Being Bangalorean!

By Hand On The Hip - 6/09/2016

Hello there, my fellow Bangaloreans!
Bengaluru is a beautiful city, known for its historical monuments, pleasant weather, diverse culture and food. However, with the increase in population, technology, factories and destruction of trees, the city has become a concrete jungle!

But Lalbagh is this one place in Bangalore that has still preserved some elements of nature and gives you your much needed peace of mind.

My bestie and I decided that we'd spend some time in Lalbagh and lucky me, he got his camera! :D

In these pictures, I'm wearing a really cute lace top by Vero Moda and jeans by Kraus.

So close, no matter how far!
Enjoying a quiet trip to the park!

How peaceful is this place!

Decided to monkey around on this tree! :D
Hand On The Hip

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