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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Springfield and Women'Secret are back again!

12/26/2017 4 Comments
Hi peeps!

Do you guys remember my visit to Sprinfield and Women'Secret a few months ago? You can refresh your memory here. For those of you though Phoenix Marketcity was too far, then I have some great news for you. For all you South Bangaloreans out there, Vega City in JP Nagar now has Springfield and Women'Secret! Exciting much? I was at the launch event last week and I had a blast! Scroll down for all the scoop!

This time I had way more fun than the last launch event because of all my blogger buds who made the event more memorable. We tried on some of the merch and took crazy pics. The collection is very wearable and girl-next-door-ish. I tried on a knit top and a jacket and it looked amazing! Springfield also has a great range of belts, bags and shoes that one could kill for! Do check out their store for more.

We also headed over to the Women'Secret store and it was an absolute treat for our eyes to be there. The lingerie was pretty as always, but the accessories were drool-worthy. A lot of their stuff is Snoopy inspired or dog themed which was adorable. They have some exciting offers going on as well. Hurry!

Me and my ladies had a bonanza! We picked up some interesting stuff as well. Springfield and Women'Secret might be a bit pricey though. But if you wanna splurge on some unique and fresh clothing and accessories, then why not? Go nuts this holiday season!

Hand On The Hip

Period 101 feat Wonder Wings

12/26/2017 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

That time of the month? Wondering how to get through the next four days without staining your clothes? Isn't that something we all go through every 28 days? As a kid I have always wished that I never had to go through this horrible phenomenon called menstruation. But now I know how important it is and biologically how much it contributes to a woman's role as a mother. We go through so many problems during these pain stricken days but we need to realize the importance of it in the long run. And just to make your lives a wee bit easier, I thought I should give you guys some tips that might be useful.

  • When the pain strikes, DISTRACT YOURSELF! I usually tend to keep myself as busy as possible on these days so that I don't focus all my energy on the excruciating pain that comes as a plus one with the period monster.
  • Try not to increase your body heat too much. For instance, don't drink too much or smoke during these days. That is only going to make it worse for you!
  • Keep your private areas clean and change your sanitary napkin at least thrice a day in order to avoid rashes.
  • Invest in good sanitary napkins that give you full coverage and prevent staining of clothes.
  • Wear tight undies! Yes, that helps keep the pad in place!
  • Shower twice a day if you can. Hot showers have always helped me.
  • Try to keep yourself happy and cheerful. I know that's too much to ask when you feel like your whole world down there is going nuts, but just try!
  • If nothing works and the pain is unbearable and the flow is crazy, consult a gynecologist. 

We have been using so many different brands of sanitary napkins and we all know what works best for us. But are you one of those people who are still on the hunt for something even more comfy than the options we already have? Wonder Wings has a wide variety of sanitary napkins that would suit every woman's needs. I received a few boxes of the Wonder Wings Ultra Silky Touch XL Pads and I thought I should give you guys a quick review.


  • The packaging says it all! The ones I got came in a nicely packed carton and the icing on the cake were the pretty wrappers. Cute, isn't it?
  • The fragrance of these pads were pretty pleasant.
  • The website Wonder Wings has a whole bunch of cool stuff that would benefit any girl. So do check it out!
  • As the caption rightly says "Goodbye Rashes", I agree with it and felt that these pads don't cause any rashes.


  • It costs 110 INR for 10 pads and I thought it was quite pricey for a brand that's so new.
  • Although it says XL, I believe these pads aren't massive enough to be called so.
  • These pads can't hold too much liquid and on days my flow was rather heavy, I had to constantly keep changing my pads. 

Overall I would rate this brand a 3/5. Although I am not completely pleased with the quality of these pads, I would still use them on days I don't have to worry about heavy flows staining my clothes. On that note, I am going to sign off by asking all you ladies to take a chill pill and not let the red monster ruin your day!

Be a wonder girl!

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Have a GlamEgo Christmas!

12/20/2017 3 Comments
Ho ho ho!

With Christmas 'round the corner, it's time to buy prezzies for your loved ones! For all those make-up and beauty product lovers out there, I have some exciting news for you this month. You already must know about make-up and beauty subscription boxes that have suddenly taken over the glam market. For those of you who have no idea what kind of make-up and beauty products you need to invest in, you're in luck. Wait, there's more! What if I told you that this month you can get winter appropriate products for less than half the price?

Glamego is one such service that lets you get yourself a subscription box for throwaway prices. They analyze your requirements in 4 steps and curate a box specially for you. You start off by taking a beauty quiz and voila, a box of at least 4 products picked for you is delivered to your doorstep in no time! They have a variety of plans you can find on their website as per your budget and needs. The box I received stole my heart away the instant I saw Santa's face on the box.

It came with 4 products and a product catalog explaining the prices of each product. Although I had not heard of most of the products mentioned here, it was definitely worth trying! Sometimes most of the luxury brands don't really reach the masses. I think companies like Glamego are making sure that these brands are made available to us.

Product 1: Bio Bloom Foot Cream

If you are one of those people with excessively dry feet and cracks creeping up every now and then, a foot cream is a must. Now I have sweaty feet and a foot cream would do no good to me, hence I gifted this one away to my friend. She absolutely loved it! The cream is not greasy and has a strong minty fragrance. She also told me that it's quite soothing.

Product 2: Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay Face Mask

I am a huge fan of face masks. Sea Clay is one of my newest faves! One tiny tube can probably be used twice. I love how my skin felt after I used it. This product is not one of those masks that dries off into a thick, hard coat of mud, but quite moisturizing and a mask that can be used during winter. It's easy to apply and wash off. I'd buy this even outside of the box since it's very reasonably priced.

Product 3: Manna Glo Illuminator

If you are one of those people who constantly does her own make-up, this is the cherry on top! One can never have too many highlighters and this cream based illuminator is the perfect blend of shine and glow. It's not too greasy and stays for a few hours. The moisture content in the product actually helps drive away the winter dry skin. I have already used this a couple of times and love it!

Product 4: Mond'sub Gold Eye Mask

I have already tried the face mask from this brand and it wasn't very satisfactory. However, I had heard so much about the eye mask that I was super excited to receive this. I often suffer with dark circles and puffy eyes and as soothing as this mask actually is, it's also quite effective. It felt like the mask helped me moisturize my under eye area. This mask gets a plus one from me!

You still have time to order the December box. Don't miss the chance while you still have it! Merry Christmas in advance :)

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

5 products that did not work for me

12/13/2017 3 Comments
Hi peeps!

Of late I have been buying and experimenting with a lot of make-up products. This has given me a whole new perspective to the world of glitz and glam. I have realized that there is a strong need to do my research before I splurge on any product. After a lot of contemplation, I have finally made a list of some products that absolutely did not work for me! I want you guys to understand that because they did not work for me does not mean it won't work for anyone else and that I am only sharing my thoughts and experiences here. Also, these are products that I picked up on my own and were not sponsored.

1. Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator

I purchased this product from Myntra and was really excited to try it. I have previously never owned any highlighter, so the excitement was real! The packaging was really cute. The highlighting pen is of great quality and the liquid inside is also quite shimmery and a great highlighter for weddings and other functions. But here's what I did not like about this product -
  • The pen is extremely difficult to use. You need to press and hold the bottom till the liquid flows out.
  • The liquid is rigid and less in quantity making it hard for it to flow out.
  • The brush at the end of the pen is tiny and hard and makes it difficult to apply the product.
This product is a strict NO for me. Although I do feel that I received a faulty product, I still don't think I'm going to ever put in so much effort for a highlighter.

2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

Since I had heard so much about Colorbar, I decided to pick up another product. Since I am a huge lipstick hoarder, I had to own a lipstick from this range. The packaging was on point! I loved the shade I had picked as well. But here's what did not work for me -
  • The lipstick is too hard and not smooth enough to be applied on my lips.
  • After application, my lips get severely chapped.
  • The pigmentation is really poor.
I probably would have second thoughts before I buy any Colorbar product from now on.

3. Products from wish.com

I had heard so much about wish.com that I could not stop myself from buying a couple of things. But little did I know that the quality would be so poor that they'd end up just rotting in my shelf. I bought a lipstick by Miss Rose, a 15 color concealer palette by New Professional and a nail polish that was a fake version of OPI Nail Lacquer. Here's what went wrong -

  • The lipstick is basically a crayon and not suitable for one's skin. The quality is inferior and it leaves your lips completely chapped.
  • The concealer is tiny, cakey and has low quality packaging.
  • The nail paint has a toxic smell and lumps of the paint sticks to your nails but never dries fully. 
wish.com, I wish I had never spent any money on you!

4. YLG Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has a gazillion benefits for one's skin and this cute and compact tube at Health N Glow during one of my most recent shopping expeditions caught my attention. It wasn't very expensive and hence I am not all that upset. But here's what the product is like -
  • The gel is too sticky for my taste.
  • The smell is unbearable and disgusting.
  • I haven't experienced any benefits since I started using this.
YLG, I expected better from you!

5. Lets Shave Face Razors

Shaving your face sounds scary, right? But since derma blading is actually a thing these days and it has helped people with their skin problems, I decided to buy these razors for my face. Although, it did not harm my face, it actually didn't help much.
  • The razors are not sturdy enough to shave off all of the baby hair on one's face.
  • Regular razor handles are easier to use.
  • The blades seemed old and blunt.
I think I am done trying to shave my face on my own!

Well, we have all had bad experiences with a lot of products. Experimenting is the key! Otherwise you'll never know what works and what doesn't.

Hand On The Hip