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By Hand On The Hip - 1/25/2018

Warning: This post might contain some extreme amounts of public display of affection which may or may not be safe for work :D

Hello there!

They say that every great love story has an epic ending. The typical "happily ever after" tales are far from reality. When there are sad sagas like Romeo-Juliet and Salim-Anarkali, there are also some love stories that make you smile. Influenced by fairy tales and Karan Johar movies, I always wanted a fun, romantic wedding and more importantly, I always wanted to marry someone who'd love me unconditionally, not be ashamed of me and accept me for who I am, someone who'd inspire me and make me a better person, someone who is not afraid to admit that we are together. With my engagement anniversary right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favorite love story with the whole world :)

India, known for it's heritage and culture, envied by most countries for all the family values we share, also has its own flaws in this area. We have spent the last century or more trying to fight for the rights of women and we have seen a lot of progress too. But what I still fail to understand is, once a girl reaches her 20s, has managed to get a decent job, the parents bring up the M-word in conversations more than one. Every aunty in the vicinity is busy matching the poor girl's horoscope with some random NRI and the girl is not even aware of it. I happened to be in a similar situation about three years ago. After a few failed relationships, I had absolutely given up on finding "the one".

In the midst of all the chaos from the "arranged marriage" beaureau, my mum decided to take me to her best friend's son's wedding. For those of you who know me, you would know that I am not such a big fan of attending weddings. I am definitely not a fan of attending weddings of people I haven't seen since 1995. But somehow I ended up at this childhood friend's wedding reception. I did not know anybody there except the friend who accompanied me (for free booze mostly :D) and the groom's family. In no time, people started dancing to Mangalorean Konkani songs and I spotted a tall smiley face across the dance floor.

We were soon dancing together in a group and after a while we started talking to each other. One thing led to another and I spent the entire time at the wedding flirting and enjoying my time with this handsome man. I learnt that he was from Mumbai and was in town just for the wedding. He was trying to get my number, but I did not feel like even telling him my name as I was meant to meet someone my parents were setting me up with the following morning. So I told him that I was getting married the next month and he jokingly said, "What? Marry me instead!"and I laughed. (And sadly, that's the only proposal I got :p Well, I guess I have to take it!)

Soon, the night ended and he did manage to get my number. I was absolutely against the idea of even getting to know him since he lived in a different city, but when he started texting me, it was an escape for me. What was meant to be just fun and games ended up becoming an enjoyable routine for me that I did not want to let go. We had some funny conversations, we realized that we did not have much in common, but before we knew it, we fell in love! I asked my parents for some time and decided to give this long-distance thing a shot while he tried to find a suitable job in the city. Two years of courtship and the rest is history! (More deets on that in my next post!)

Timing is everything! I was really lucky to be at the right place at the right time. To all the single ladies out there trying to find love, be patient and do attend a lot of weddings :D In the meanwhile, let me get back to my hubsies and you guys have a great day!

Photo credits - Purni Photography

Hand On The Hip

P.S. The outfits worn here are what we wore when we met for the first time. Thought it would be special to wear them for this shoot :)

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