5 products that did not work for me

By Hand On The Hip - 12/13/2017

Hi peeps!

Of late I have been buying and experimenting with a lot of make-up products. This has given me a whole new perspective to the world of glitz and glam. I have realized that there is a strong need to do my research before I splurge on any product. After a lot of contemplation, I have finally made a list of some products that absolutely did not work for me! I want you guys to understand that because they did not work for me does not mean it won't work for anyone else and that I am only sharing my thoughts and experiences here. Also, these are products that I picked up on my own and were not sponsored.

1. Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator

I purchased this product from Myntra and was really excited to try it. I have previously never owned any highlighter, so the excitement was real! The packaging was really cute. The highlighting pen is of great quality and the liquid inside is also quite shimmery and a great highlighter for weddings and other functions. But here's what I did not like about this product -
  • The pen is extremely difficult to use. You need to press and hold the bottom till the liquid flows out.
  • The liquid is rigid and less in quantity making it hard for it to flow out.
  • The brush at the end of the pen is tiny and hard and makes it difficult to apply the product.
This product is a strict NO for me. Although I do feel that I received a faulty product, I still don't think I'm going to ever put in so much effort for a highlighter.

2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

Since I had heard so much about Colorbar, I decided to pick up another product. Since I am a huge lipstick hoarder, I had to own a lipstick from this range. The packaging was on point! I loved the shade I had picked as well. But here's what did not work for me -
  • The lipstick is too hard and not smooth enough to be applied on my lips.
  • After application, my lips get severely chapped.
  • The pigmentation is really poor.
I probably would have second thoughts before I buy any Colorbar product from now on.

3. Products from wish.com

I had heard so much about wish.com that I could not stop myself from buying a couple of things. But little did I know that the quality would be so poor that they'd end up just rotting in my shelf. I bought a lipstick by Miss Rose, a 15 color concealer palette by New Professional and a nail polish that was a fake version of OPI Nail Lacquer. Here's what went wrong -

  • The lipstick is basically a crayon and not suitable for one's skin. The quality is inferior and it leaves your lips completely chapped.
  • The concealer is tiny, cakey and has low quality packaging.
  • The nail paint has a toxic smell and lumps of the paint sticks to your nails but never dries fully. 
wish.com, I wish I had never spent any money on you!

4. YLG Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has a gazillion benefits for one's skin and this cute and compact tube at Health N Glow during one of my most recent shopping expeditions caught my attention. It wasn't very expensive and hence I am not all that upset. But here's what the product is like -
  • The gel is too sticky for my taste.
  • The smell is unbearable and disgusting.
  • I haven't experienced any benefits since I started using this.
YLG, I expected better from you!

5. Lets Shave Face Razors

Shaving your face sounds scary, right? But since derma blading is actually a thing these days and it has helped people with their skin problems, I decided to buy these razors for my face. Although, it did not harm my face, it actually didn't help much.
  • The razors are not sturdy enough to shave off all of the baby hair on one's face.
  • Regular razor handles are easier to use.
  • The blades seemed old and blunt.
I think I am done trying to shave my face on my own!

Well, we have all had bad experiences with a lot of products. Experimenting is the key! Otherwise you'll never know what works and what doesn't.

Hand On The Hip

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  1. I have not heard anything good about the products from wish.com. I really have no idea how people are recommending that site. It is good to list out products that don't work for you. You may save some people some money.

  2. This is actually such an informative blog, since we all just blindly go shopping and buy loads of cosmetics without even reading the reviews!
    Thanks for the information!

  3. Shucks! Face razors are the worst. I never want to experiment with that.
    After I came to Canada, because I couldn't afford the parlor for eyebrow everyday, I bought this face trimmer for women. It's the best thing I have invested in!