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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Love them lehengas!

6/23/2016 0 Comments

Last year, when my brother got married, I had an overdose of Indian clothes. But they're clothes, so I am not complaining. He he he!

This beautiful lehenga made a lot of heads turn at the wedding ;) I bought this from Meena Bazaar, Bangalore. Meena Bazaar is one of the oldest stores for ethnic wear in an around Bangalore. There was a sale going on at that time and I got this one for a ridiculous discount! You can find their entire collection online as well - Meena Bazaar

This lavender colored beauty has heavy silver embroidery all over it and is perfect for weddings or any traditional Indian function. I have kept my make up very light because this was a day event and used a lot of silver jewelry to go with the outfit.

Love the silver embroidery

Once more?

And of course, hand on the hip :)
Hand On The Hip

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Max Shopping Haul

6/21/2016 0 Comments

I recently discovered a Max outlet in the same building as my gym and decided to buy a few things one day. Max is this one store which can never get heavy on your wallet and has some really fun things to wear!

I got this really cool wallet only for 500 bucks! It's economical, spacious and looks real chic! They have a lot of different prints you could buy. I liked this abstract, digital print that I picked up in 5 seconds! Do check it out!

Abstract print wallet

I also got these two really cute crop tops. The white one can be worn with a pencil skirt or jeans for night out, while the blue one is a day top that you could wear to the beach with some shorts. I also got this pretty yellow pencil skirt. And all of this hardly cost me 2000 bucks!

Some cool stuff

I was looking for flip flops everywhere and found these for hardly 300 bucks. The best part is they have so much variety that it took me at least 15 minutes to pick these up!


Hand On The Hip

Saturday, 18 June 2016

I got my red dress on tonight!

6/18/2016 0 Comments
It's Friday night! Yay!
What better way to celebrate the weekend than wear this sexy cut-out red dress from Belle Fille!
The front

The back

Sorry guys, but I do not have decent pictures of me in this dress, but I do have a bunch of selfies!

I am wearing Color Bar eyeliner, some really cool eye shadow from Lakme and MTV MUAH on my lips!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My best friend's wedding!

6/15/2016 0 Comments
Good evening, my lovelies!

Back in December last year, I was asked to be the Maid Of Honor for my best friend's wedding. Apart from the MOH responsibilities, the wine and the dancing what fascinated me was the beautiful Grace Karin gown.

Standing tall and pretty!

The groom and the bride!

I kept it simple by wearing this really cute 20 Dresses headband and minimal make-up. After all, I don't want all eyes on me since it's my best friend's wedding :D

The gorgeous headband!

The best part of the gown is at the back. It's elegant, yet so sexy! Do make your purchase ASAP!

Sexy back?

Hand On The Hip

Monday, 13 June 2016

Calvin Klein Facial Scrub

6/13/2016 1 Comments
Hey you!

It's always a pain finding the perfect facial scrub! You need to keep in mind your skin type, what your skin is exposed to, your skin tone, the weather and so much more!

Last month I stumbled upon this awesome product by Calvin Klein. It's the CK One Facial Scrub! What really attracted me towards this product is the variety of fruit flavors it comes in. This month I thought I'd try out the Kiwi flavor.

CK Facial Scrub

What I like about this product is that it makes your fairer, gives you an instant glow and the scrubs actually helps you exfoliate your skin. It's also affordable and can be used for 3 years!

You can get this product in flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate, Papaya etc. 

The different flavors
Hand On The Hip

Friday, 10 June 2016

All you need to know about protecting your hair!

6/10/2016 2 Comments
Hi guys!

Over the years, I have realized how important it is to take care of your hair. The pollution and the harshness of the water had completely damaged my hair. I started experimenting with some products and I must say, it has really helped me with hair and scalp nourishment.

My hair is usually very oily at the scalp and frizzy at the bottom. So it's kind of difficult to find products that suit my hair. However I have listed a few things here that might be useful for people who have hair like mine.

My shampoos and conditioners
I have been very faithful to TRESemme for two years now and I really like the way it fluffs up my hair and gives it that extra shine. I also use TRESemme conditioner and it gives me that smooth finish. What I use is TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner and TRESemme Hair Fall Control.

My TRESemme collection

On days I feel like using a mild shampoo, I use Revlon Flex. It does not give you any kind of shine or bounce, but it definitely cleanses your scalp and is the best thing you can use if you wash your hair daily.

Revlon Flex
My oils
I am completely disgusted by even the smell of oil and have never believed in using any until I was introduced to Agran Oil. I apply a bit of this to my hair every morning and it doesn't make my hair sticky at all. I could not find Moroccan Oil (recommended by a friend, you will see it in the next section), but I came across this product, Argan Oil of Morocco and I simply love it.

Argan Oil of Morocco

My best friend's stash
Last week my bestie wanted me to use her hair products and my hair looked better than ever! The shampoo she uses, SP Hydrate by Wella Professional is mostly for dry, normal and damaged hair. The hair mask she uses, Bonacure by Schwarzkopf Professional makes your hair healthy. Finally, a tinge of Moroccan Oil to complete the procedure and you're all set!

Some good hair-care products

My heating products
Even though I try my best to avoid using heating products, on days my hair is really misbehaving I don't have a choice. I use a very mild straightener which is the Philips HP8319 Essential Care Hair Straightener and I also use Philips Kerashine HP8659 Air Styler which blow dries and brushes my hair at the same time. 

My hair straightener
My hair styler

My hair color
I like constant change when it comes to the way my hair looks and feels. Since no other color is usually visible on my hair, I decided to try Revlon Color N Care and Revlon Color Silk. The color I chose is Burgundy. Not only did the color make heads turn, but it also gave my hair some extra shine.

Revlon Color n Care

Revlon ColorSilk

Some hair-care tips 
  • Do not wash your hair too regularly! Try and maintain a gap of at least 2-3 days. If you think you really need to wash it everyday, use a very mild shampoo or natural products like shikakai.
  • Do not comb your hair while it's wet. This causes your hair to get frizzy when it's all dry.
  • Try avoiding heating products like straighteners and blow driers. Use them only when it's absolutely necessary.
  • Oil your hair 30-45 minutes before you wash your hair. It strengthens your hair and reduces hair fall.
  • Avoid coloring your hair as much as possible. Even if you do, use the right hair products and take care of your hair.
  • Use natural hair masks like egg, curd, lemon, henna etc. instead of hair serums and sprays. 

Hand On The Hip

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Being Bangalorean!

6/09/2016 0 Comments
Hello there, my fellow Bangaloreans!
Bengaluru is a beautiful city, known for its historical monuments, pleasant weather, diverse culture and food. However, with the increase in population, technology, factories and destruction of trees, the city has become a concrete jungle!

But Lalbagh is this one place in Bangalore that has still preserved some elements of nature and gives you your much needed peace of mind.

My bestie and I decided that we'd spend some time in Lalbagh and lucky me, he got his camera! :D

In these pictures, I'm wearing a really cute lace top by Vero Moda and jeans by Kraus.

So close, no matter how far!
Enjoying a quiet trip to the park!

How peaceful is this place!

Decided to monkey around on this tree! :D
Hand On The Hip

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

TMP Photoshoot, London

6/07/2016 0 Comments
Hi peeps!

A few years ago when I went to London to visit my cousin, she surprised me with this amazing photoshoot by TMP (The Model's Portal) and I was overwhelmed and felt like an absolute princess! I have had no prior modeling experience. But this one was definitely a great opportunity!

Although, these photos are really old, the outfits in these pictures will never go out of style!

Look No 1: The Lacy LBD
Lace will always be in! This elegant dress is perfect for a romantic date or your graduation ceremony. Everybody should own an LBD by default, an LBD with lace is a blessing!

Smiling hard!

Look away!

Come, get me!

Look No 2: The Sexy Green Dress
For all you party animals out there, thrown in this super hot green dress, smokey eyes and some big silver hoops and you're all set to go!

Bring on that attitude!

I can see you!

Well, hello there!

Look No 3: The Perky Polka Dots
This dress is super comfy and super casual. You could wear this during the day with minimal make-up and is perfect for summer!

Polka dots and stripes!

Bleed blue!

Let's end this debate with a smile!

Hand On The Hip

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hello World!

6/05/2016 0 Comments
Hey there!
Since I hail from a town of beaches and have grown up to the sound of the waves and the sultriness of the sand, I am a big fan of the ocean! It makes me happy, but what makes this picture of mine even more special is what I am wearing.

You can wear these Aztec shorts anywhere and everywhere. I like this print so much that I never let go of a chance to own any product in this print of any shade or color. I picked these up from Brigade Road, Bangalore and teamed it up with an old basic Lee Cooper T-shirt.

And I am ready to rock!

Because it is very important to smile and make the world smile!

Enjoying the calmness of the sea! 


The waves, the sand, the water...

Hello there!

Hand On The Hip

Friday, 3 June 2016

MAC Therapy!

6/03/2016 0 Comments
Hello fellow fashionistas!
I celebrated my birthday early this month and decided to let some people pamper me by buying me some MAC Cosmetics. Although I am not a big fan of heavy make-up, there was something about these products that made me fall in love with the way it felt against my skin.

That's why I love birthdays :)

Product 1 - MAC Smolder Eye Kohl
This product is very smooth and delicately highlights your eyes. The best part is that it is easy to remove and does not cause any kind of irritation to your eyes. There's also a smudge proof version of this product that you might want to check out.

MAC Smolder Eye Kohl

Product 2 - MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick A 75
This lipstick is perfect for women who like bright, bold colors on their lips. It is super smooth and goes with any outfit and can be worn at any time of the day! 

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick A 75

So what are you guys waiting for? Go grab yours now!

Hand On The Hip

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


6/01/2016 0 Comments
Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog!

After several brainstorming sessions in my head and a lot of to-do or not-to-do thoughts, I finally decided to just go for it! I have been blogging/writing pretty much all my life. And fashion, being my biggest passion in life, I thought I should share my wisdom and my creativity with the rest of the world. The aim is not to live forever, but to create something that does!

Hand On The Hip will take you on a roller coaster ride in the world of fashion by giving you the latest scoop, tricks and treats on fashion! Affordable fashion being the USP, this blog is going to ensure that every regular girl can relate to it.

Don't forget to follow, like, share, subscribe!
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For queries and collaborations, contact me at handonthehip4@gmail.com


Hand On The Hip