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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The beginning of a new age

3/28/2017 1 Comments

Well, the title says it all! Happy Ugadi one and all! Ugadi is a combination of two Sanskrit words, yuga which means age and adi stands for beginning. This day is observed as a new year by Hindus in different parts of India. For instance, it's called Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra.

This Ugadi, why don't you check out some fabulous kurtis designed by Usha from Namam? The whole idea is to bring back Indian tribal clothing and jewelry. They are flowy, comfy and very, very elegant. I picked up this wine colored kurta and a multicolored shawl and some statement jewelry to complete the look. What do you guys think?

Photo credits - Sattvam

On this special day, we Kannadigas like to celebrate by preparing this delicious sweet roti called Holige or Obbattu which is served with ghee or milk. But apart from that, I think the whole point of celebrating the start of a new year is to start making changes in our lives. As Brad Paisley said, "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." and on that note, let's all strive to become better versions of ourselves and make world a better place to live in.

Hand On The Hip

Friday, 24 March 2017

Vitajte na Slovensko

3/24/2017 0 Comments

Oh well, I just realized I had one last country to cover in my Euro Trip Series. We last spoke about how awesome it was back in Budapest. So from Budapest, we took a bus to Bratislava, Slovakia. Until 1993, Czech Republic and Slovakia was one sovereign state known as Czechoslovakia. Against the wishes of most of the citizens, they split due to differences in political and economic reasons.

Anyway, we reached Bratislava and walked from the bus stop to the hostel to save money, which was a huge mistake because Uber would have cost us only 10-20 Euros. By the time we got to our hostel, our backs and feet were destroyed. We were quite exhausted anyway. So we decided to take rest for a bit. We got really cute bunk beds in our room at Hostel Brickyard for hardly 14 Euros a night and since we felt like chilling indoors, we got a kitchen to ourselves where we cooked and had some quiet time.

However we went for a stroll, walked towards old town and landed in this beautiful restaurant called Fabrika. We had some amazing steaks and ribs (well, not me, I'm vegetarian, so I had cheese sandwich :D), some beer and got home early that night.

The following morning we walked through most of Slovakia's old town, chilled by the Grassalkovich palace, shopped for some souvenirs, has some Tiramisu at this super cute cafe and hopped on to the bus that took us back to Prague for our last night in Europe :( We must have hardly spend 30 Euros in Slovakia.

Well, that's all folks. I hope to do this again. My entire trip cost me less 1L INR. And of course, I has some great company! I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again!


Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Checkmate with Dresslily!

3/22/2017 0 Comments

How are you guys doing today? Summer is driving us all crazy (especially with the tan! Ugggh!) and I am all for dresses this season! I like wearing dresses to work as well. But there's a very thin line between what's office-appropriate and what's not. What do you guys think? Do comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Crisp shirts, pencil skirts, chiffon shirts - these are some usual outfits one would wear to work. How about something different? Like a checks dress? Thanks to Dresslily, I got my hands on this simple, comfortable checks monochrome dress that I could wear to work and the party after. I teamed it up with this bling shoes from Max.

Dresslily has an amazing collection of clothes for reasonable prices and you could find designs and prints that could catch anyone's attention. I went binge shopping recently and this is one pretty dress I picked up from there. It fits me so well and has a zipper at the back.

Well, until next time, ciao!

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Playsuit playthings

3/15/2017 0 Comments
Hi guys!

The summer is killing me and I need something new! I have always been too coy to experiment. Thanks to all the non-believers who are constantly criticizing your sense of style, it can sometimes be a real bummer and you don't really want to try something new! But I am over that phase and I think it is time to get creative with your wardrobe!

I got this floral playsuit in a tiny shop in Brigade Road and I absolutely love how it fits me so well and has this pom-pom thing at the bottom. The pattern is also fresh! But how many times do you think I would really wear this? Once? Twice? And then what? How do you ensure that you wear your playsuit or your jumpsuit more than twice and wear it differently each time?

I threw myself a challenge! I spent five minutes in front of my wardrobe with my playsuit in my hands and experimented with four different looks for you guys. I am sure you can do a lot more!

Photo credits - Karthik Ramanan

Look # 1 ~ Casual with a twist
Here I wore the playsuit as it is and to give it a casual yet girly feel I wore some chunky bangles and a pair of white sneakers with it. This look is again boho-casual like most of my blog posts are. You can wear this to the beach or to your best friend's birthday brunch.

Look # 2 ~ A long kiss and a slow dance
I picked up my long black maxi skirt for the next look and wore a pear necklace to give it a classy feel. This look has been designed for ballroom dancing or for those of you who don't wanna flaunt their legs.

Look # 3 ~ She means business!
Do you want to wear a jumpsuit to work? Well, you can! Team it up with a pleated pencil skirt and a pretty golden neckpiece and a pair of brown leather shoes and you're good to go!

Look # 4 ~ The party don't start till I walk in!
I love the shorts of this jumpsuit and wanted to flaunt them as well, so I paired it with a shimmery black crop top, some silver ear-rings and silver bellies. Now please tell me.. where's the party tonight?

Here are some more things you could try with your playsuit ~
  1. Wear a big chunky belt and boots and maybe even a hat!
  2. Get one of those long tunic-shrugs and wear it on the playsuit with some open flats.
  3. How about just wearing some black pumps and a sexy blazer?
  4. You could wear skirts of different colors with your playsuit!
  5. Have you ever considered draping a saree around your playsuit? That's pushing it! Haha!
Hope you loved my bizarre ideas!

Hand On The Hip