Summertime sadness

By Hand On The Hip - 4/11/2018

Hello guys!

How are you today? I know that summer has just kicked in and everybody is sweating cats and dogs. While I have been experiencing a bazillion seasons in a day here in Sydney, my closet is always loaded with summer clothes and my freezer is always full of ice cubes. To give you guys a few pointers on how to beat the heat this summer and showcase one of my most fave pieces from Here & Now Clothing, I have come up with a post for you guys that should help you get through the summer like a boss. What are you waiting for? Grab a notebook and start jotting these points. Also, I picked this dress up from an cotton export store in BTM Layout, Bangalore for 200 bucks. You could find similar options online or even get something tailored with an old dupatta or something. What say?

Cottons please!
Let's start with the most basic thing - clothes. It really doesn't make sense to wear wool in summer, does it? Your skin needs to breathe. Wear breathable, cotton clothes that effortlessly absorb your sweat and also make sure you change your clothes at least 2-3 times a day depending on how much you sweat. Light colored tees, floral dresses, cotton shorts are some summer friendly options you need to invest in.

Floral fiesta
One outfit that I could spend all seasons in is, *drum roll please* florals! Florals are pleasing to the eye. Florals hide all your flaws and bring out the perky in you. Florals are THE BEST things to wear to kick summer's ass. I own a truck load of florals in my closet, but only some of them are actually comfy enough to spend summer in. You could never go wrong with a nice A-line dress that I am sporting here in these pics that's not too short or too long and yet look sexy enough to steal some attention in the midst of all the heat.

Minimal make-up
On regular days, I barely wear any make-up to work. Those of you who absolutely can't leave your apartment without make-up, stick to something very simple and minimal because you don't want the sweat washing away all that contour and making you look like a zombie. Make it a point to stick to nude, peach or orangish shades and try to not let your skin get oily. Do not use too many cosmetics or beauty products because they might end up giving you a terrible case of acne. You don't want that now, do you? You could refrigerate your make-up wipes and use them to remove make-up or just cleanse your face. Aaaah, I think I need that right now!

I have this terrible habit of forgetting to drink enough water. The move to Sydney has been hard on my system because it's super dry over here and one needs to be hydrated at all times. Buy yourself a fancy bottle and keep sipping water whenever you can. If needed, monitor your water intake and that could actually help you get used to drinking water. I definitely need to start doing this!

Say no to closed shoes
Closed shoes like sneakers or loafers could end up dropping a stink bomb in summer considering your feet might sweat more than usual. Flip flops are your best friends during the summer and if you must wear something a little more appealing than flip flops, try sliders or pretty looking flats. But make sure your feet can breathe and are not covered.

Shower time
I once had a friend who'd sweat ALL the time. It was uncomfortable for him and for everyone around him. But poor guy, what could he do about it? While hydrating on the inside is very important, it's equally important to shower more than once a day. Going to bed with dirt and sweat mixed together is quite unhygienic and you might wanna wash it all away before you sleep. 

I screeeeaam
I could seriously belt some ice-cream right now. Note to myself. Lol! Although for me, there's no season, time or place for ice-cream, you guys should definitely suck on some ice lollies to give you that much needed relief from this heat. Try not to get the milky, creamy ones, instead opt for fruit flavored bars of bliss like raspberry or mango ice candies. Lemonades with ice (and a little bit of vodka) can also be useful.

Hope these remedies actually help you make your summer less painful and more enjoyable.

Hand On The Hip

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