Short and sweet feat Dresslily

By Hand On The Hip - 4/17/2017

Hello peeps!

I cannot even begin to explain to you guys the torture I've been going through in Bangalore because of the heat. My skin is sun burned and my hair needs washing every other day! :( A nice, comfy pair of denim shorts that I got from Dresslily has been a saving grace! I hope you guys remember that I had ordered a few things from Dresslily a few months ago and I was waiting for the perfect weather to flaunt these super cute shorts.

I wore a lace top and a fuchsia cami inside as the bottom of the shorts has this cute crochet thingy going on. I wore my golden espadrilles with it that I got from Max for 500 bucks during some sale.

Now to be very honest, you can see that the shorts fit weirdly. It's too tight around the crotch area and has a false bow on top which doesn't have a classy finish. I would wear it a couple of times and then chuck it because the quality isn't as amazing as it should be. But what I like about it, is that it's got a girly touch to it at the bottom and that they are quite comfy.

Photo credits - Skylit Designs and Photography

Have fun, guys!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. I like your combination of the top.

  2. I hate it too when the orders I place online don't fit me perfectly! But your styling is very pretty.

  3. I feel you bro! The heat is just killing me too! But great post!!

  4. Perfect for this heat! nothing beats a good pair of shorts :)

  5. imagine, whats its like here in Mumbai.. nice look.

  6. Loved the combination and also the lace details on the shorts

  7. Loved the combination and also the lace details on the shorts