a soothing nail oil massage, changes her nails and says that it's her "me" time where she can't look at the TV or touch her phone. She finds it very therapeutic and is always showered with a lot of compliments.

Do take a look at her designs below and also a mini tutorial of how she achieved 'em.

Design 1 - Polka Party

Apply a bright base color of your choice and let it dry. Use the back of a toothpick to draw black dots (don't press firmly). Choose a metallic or glittery shade and using another toothpick add it on top of the black dot leaving a little space just like an eclipse.

Design 2 - Criss-cross Fiesta

This art is great for when your you've worn a nail paint for a few days and it starts chipping on the sides. Take some striping tape (or make your own by cutting cello tape in thin julienne like structures - don't worry about equal width). Put the tape pieces on your nail in a criss-cross pattern (remember to do one direction of tapes first and then go to the next direction). Apply black nail polish and quickly take the tape off using tweezers. Apply a top coat or clear polish for an even finish.

Design 3 - Blingin' Hard

Isn't it annoying how fast glitter polishes dry! Well, now you can reuse even almost dried glitter polish to create an easy gradient art. Paint your nail with a color that compliments the glitter. Once dried take your glitter polish and slowly drag it down on the nail but not all the way. Make sure the glitter is thick at the tip and thinner as you go down. Apply a top coat or clear polish for an even finish.

Design 4 - Dotted Sensation

Take a Matt polish and paint your nail. Once the matte texture is formed using any metallic polish that compliments your base draw some thick dots at the tip of your nail with the back of a toothpick. Keep drawing the dots until you reach almost the middle of the nail. Halfway through start using the tip of the toothpick to make your dots smaller. Trust your artsy instincts to judge the size or use pen refill to be more accurate.

Design 5 - Flower Power

Perfect for the spring and super easy. Paint your nails with a bright color and wait for it to dry. Use the back of a toothpick to draw dots that stick to each other in a circular manner. Draw multiple flowers depending on your nail size and fill up blank spaces with simple dots. Using the toothpick tip draw leaves in green you can do simple dots too if you are not happy with squiggly lines. Once dried use a black polish to define the inner circle of the flower (pssst just put a dot there) and you're done.

Design 6 - Glitter Gala

Paint your nail with a bright color and let it dry. Cut two pieces of cello tape and stick them on the lower part of your nail forming an X so that a V shape is exposed on top. Fill in with a matching or contrasting glitter polish and remove the tape. Top it off with some clear polish to even out the surface.

Design 7 - Mosaic Mania

With this design, you need to work quickly. Take 2 colors of your choice and paint your nails in really thick coats. The key is filling half nail with one color and half with the other. Once done take a toothpick to mix both colors into each other (do this really fast). Every time you'll get a different design and that's what makes a very good abstract, mosaic-like look.

Design 8 - Stripey Sunday

If you think these are all too complicated and your nail paint from last week is chipping, then just use the same cello tape method mentioned in Design 2 and paint your a nice bright pink or any color of your choice on your nails and keep it simple and easy. Doesn't that sound like a perfect thing to do on a Sunday?

Some product recommendations from the expert

Nail paints - Maybelline Color Show, Nykaa Nail Laccquer
Nail Oils - Khadi, Go Diva Nails
Base Coat - Jacqueline USA
Products that she can't wait to use - KL Polish, China Glaze

It is always satisfying to have a hobby that lets you create something no one else has ever seen or heard of. If you are talented enough or determined to achieve something, nothing can stop you. I have always wanted to be able to get funky with my nails. Hopefully this should motivate me and all of you who want to try out something new. Do follow her on Instagram at @myartsyattic and get inspired!

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Summertime sadness

4/11/2018 0 Comments
Hello guys!

How are you today? I know that summer has just kicked in and everybody is sweating cats and dogs. While I have been experiencing a bazillion seasons in a day here in Sydney, my closet is always loaded with summer clothes and my freezer is always full of ice cubes. To give you guys a few pointers on how to beat the heat this summer and showcase one of my most fave pieces from Here & Now Clothing, I have come up with a post for you guys that should help you get through the summer like a boss. What are you waiting for? Grab a notebook and start jotting these points. Also, I picked this dress up from an cotton export store in BTM Layout, Bangalore for 200 bucks. You could find similar options online or even get something tailored with an old dupatta or something. What say?

Cottons please!
Let's start with the most basic thing - clothes. It really doesn't make sense to wear wool in summer, does it? Your skin needs to breathe. Wear breathable, cotton clothes that effortlessly absorb your sweat and also make sure you change your clothes at least 2-3 times a day depending on how much you sweat. Light colored tees, floral dresses, cotton shorts are some summer friendly options you need to invest in.

Floral fiesta
One outfit that I could spend all seasons in is, *drum roll please* florals! Florals are pleasing to the eye. Florals hide all your flaws and bring out the perky in you. Florals are THE BEST things to wear to kick summer's ass. I own a truck load of florals in my closet, but only some of them are actually comfy enough to spend summer in. You could never go wrong with a nice A-line dress that I am sporting here in these pics that's not too short or too long and yet look sexy enough to steal some attention in the midst of all the heat.

Minimal make-up
On regular days, I barely wear any make-up to work. Those of you who absolutely can't leave your apartment without make-up, stick to something very simple and minimal because you don't want the sweat washing away all that contour and making you look like a zombie. Make it a point to stick to nude, peach or orangish shades and try to not let your skin get oily. Do not use too many cosmetics or beauty products because they might end up giving you a terrible case of acne. You don't want that now, do you? You could refrigerate your make-up wipes and use them to remove make-up or just cleanse your face. Aaaah, I think I need that right now!

I have this terrible habit of forgetting to drink enough water. The move to Sydney has been hard on my system because it's super dry over here and one needs to be hydrated at all times. Buy yourself a fancy bottle and keep sipping water whenever you can. If needed, monitor your water intake and that could actually help you get used to drinking water. I definitely need to start doing this!

Say no to closed shoes
Closed shoes like sneakers or loafers could end up dropping a stink bomb in summer considering your feet might sweat more than usual. Flip flops are your best friends during the summer and if you must wear something a little more appealing than flip flops, try sliders or pretty looking flats. But make sure your feet can breathe and are not covered.

Shower time
I once had a friend who'd sweat ALL the time. It was uncomfortable for him and for everyone around him. But poor guy, what could he do about it? While hydrating on the inside is very important, it's equally important to shower more than once a day. Going to bed with dirt and sweat mixed together is quite unhygienic and you might wanna wash it all away before you sleep. 

I screeeeaam
I could seriously belt some ice-cream right now. Note to myself. Lol! Although for me, there's no season, time or place for ice-cream, you guys should definitely suck on some ice lollies to give you that much needed relief from this heat. Try not to get the milky, creamy ones, instead opt for fruit flavored bars of bliss like raspberry or mango ice candies. Lemonades with ice (and a little bit of vodka) can also be useful.

Hope these remedies actually help you make your summer less painful and more enjoyable.

Hand On The Hip