Once you go black, you never go back!

By Hand On The Hip - 6/22/2017

Hello there!

Being Hindus, we often find our mothers and grandmothers asking us not to wear black or white for Hindu ceremonies. They believe that black is inauspicious. But black being one of my most fave colors, it's kinda hard to give up on that! Black makes me confident. It gives me power. Black goes with everything. And a black lehenga is something I have always dreamed of wearing! So why not spice up Eid with this sizzling lehenga you can purchase from Zapyle?

As you must have seen in my earlier posts, Zapyle is the place to go to if you love luxury fashion but don't wanna spend too much! A lot of Indian designers do not have the right platform to showcase their talent. But Zapyle is a gold mine for consumers who like a bit of customized, one-piece-only products in their wardrobe as well as designers who want the world to see what they're capable of. Vrushhali Satre, from House of Woya, is one such designer who designs such brilliant pieces with a lot of detailing and intricacy.

While the blouse is a simple, black silk blouse, the skirt is overloaded with delicate gold and silver embroidery, but at the same time it's not too heavy! I wish I could have convinced my mum to let me wear this on my engagement day. Nevertheless, it's not too late for you guys. What say?

Photo credits - Ashish Photography

On that note, let me sign off by wishing you all a happy Eid!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. Loved the embroidery on the lehenga! And you look so pretty in it! :)

  2. The embroidery on the lehenga is beauuutiful!

  3. This is really a gorgeous lehenga!

  4. LOVE the intricate work on the lehenga, you look stunning!

  5. You look lovely in that dress and the makeup is so pretty!