Period 101 feat Wonder Wings

By Hand On The Hip - 12/26/2017

Hello everyone!

That time of the month? Wondering how to get through the next four days without staining your clothes? Isn't that something we all go through every 28 days? As a kid I have always wished that I never had to go through this horrible phenomenon called menstruation. But now I know how important it is and biologically how much it contributes to a woman's role as a mother. We go through so many problems during these pain stricken days but we need to realize the importance of it in the long run. And just to make your lives a wee bit easier, I thought I should give you guys some tips that might be useful.

  • When the pain strikes, DISTRACT YOURSELF! I usually tend to keep myself as busy as possible on these days so that I don't focus all my energy on the excruciating pain that comes as a plus one with the period monster.
  • Try not to increase your body heat too much. For instance, don't drink too much or smoke during these days. That is only going to make it worse for you!
  • Keep your private areas clean and change your sanitary napkin at least thrice a day in order to avoid rashes.
  • Invest in good sanitary napkins that give you full coverage and prevent staining of clothes.
  • Wear tight undies! Yes, that helps keep the pad in place!
  • Shower twice a day if you can. Hot showers have always helped me.
  • Try to keep yourself happy and cheerful. I know that's too much to ask when you feel like your whole world down there is going nuts, but just try!
  • If nothing works and the pain is unbearable and the flow is crazy, consult a gynecologist. 

We have been using so many different brands of sanitary napkins and we all know what works best for us. But are you one of those people who are still on the hunt for something even more comfy than the options we already have? Wonder Wings has a wide variety of sanitary napkins that would suit every woman's needs. I received a few boxes of the Wonder Wings Ultra Silky Touch XL Pads and I thought I should give you guys a quick review.


  • The packaging says it all! The ones I got came in a nicely packed carton and the icing on the cake were the pretty wrappers. Cute, isn't it?
  • The fragrance of these pads were pretty pleasant.
  • The website Wonder Wings has a whole bunch of cool stuff that would benefit any girl. So do check it out!
  • As the caption rightly says "Goodbye Rashes", I agree with it and felt that these pads don't cause any rashes.


  • It costs 110 INR for 10 pads and I thought it was quite pricey for a brand that's so new.
  • Although it says XL, I believe these pads aren't massive enough to be called so.
  • These pads can't hold too much liquid and on days my flow was rather heavy, I had to constantly keep changing my pads. 

Overall I would rate this brand a 3/5. Although I am not completely pleased with the quality of these pads, I would still use them on days I don't have to worry about heavy flows staining my clothes. On that note, I am going to sign off by asking all you ladies to take a chill pill and not let the red monster ruin your day!

Be a wonder girl!

Hand On The Hip

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