Nightdress to Daydress in 5 minutes

By Hand On The Hip - 1/30/2018


Are you one of those people who want to save their money for massive things like a big sports car or a villa by the beach? Do you think that it's not worth spending those hard earned notes on high end expensive clothing and footwear but still wanna make heads turn? Then you are just like me! I have always considered myself an expert when it comes to recycling, finding superior quality products at throwaway prices and I usually find myself buying really cheap things off the street, factory rejects and local market stuff. And trust me, they can look just as good or even better than something teeny tiny you'd buy from a fancy boutique for a humongous price.

Since we don't have any place like Commercial Street in South Bangalore, one of my favorite places to binge on affordable clothing is Raheja Arcade in Koramangala. They have a variety of stuff that would interest any fashionista. I was going through some tees I could splurge on and came across this night dress in a really pretty blue with stripes all over it. T-shirt dresses have been in vogue for a while now and I was so glad I could grab this one for 150 bucks! I have worn this at night as it is, to office with leggings and also as a brunch dress (a mini tutorial below). If it's too shocking to believe, here's how I converted my uber comfy night dress to something more chic and fun!

1. Color therapy

Since the blue was quite dull, I accessorized it with a pair of bright yellow earrings to add that pop of color. You can also try adding some statement neck-pieces if you are a fan of that. A little bit of bright yellows or neon pinks here and there could give your outfit a new dimension.

2. Watch out for this

I usually don't set foot outside my house without my ring and a watch. If you want to add a classy touch, do wear a plain gold or silver watch. You can also wear something that has a big dial.

3. Full on belting

Since the dress doesn't really have a good fitting, I used a brown belt that held it together as well as gave the dress that sophisticated look. You can also use a ribbon or an embroidered belt to try something new.

4. Throw some shade

Some shades would definitely be a good addition to the look, especially if you are out there in the sun brunching your guts away.

5. Heels or sneakers?

Finally, I completed this look with a pair of brown brogues that complemented the belt and I was ready to rock! You can also try white sneakers with this dress.

Photo credits - Mahesh Namburi

I hope I have given you enough tips and motivation to create a look like this on your own. Do give it a shot and let me know in the comments section below how you'd style this dress differently. In the meanwhile, do stay tuned for more recycling, recreating and restyling!

Hand On The Hip

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