How to Make Your Virgin Peruvian Weaves Soft and Silky?

By Hand On The Hip - 4/18/2018

How to Make Your Virgin Peruvian Weaves Soft and Silky?

Peruvian hair weave come in different lengths and shapes and are one of the top quality weaves in the market. Their authentic silkiness and shine are their most coveted attributes making the Peruvian weaves virtually meaningless when these qualities are lost. Applying the right care and handling techniques to the Peruvian weaves when they are in use and when they are in storage is vital to maintaining the weaves' appearance and avoiding the hair getting frizzy.

Below are some tips to help keep those Peruvian weaves soft, bouncy and shiny. Care for weaves depends on the shape and length of the weaves. Straight short weaves are generally a lot less stressful than their curly counterparts.

Daily care. Always make sure to apply quality, water-based moisturizer before you comb your weaves each morning when they are in use. Comb gently from the roots to the tips, holding the hair down at the root with your otherwise free hand. This removes pressure from the weft, while brushing. The key to moisturizing is to avoid products with too much oil. Excessive oil makes the weaves appear limp and destroy the hairs' color and also untangle each night also.

Washing weaves. The best part of Peruvian weaves would be that they can be treated same as one's natural hair. Washing should be done once a week and in dry season, more often. Peruvian weaves can be washed while on the head, dried and styled same as the natural hair. Use cold water to wash the hair, this maintains its shine. Apply enough shampoo and untangle hair either with a wide toothed comb, or with fingers, combing still from roots to tips. Rinse out shampoo after wash and apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for some time, hair covered with shower cap. Rinse out the conditioner and air dry the locks. Apply oil immediately after the hair has dried out, comb the hairs out, put up in rolls - in the case of wavy weaves, - or part hairs in four parts and wrap around your head.

Deep conditioning. To attain a deeper cleansing, mix conditioner with essential oils and apply luxuriously to the scalp and weaves, and exposed own hair. Put on a shower cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse hair out and untangle, applying hair oil and styling at will. Deep conditioning is essential to maintain the healthy look of the weaves. It restores moisture and shine to the strands.

Styling. Try as much as possible to style virgin Peruvian weaves immediately after washing. In other cases, use a spray can to moisturize the hair before styling.

Virgin hair can be straightened out, dyed and curled at will, as long as the hair is well taken care. While straightening and curling with heat, use a heat protector like aloe vera. Dyeing should be done by an experienced hair stylist since if done wrongly could damage the hair. Even when in storage, brush and moisturize your extensions, for longevity. Avoid excessive brushing of extra curly hair, that could make it lose its curl and a water based moisturizer is a better choice than the alcohol based one.

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