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By Hand On The Hip - 4/13/2018

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I am truly amazed how trends change by the minute and there's always something new to embrace. Who would have thought that contouring would become such a hit? Who ever imagined applying lipsticks of gaudy shades like bright purple and neon pink would actually look stunning? Nail art is one such trend that has caught the attention of many fashionistas. Back in the day, my mum's collection was limited to shades of pink and red. When I went to college, I was a little more adventurous and decorated my nails with some blues and greens along with glitter.  And now, nail art has become super popular and with the invention of gel nail paints and what not, it's easily achievable just by following a few instructions from the experts.

So I thought I should introduce you guys to one of the finest newbie nail artists on the block - My Artsy Attic. Suman from My Artsy Attic has been experimenting with nail art and nail polishes in general for years together. Inspired by YouTube nail art star Hannah Roxit, Suman decided to give her creative side a shot and she believes it makes her really happy. She takes about 30 mins to an hour for each design that includes the time it takes to dry and wants to explore more in this field. But what really motivates her is that she always has fun playing with colors and patterns on her nails. She is so into it that she changes the designs on her nails at least twice a week. That worried me a bit because it could damage one's nails. Thanks to nail massage oils, with the right amount TLC you could have the healthiest nails in town.

When I asked her how she started experimenting with nail art, she told me that a colleague whose nails were always on fleek once told her that no matter how underdressed you are, whether you're made up or not, when your nails are done, you're all dressed up. That actually stuck with her and she believes that well made and maintained nails are the only make-up that don't require you to look into a mirror, constantly reminding you over and over again that you are nothing less than perfect. She further adds that nail art has always been her end of the day therapy. After a long day of work and household stuff, she gives herself a soothing nail oil massage, changes her nails and says that it's her "me" time where she can't look at the TV or touch her phone. She finds it very therapeutic and is always showered with a lot of compliments.

Do take a look at her designs below and also a mini tutorial of how she achieved 'em.

Design 1 - Polka Party

Apply a bright base color of your choice and let it dry. Use the back of a toothpick to draw black dots (don't press firmly). Choose a metallic or glittery shade and using another toothpick add it on top of the black dot leaving a little space just like an eclipse.

Design 2 - Criss-cross Fiesta

This art is great for when your you've worn a nail paint for a few days and it starts chipping on the sides. Take some striping tape (or make your own by cutting cello tape in thin julienne like structures - don't worry about equal width). Put the tape pieces on your nail in a criss-cross pattern (remember to do one direction of tapes first and then go to the next direction). Apply black nail polish and quickly take the tape off using tweezers. Apply a top coat or clear polish for an even finish.

Design 3 - Blingin' Hard

Isn't it annoying how fast glitter polishes dry! Well, now you can reuse even almost dried glitter polish to create an easy gradient art. Paint your nail with a color that compliments the glitter. Once dried take your glitter polish and slowly drag it down on the nail but not all the way. Make sure the glitter is thick at the tip and thinner as you go down. Apply a top coat or clear polish for an even finish.

Design 4 - Dotted Sensation

Take a Matt polish and paint your nail. Once the matte texture is formed using any metallic polish that compliments your base draw some thick dots at the tip of your nail with the back of a toothpick. Keep drawing the dots until you reach almost the middle of the nail. Halfway through start using the tip of the toothpick to make your dots smaller. Trust your artsy instincts to judge the size or use pen refill to be more accurate.

Design 5 - Flower Power

Perfect for the spring and super easy. Paint your nails with a bright color and wait for it to dry. Use the back of a toothpick to draw dots that stick to each other in a circular manner. Draw multiple flowers depending on your nail size and fill up blank spaces with simple dots. Using the toothpick tip draw leaves in green you can do simple dots too if you are not happy with squiggly lines. Once dried use a black polish to define the inner circle of the flower (pssst just put a dot there) and you're done.

Design 6 - Glitter Gala

Paint your nail with a bright color and let it dry. Cut two pieces of cello tape and stick them on the lower part of your nail forming an X so that a V shape is exposed on top. Fill in with a matching or contrasting glitter polish and remove the tape. Top it off with some clear polish to even out the surface.

Design 7 - Mosaic Mania

With this design, you need to work quickly. Take 2 colors of your choice and paint your nails in really thick coats. The key is filling half nail with one color and half with the other. Once done take a toothpick to mix both colors into each other (do this really fast). Every time you'll get a different design and that's what makes a very good abstract, mosaic-like look.

Design 8 - Stripey Sunday

If you think these are all too complicated and your nail paint from last week is chipping, then just use the same cello tape method mentioned in Design 2 and paint your a nice bright pink or any color of your choice on your nails and keep it simple and easy. Doesn't that sound like a perfect thing to do on a Sunday?

Some product recommendations from the expert

Nail paints - Maybelline Color Show, Nykaa Nail Laccquer
Nail Oils - Khadi, Go Diva Nails
Base Coat - Jacqueline USA
Products that she can't wait to use - KL Polish, China Glaze

It is always satisfying to have a hobby that lets you create something no one else has ever seen or heard of. If you are talented enough or determined to achieve something, nothing can stop you. I have always wanted to be able to get funky with my nails. Hopefully this should motivate me and all of you who want to try out something new. Do follow her on Instagram at @myartsyattic and get inspired!

Hand On The Hip

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