The cold shoulder tale

By Hand On The Hip - 11/03/2017

Hello everyone!

What are some of the trends from the last couple of years that have caught your attention? Sneakers with dresses? Baggy boho outfits? Chunky, oxidized silver jewelry? From tees to cholis, five year olds to unmanageable teens, every outfit possesses it and everyone is sporting it. My wedding blouse tailor who can barely speak English even suggested it! I am talking about the talk of the town - cold shoulders! I have always been fascinated by cut-outs, but does cold shoulder really make it up there in my list? Well, let's find out.

While my mum is amazed with this trend, my dad jokingly once said that it has been created for doctors to make it convenient for them to give shots :D For me, this has been a love-hate kind of a thing. Somehow, cold shoulder tops or dresses don't suit all body types or outfits. Confused? Let me help you with some of the dos and don'ts of the famous cold shoulders.

1. If you are slightly on the heavier side, body-hugging tops with cold shoulder sleeves are going to make you look ever more fat than you already are. Stick to cold shoulders with bell sleeves.
2. If you have a narrow frame like I do, choose your cold shoulders and off shoulders wisely.
3. Although lehenga blouses with cold shoulders are very, very in at the moment, it could look shabby. Get some pretty sequins around the holes as it takes the focus off the shabby hem line.
4. There are so many ways you can rock a cold shoulder! For instance, florals and cold shoulders go hand-in-hand. If you are concerned about heavy arms, always wear cold shoulders with baggy sleeves. Stripes is another fun way to style them cold shoulders!
5. All things in vogue tend to be a little more expensive than everything else. But why buy when you can make them? Convert your old tops, kurtis, dresses to cold shoulders with one snip!
6. Try avoiding cold shoulder tops that have speghetti straps as sleeves if the outfit doesn't fit well.
7. Cold shoulder saree blouses? A big fat no!
8. Always make sure your bra straps don't say peek-a-boo when you wear cold shoulders.
9. How big should the holes for cold shoulders be? Probably start from the tip of your shoulder to half-way through to your elbow.
10. Cold shoulder jackets? Hell no!

Well, I hope you guys will remember all the tips are tricks of flaunting those cold shoulders. For this look, I picked up this casual, stripey top from Much Love Store and wore my denim skirt with it. To add some bling, I wore my bling shoes from Max. If you are looking for more options to get your hands on cold shoulder tops, check out Stalk Buy Love, Max, Lifestyle Stores, Allure Clothing.

Cold shoulders are in the list of last season's and this season's must haves! You can't miss it! Grab one right away or you could easily make one?

Hand On The Hip

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  1. Cold shoulders are everywhere. I don't thing this trend is going to leave soon! Wonder what's next?

  2. Cold shoulders are the trend makers !