Learning Things As An Adult You Should Have As A Kid

By Hand On The Hip - 4/17/2018

Ever look back on your childhood and wished that you learned a few things that apparently, all your friends already know? Almost everyone learned how to ride a bike when they were young, but what if you didn’t and now you’re an adult? What if you never learned how to swim and now when you go to the beach with your friends, you’re the only left on the shore? What if you never learned how to cartwheel, handstand, twist your tongue or even jump rope? These things might seem trivial, but really a lot of them are simple things that most people already know how to do. There’s a feeling of something missing that can consume you when you don’t know the big things and yet you think you grew up in a wholesome environment. Being the odd one out is never fun so there are some things you can do to catch up and be on the same level as everybody else.
Joined up writing
You’d be surprised how many adults don’t know how to join their letters when they are handwriting. It seems unimportant nowadays since everyone types and does most of their paperwork online. However you will need to write a few things out eventually and if some form or letter is long, then you can save a lot of time by using joined up handwriting. Writing each letter separately takes far longer than handwriting should. So firstly, you need to learn how to connect different letters up so you have a smooth flow in your writing of words. You can learn a few simple tips online using specialist websites that take pride in this skill. This skill also helps to make your signature look more eloquent and stylish.
Slicing through the waves
Many kids learn how to swim and do the basic strokes when they in their early teens. For those that don’t ever learn how to swim, they are literally at a major disadvantage in the enjoyment of life. Whenever you go to the beach, or on holiday where water activities are on offer, you could be the odd one out because you can’t join in. Adults can learn to swim at schools that teach swimming in professional pools. There are different kinds of pools ranging from the toddlers, novice, advanced and expert. Each have different depths and traits such as the ability to dive into the deeper side. You’ll learn how to stay afloat first, which will help you to understand how to control your bodyweight in a low-gravity sense. After that you can learn how to use your limbs to thrust you forward. Pretty soon you’ll be slicing through the summer waves the next time you go on holiday. Looking back at our childhood, we all wish we did one thing differently, or learned something that would help us later on in life. Learning how to swim is right up there in the top ten for most people. It's not only fun but allows you to explore the world far better as an adult. Learning how to join your letters helps to make your handwriting look unique and intelligent too.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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