Max Shopping Haul

By Hand On The Hip - 6/21/2016


I recently discovered a Max outlet in the same building as my gym and decided to buy a few things one day. Max is this one store which can never get heavy on your wallet and has some really fun things to wear!

I got this really cool wallet only for 500 bucks! It's economical, spacious and looks real chic! They have a lot of different prints you could buy. I liked this abstract, digital print that I picked up in 5 seconds! Do check it out!

Abstract print wallet

I also got these two really cute crop tops. The white one can be worn with a pencil skirt or jeans for night out, while the blue one is a day top that you could wear to the beach with some shorts. I also got this pretty yellow pencil skirt. And all of this hardly cost me 2000 bucks!

Some cool stuff

I was looking for flip flops everywhere and found these for hardly 300 bucks. The best part is they have so much variety that it took me at least 15 minutes to pick these up!


Hand On The Hip

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