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By Hand On The Hip - 11/13/2017

Hi guys!

Hope you had a great weekend! I spent some quality time with my family, my fiance and my in-laws. With the wedding around the corner, we have all been spending a good amount of time with each other trying to get things done, but we are also making memories. People all over the planet are capturing and documenting every moment spent doing something worth remembering. With apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, gigabytes of data is being sent across from one end of the planet to another within seconds. Now that I have to think of innovative ways to decorate my new home, I found a perfect way to ensure that all of the great memories are with me all the time.

With the entire world being en-capsuled in our smart phones and laptops, nobody does things the old school way anymore. Back in the day I remember buying a Kodak film and loading it on to a camera which would let me click 36 pictures. I'd then go to a studio and get them developed and manually insert each of the 36 pictures into an album. Those days sure were fun, but I cannot imagine spending so much time doing that kind of grunt work in today's busy world. I wish there was an easier way. During my engagement ceremony earlier this year, we got a gazillion photos taken and got some printed on an album as well. But it cost us a bomb and the album is not portable. How do I show the pictures to my grandma, who does not know how to use the internet and cannot really handle such a massive album?

Throwback Studio is the answer to all my questions! Throwback Studio is basically an app that lets you upload around 50 pictures from Facebook or Instagram or any file and print them on to a cute, fun-sized photo book that you can carry around in your hand bag. I decided to get some great memories from my life printed. And damn, I might need more of these photo books!


What I first noticed about this book is that the quality of the pictures are surprisingly brilliant! When I get my pictures printed in most studios, there's always a problem with the quality. But Throwback really made me happy with respect to the quality. Secondly, the pricing is reasonable. You can get one album for 699 INR and you get around 50 pictures. The best feature is that you can easily detach these photos from the photo book and use the pictures as individual pictures as well.


There's absolutely nothing about this beautiful invention that I do not like. In fact, the moment I received my very first order, at least four of my friends were so amused by the concept that they started ordering it for themselves instantly!

You can download the app on Android and the iOS app is coming soon. Do grab one book at least and you will realize the value of actual photographs in your life!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. I love getting memories printed or framed! It's beautiful!!