Hello World!

By Hand On The Hip - 6/05/2016

Hey there!
Since I hail from a town of beaches and have grown up to the sound of the waves and the sultriness of the sand, I am a big fan of the ocean! It makes me happy, but what makes this picture of mine even more special is what I am wearing.

You can wear these Aztec shorts anywhere and everywhere. I like this print so much that I never let go of a chance to own any product in this print of any shade or color. I picked these up from Brigade Road, Bangalore and teamed it up with an old basic Lee Cooper T-shirt.

And I am ready to rock!

Because it is very important to smile and make the world smile!

Enjoying the calmness of the sea! 


The waves, the sand, the water...

Hello there!

Hand On The Hip

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