Raindrops on roses

By Hand On The Hip - 11/08/2017

Hola mi gente!

While winter has kicked in and is keeping me frozen, there's not a day of the rains I miss out here in Bangalore. The rains this year created a huge mess in the city causing death of many innocent souls. I am still recovering from the shock of having to sail my scooty through drainage water that crawled its way to the roads. But despite all the madness, the monsoons in Mangalore is my favorite season.

Mangalore, a small town on the West Coast of India, is hot and humid throughout the year. Monsoons is the one time we end up using our jackets or sweaters. The rains are actually a blessing that is bestowed upon us from up above. The smell of the Earth after it rains, the raindrops on leaves of trees, sailing paper boats in mud puddles are some things that I have thoroughly enjoyed all through my childhood and beyond. I am often astonished when one does not enjoy the rainy season.

What do the rains remind you of? To me, it's mostly nostalgia. I grew up getting drenched on my way home from school, my umbrella turning inside out because of the high intensity of the winds and most importantly, the joy of knowing your mum is going to take you shopping for a pair of brand new rainy shoes! The monsoons bring out the kid in me. The monsoons remind me of all the love I received from my family as a kid. I absolutely miss it. I miss it all.

I pulled out a black tank spaghetti top from Jockey from my cupboard, teamed it with a black skirt I picked up from Van Huesen years ago and to give it a dramatic effect, completed the look with my uber sexy boho shrug from Max.

Well, some of us feel the rain, others just get wet.

Hand On The Hip

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