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By Hand On The Hip - 4/17/2018

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If you happen to follow me on Instagram (@handonthehip), you're going to notice that I have been uploading images of a lot of cool things. Well, I am a collector of pretty things that may or may not be useful at the moment, but won't cost you a lot of money. In India it's hard to find products of decent quality without burning a hole in your pockets. But every time I go outside the country, I hunt for Target or Walmart or Kmart where you can get really amazing stuff for very reasonable rates. During my expeditions to these stores in Sydney, I have picked up some things that might interest you. Along with that, I also decided to post some of the other items that have been quite a hit with me recently. I hope you guys like it.

Essentials from Target and Kmart

I can't even begin to tell you how many things I've picked up from these stores in the past month. From furniture to clothing to kitchenware to underwear, these stores have been so important in my life. Setting up a new house from scratch in a ridiculously expensive country can be quite a challenge. Had it not been for these stores, I'd have been helpless. But you'll have to wait for a whole new post on how my husband and I set up our house. For now, here are a couple of things that I bought which I really needed and did not spend much either.

Water bottle from Target - $2
Flip flops from Target - $2
Hair brush from Target - $2
Floral top from Kmart - $1
Bling pouch from Kmart - $4

Garnier Micellar Water from Coles

I have started using this product and it's addictive. My face feels really fresh and it helps remove make-up quite easily and effortlessly. Sadly, I've heard that one of the ingredients in this product is carcinogenic. However, I haven't done much research on this topic and I suppose it's okay to use the product in moderation. But if you're looking for a great make-up remover, this is the solution.

Big Bottle - $13
Small Bottle - $6

XO Victoria Perfume from Victoria's Secret

I received a 100 ml bottle of this perfume as a birthday gift this year and although I already had a 50 ml one from last year, I was still very excited. This one has a very floral fragrance that's not too much, not too little and is just the right amount of perfume for a woman. I use this almost every single day and the packaging is the icing on the cake.

100 ml bottle - $125
50 ml bottle - $80

Penguin Luggage Tag from Chinatown, Singapore

On my way to Sydney, I spent a day in Singapore and just HAD TO go to Chinatown. Although I wasn't too keen on shopping a lot due to luggage constraints, I picked up this cute luggage tag for $1. Yes! That's not even 50 INR! It's sturdy and cute and now I wish I had picked up some more of these.

Luggage Tag - $1

Earrings from Chubby Precious Accessories

As a part of my very first collab in Sydney, I received two beautiful earrings from Chubby Precious Accessories in Perth. They are of really good quality and the patterns are mesmerizing. I chose these two chunky, statement earrings and they go with everything. Their designs are absolutely unique and classy. You can check 'em out at and get your hands on these beauties!

Green Mermaid Gold Dangle Earrings - $28
Classic Fan-Shaped Pink and Green Dangle Earrings - $29

Moisturizing Creams from G&M Cosmetics

These creams were a blessing in disguise. I have been struggling with dry skin and they couldn't have come at a better time. I am still in the process of fully using them and putting up a complete review, but let me talk about how I've like them so far. They are simply amazing! I have had no irritation or oiliness on my skin like most moisturizers tend to cause since I started using these and moreover, my dry skin has bid adieu. You can check out more info on and decide for yourself!

Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Moisturizing Cream - $3.14
Lanolin Oil Night Nourishing Cream - $5.37
Avocado Oil Deep Moisturizing Cream - $3.95

Coin Pouch from Rubi

I don't usually like carrying massive wallets with 28465 pockets! I prefer having a small purse with all my essentials in it - essentials being credit/debit cards, some cash and my Opal card. It was love at first sight with this tiny pouch from Rubi. Rubi has so many cool purses and accessories like this one. If you happen to visit a store, do pick up something like this.

Coin Pouch - $3

Birthday Outfit from Westside

My lovely MIL always showers me with a lot of gifts and she has great taste in everything. She got me this dress before I was leaving the country and I liked it so much that I didn't think twice before making it mine. I also received a lot of compliments for this outfit when I posted it on my Instagram. I am going to style this in multiple ways and share a blog post on it. So stay tuned!

Dress - 1500 INR

Running Shoes from Nike

I left most of my stuff in India and it gets hard to survive in Sydney without a decent pair of walking/running shoes. I had been looking for shoes all over the city but nothing seemed to be in budget. Finally, my hubby and I found this beauty in Footlocker and it was on sale. It's called Nike Running Free Run 2 Sneakers. They are insanely comfy and I wear them to walk, run, hop, do Zumba in and so much more.

Shoes - $99

That's it for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed my top picks this summer. I have so many food pics to share as well, but for the time being make sure you're following my food blog on Instagram as well - @dowaqtkirotii and share some love! I will be sharing monthly faves more often from now on. Until then, ciao!

Hand On The Hip

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