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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Nightdress to Daydress in 5 minutes

1/30/2018 0 Comments

Are you one of those people who want to save their money for massive things like a big sports car or a villa by the beach? Do you think that it's not worth spending those hard earned notes on high end expensive clothing and footwear but still wanna make heads turn? Then you are just like me! I have always considered myself an expert when it comes to recycling, finding superior quality products at throwaway prices and I usually find myself buying really cheap things off the street, factory rejects and local market stuff. And trust me, they can look just as good or even better than something teeny tiny you'd buy from a fancy boutique for a humongous price.

Since we don't have any place like Commercial Street in South Bangalore, one of my favorite places to binge on affordable clothing is Raheja Arcade in Koramangala. They have a variety of stuff that would interest any fashionista. I was going through some tees I could splurge on and came across this night dress in a really pretty blue with stripes all over it. T-shirt dresses have been in vogue for a while now and I was so glad I could grab this one for 150 bucks! I have worn this at night as it is, to office with leggings and also as a brunch dress (a mini tutorial below). If it's too shocking to believe, here's how I converted my uber comfy night dress to something more chic and fun!

1. Color therapy

Since the blue was quite dull, I accessorized it with a pair of bright yellow earrings to add that pop of color. You can also try adding some statement neck-pieces if you are a fan of that. A little bit of bright yellows or neon pinks here and there could give your outfit a new dimension.

2. Watch out for this

I usually don't set foot outside my house without my ring and a watch. If you want to add a classy touch, do wear a plain gold or silver watch. You can also wear something that has a big dial.

3. Full on belting

Since the dress doesn't really have a good fitting, I used a brown belt that held it together as well as gave the dress that sophisticated look. You can also use a ribbon or an embroidered belt to try something new.

4. Throw some shade

Some shades would definitely be a good addition to the look, especially if you are out there in the sun brunching your guts away.

5. Heels or sneakers?

Finally, I completed this look with a pair of brown brogues that complemented the belt and I was ready to rock! You can also try white sneakers with this dress.

Photo credits - Mahesh Namburi

I hope I have given you enough tips and motivation to create a look like this on your own. Do give it a shot and let me know in the comments section below how you'd style this dress differently. In the meanwhile, do stay tuned for more recycling, recreating and restyling!

Hand On The Hip

Thursday, 25 January 2018

My happy beginning

1/25/2018 0 Comments
Warning: This post might contain some extreme amounts of public display of affection which may or may not be safe for work :D

Hello there!

They say that every great love story has an epic ending. The typical "happily ever after" tales are far from reality. When there are sad sagas like Romeo-Juliet and Salim-Anarkali, there are also some love stories that make you smile. Influenced by fairy tales and Karan Johar movies, I always wanted a fun, romantic wedding and more importantly, I always wanted to marry someone who'd love me unconditionally, not be ashamed of me and accept me for who I am, someone who'd inspire me and make me a better person, someone who is not afraid to admit that we are together. With my engagement anniversary right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favorite love story with the whole world :)

India, known for it's heritage and culture, envied by most countries for all the family values we share, also has its own flaws in this area. We have spent the last century or more trying to fight for the rights of women and we have seen a lot of progress too. But what I still fail to understand is, once a girl reaches her 20s, has managed to get a decent job, the parents bring up the M-word in conversations more than one. Every aunty in the vicinity is busy matching the poor girl's horoscope with some random NRI and the girl is not even aware of it. I happened to be in a similar situation about three years ago. After a few failed relationships, I had absolutely given up on finding "the one".

In the midst of all the chaos from the "arranged marriage" beaureau, my mum decided to take me to her best friend's son's wedding. For those of you who know me, you would know that I am not such a big fan of attending weddings. I am definitely not a fan of attending weddings of people I haven't seen since 1995. But somehow I ended up at this childhood friend's wedding reception. I did not know anybody there except the friend who accompanied me (for free booze mostly :D) and the groom's family. In no time, people started dancing to Mangalorean Konkani songs and I spotted a tall smiley face across the dance floor.

We were soon dancing together in a group and after a while we started talking to each other. One thing led to another and I spent the entire time at the wedding flirting and enjoying my time with this handsome man. I learnt that he was from Mumbai and was in town just for the wedding. He was trying to get my number, but I did not feel like even telling him my name as I was meant to meet someone my parents were setting me up with the following morning. So I told him that I was getting married the next month and he jokingly said, "What? Marry me instead!"and I laughed. (And sadly, that's the only proposal I got :p Well, I guess I have to take it!)

Soon, the night ended and he did manage to get my number. I was absolutely against the idea of even getting to know him since he lived in a different city, but when he started texting me, it was an escape for me. What was meant to be just fun and games ended up becoming an enjoyable routine for me that I did not want to let go. We had some funny conversations, we realized that we did not have much in common, but before we knew it, we fell in love! I asked my parents for some time and decided to give this long-distance thing a shot while he tried to find a suitable job in the city. Two years of courtship and the rest is history! (More deets on that in my next post!)

Timing is everything! I was really lucky to be at the right place at the right time. To all the single ladies out there trying to find love, be patient and do attend a lot of weddings :D In the meanwhile, let me get back to my hubsies and you guys have a great day!

Photo credits - Purni Photography

Hand On The Hip

P.S. The outfits worn here are what we wore when we met for the first time. Thought it would be special to wear them for this shoot :)

Monday, 15 January 2018

My GlamEgo NYE Resolution

1/15/2018 1 Comments
Hola familia!

You guys already know that I am huge make-up junkie and keep hoarding make-up and beauty products from all kinds of brands. But since I am always broke (and not proud of it :p), it gets difficult for me to buy make-up regularly. I liked last month's GlamEgo box so much that I could not resist getting one this month as well. What's amazing about subscription boxes is that you don't need to put too much thought into what brands you need to buy since GlamEgo ensures that you get to try some really cool products. And of course, at very affordable rates! All you need to do is take their 30 second quiz for them to understand what kind of products suit your skin and your needs and voila! A box is curated just for you!

I chose the 299 INR box again which had 4 products. I really liked this month's box better than the December box because it also contained a lip gloss in one of my favorite shades! Eeeee! I know, right! Exciting! Scroll down for more!

The January box is all about NYE resolutions and one of my resolutions this year is to maintain myself better and actually work towards getting healthier skin. This month's box has the following products -

  • Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil
  • Bella Voste Lip Gloss
  • Natural Bath and Body Nourishment Cream
  • Macaffeine Shower Gel

  • Bio Bloom Face Radiance Oil - What really caught my eye is the really cute packaging this face radiance oil came with. The oil contains no chemicals and is 100% herbal. Add a few drops on your palm and apply it on your face for 30 mins or leave it overnight. I have just started using this product and my skin feels quite healthy since winter season always leaves my skin dry. 
  • Mcaffeine Shower Gel - This gel is perfect for someone who extensively travels and can't afford to carry heavy products. I have used it once and I love the fragrance and is moisturizing enough. I had heard so much about Mcaffeine products and I am glad I got to try this shower gel.

  • Bella Voste Lip Gloss - I was on cloud nine when I saw the shade of this product! I always go loud and bold on my lips and this shade called the Mercier Rouge was perfect for me. The texture is pretty creamy and helped me with my chapped lips, but the pigmentation was a bit disappointing. I wished it was darker and lasted longer, still a good product for the price.
  • Natural Bath and Body Vital Nourishment Cream - My skin tends to become ridiculously dry and malnourished in cold winters. I applied this product and I could feel that my skin felt moisturized. Grapefruit is meant to detox, lighten and brighten your skin. I had already tried their green clay mask and really liked it. This one seems promising too!

I really adore the packaging of GlamEgo subscription box. They come up with a new, relevant theme each month and this month, as you can see, has a list of new year resolutions. What are you waiting for? Get your own box now!

Hand On The Hip

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Body Raaga - a journey to remember!

1/11/2018 2 Comments
Hey lovelies!

I have had a crazy couple of weeks. From visiting in-laws, parents, relatives and friends to spending time with the new hubsy to packing all my things to wrapping up things at work, I have had such a hectic schedule of late. I was like, gaaaah! I need some "me" time! Just when I was looking for the perfect way to relax and recharge, my bud Aish recommended a magical place that drove away all of my tension. LITERALLY! If you are looking for a mini getaway to a place where no one will find you, then you should scroll down.

So, yeah, I spent a good 2-3 hours at the Body Raaga spa in Aloft Hotel, Whitefield this Sunday getting myself some next level pampering. I am going to fall short of words to describe how amazing the massage actually was! But since this is a blog and words are everything, I think I should at least try :D For starters, the ambiance was so heavenly and as I entered the spa, I could feel the calmness in the air. They have a beautiful decor with a lot of Buddha statues, some antique showpieces and herbal fragrances everywhere.

I recently heard one of my bride-to-be friends rant about the stress she's going through at the moment and how a massage could help her calm her nerves. I was so excited to tell her about Body Raaga and their services that she's already on her way there! If you are in a similar place in your life, then do spend some time at this spa and it's going to be a journey you'll remember forever.

The treatment I got is called the De-Stress Massage and Body Cocoon. It's priced at 4K and I definitely think it's a bit expensive, but with coupons from LittleApp I am sure you can manage to get a discount and even if you don't, it's worth it.

  • It started with a soothing de-stress massage where the masseuse applied oil all over my body and worked her charm. I usually have a lot of knots in my neck, back and shoulder area and she effortlessly managed to make them disappear. 
  • The next item on the agenda was a body scrub. She massaged my entire body with a brown scrub that helped cleanse all the impurities in me.
  • Finally, I was oiled with lotion and wrapped in a cocoon that transported me to a different world. I literally fell asleep and felt so calm from the inside.

Personally I am the biggest massage addict you will find in your vicinity and have been getting it done once a month. But I don't think it's such a great idea to get massages done frequently as it weakens your muscles. But with Body Raaga, there was no turning back. I felt so refreshed after those three hours of bliss. I am definitely going back! 

On that note, lemme sign off by saying, "Escape to tranquility"!

Hand On The Hip