Beauty comes in all sizes

By Hand On The Hip - 11/22/2017

Hi everyone!

Are you usually the butt of all weight related jokes? Do you feel let down at all times because of the way you look? Since I have a narrow frame, I have often been greeted with "OMG, you are so thin, you are so lucky" or hear things like "You won't understand, you never have to worry about putting on weight" and through this post of mine, I thought I should share with all of you, a thing or two on how I "never" have to worry about putting on weight.

I have always been a healthy child and never had to worry about gaining too much weight since I was pretty active all through my childhood. The instant computers and cellular phones took over, my activities were restricted to walking to the kitchen and making myself a snack. At the age of 16, I suddenly felt the need to lose some weight and hence, I started crash dieting. I read somewhere that Kareena Kapoor survived on oranges to lose weight for the movie Tashan and started starving myself. Within a few weeks, I could see the difference it made to my body. I wanted and longed to become a Size 0 and was down to an XS, but the glow on my face had disappeared. I had lost interest in food. There was a boy in my class who even passed filthy, derogatory comments about my size. I was unhappy, I was sad, I was almost anorexic. My metabolism was messed up. But I still had no desire to eat healthy and put on some weight.

Once I turned 17, I decided to turn my life around. I started eating home food, walking back home from school and got back all the weight I had lost and also lost it the healthy way. I felt good. I was happier. I made more friends. I realized that my body had the capability to gain and lose weight quite instantly based on my diet and exercise. And that's when my doctor mommy diagnosed me with PCOD. Ever since the day I got my ovaries scanned, I was advised by my mother to ensure that I am exercising at all times. Even a little extra food and lack of exercise could build a stairway to obesity. I tried my hand at aerobics, swimming, cycling, walking and what not, but I never enjoyed it and my weight would always fluctuate. But somehow, sub-consciously, I was always aware of what I ate and never ate too much. I guess that really helped.

For the next few years, I was doing alright when it came to my weight. But in 2015, I happened to join a start-up that required me to work 16 hours a day. My eating habits became quite erratic and had no time to even go for a walk. In a span of 3 months, I literally gained 10 kgs! I had to buy jeans 2-4 sizes bigger than my usual ones. On my 26th birthday, I realized that it was about time I took my health and fitness seriously. I found out that my body fat percentage was over 40%! With a lot of motivation from my boyfriend and my friends (and the fact that I had spent 30K for a nearby gym :D), I was able to hit the gym regularly and brought down my body fat percentage by at least 5-7%. Had I not done anything about it, I'd have been obese by now. I was introduced to Zumba and boy, I fell in love with it. Since then, I haven't been able to stop! And now, it's more of an addiction than anything else - I get to improve my dancing skills, I get to be fit and most importantly, I love my body! I do believe that I still have a long way to go and know for a fact that there's nothing that can come in the way of my fitness.

I had not uploaded these series because they were taken during the time I was quite unfit, but beauty comes in all sizes, right? I rented this body hugging dress from LibeRent and if you want to wear a dress like this and look fabulous, work towards it! Find the one thing that you love and will keep you fit. Please, please understand that working out is for everyone. It doesn't matter what size you are! You need to feel good about yourself and that's all that matters!

Eat right, sweat it out and trust me, you don't have to spend a day worrying about your weight.

Hand On The Hip

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