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By Hand On The Hip - 3/08/2017

Hey there!

Happy International Women's Day! I have seen people posting a lot of women empowerment and feminism related posts all over social media and have also witnessed a lot of hate towards these messages. I don't agree with either. Women do not need a day to feel special. Women need to be celebrated everyday! I come from a family where women are encouraged to do what they want and nobody has ever stopped them from achieving their goals. Most of my female friends are highly career oriented and have had a lot of support from their families and husbands as well. But we still do see a lot of women being treated badly, don't we?

I recently overheard Mr. X talking to my female colleague about how women don't have to worry about the finances of home. Why do men like him still exist? When someone doesn't drive all that well, the first words that come out of our mouths are "Must be a woman". Women can be fantastic drivers! Why are we so prejudicial?

Instead of distributing goodie boxes and decorating offices with balloons in the name of Women's Day, I think people need to address the real issue here. Educate people like Mr. X about feminism and equality. Eradicate the world from these preconceived notions about how a woman's place is in the kitchen or how women are incapable of handling both a family and a career. And, that, my friend is the true meaning of Women's Day! :)

And now back to what the blog is all about - fashion :D I got this pretty tunic top from Zaful. I love the Aztec print on the neckline and the tassels around it. I wore some colorful bracelets and a colorful pair of slippers.

The next time someone comes to you with their unnecessary crap, ask them to shave their opinion. You go girl!

Hand On The Hip

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