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By Hand On The Hip - 3/15/2017

Hi guys!

The summer is killing me and I need something new! I have always been too coy to experiment. Thanks to all the non-believers who are constantly criticizing your sense of style, it can sometimes be a real bummer and you don't really want to try something new! But I am over that phase and I think it is time to get creative with your wardrobe!

I got this floral playsuit in a tiny shop in Brigade Road and I absolutely love how it fits me so well and has this pom-pom thing at the bottom. The pattern is also fresh! But how many times do you think I would really wear this? Once? Twice? And then what? How do you ensure that you wear your playsuit or your jumpsuit more than twice and wear it differently each time?

I threw myself a challenge! I spent five minutes in front of my wardrobe with my playsuit in my hands and experimented with four different looks for you guys. I am sure you can do a lot more!

Photo credits - Karthik Ramanan

Look # 1 ~ Casual with a twist
Here I wore the playsuit as it is and to give it a casual yet girly feel I wore some chunky bangles and a pair of white sneakers with it. This look is again boho-casual like most of my blog posts are. You can wear this to the beach or to your best friend's birthday brunch.

Look # 2 ~ A long kiss and a slow dance
I picked up my long black maxi skirt for the next look and wore a pear necklace to give it a classy feel. This look has been designed for ballroom dancing or for those of you who don't wanna flaunt their legs.

Look # 3 ~ She means business!
Do you want to wear a jumpsuit to work? Well, you can! Team it up with a pleated pencil skirt and a pretty golden neckpiece and a pair of brown leather shoes and you're good to go!

Look # 4 ~ The party don't start till I walk in!
I love the shorts of this jumpsuit and wanted to flaunt them as well, so I paired it with a shimmery black crop top, some silver ear-rings and silver bellies. Now please tell me.. where's the party tonight?

Here are some more things you could try with your playsuit ~
  1. Wear a big chunky belt and boots and maybe even a hat!
  2. Get one of those long tunic-shrugs and wear it on the playsuit with some open flats.
  3. How about just wearing some black pumps and a sexy blazer?
  4. You could wear skirts of different colors with your playsuit!
  5. Have you ever considered draping a saree around your playsuit? That's pushing it! Haha!
Hope you loved my bizarre ideas!

Hand On The Hip

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