Best Breakfast Places in Sydney and Melbourne

By Hand On The Hip - 7/25/2018

Hey everyone!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I could not agree more. Add a cup of coffee to that and my day is just perfect! Australia is one country in the world that has some really cool cafes with the most delicious breakfast options that one just can't resist. I have noticed that sourdough bread and banana bread are some things that are really popular in Sydney while Melbourne is known for good coffee. My husband and I are almost always ordering bread and eggs, coffee and banana bread and I have listed a few places I've tried in Sydney and Melbourne that I'm quite sure you'd love to go to when you're here.

Chimichuri, Sydney

Chimichuri is always going to be my most fave breakfast place in Sydney. We ordered a French toast and ended up with a beautiful plate of French toast with exotic fruits and cotton candy that looked like a unicorn. I've also tried their fried eggs with sourdough bread which is pretty amazing too and of course, their coffee is heavenly.

Bao Shop, Sydney

This cute little cafe in Sydney has some really fabulous breakfast. They're open even on public holidays and that's how we ended up discovering this cafe. They've got some decent stuff on the menu that is worth trying.

Bello The Shelter, Sydney

We happened to stop by at Westfield in Burwood one day and decided to have some bread and eggs and the food here caught us by surprise. We really enjoyed their eggs and sourdough toast.

Charlie & Franks, Sydney

This is my husband's fave place to eat at and they also seem to have some smashing coffee. I wish I had a picture of the banana bread you get here. It's ridiculously soft and delicious. I've also had their veggie burger and it's quite delicious.

Brother Baba Budan, Melbourne

If you're looking for a cafe with a funky, hippie vibe, then this is the place! The ceiling has chairs and stools stuck to it giving it a very artsy feel to the whole place. All I had time to eat here was the Nutella croissant and it is to die for!

Self Preservation, Melbourne

This cafe has some really good coffee and if you're in the mood for a heavy breakfast, you should try the fruit bread. It's quite filling and is a great way to start your day!

The Prishub's, Sydney

If you want some great home cooked breakfast, then don't hesitate to drop by :D My husband and I tend to sometimes make some great breakfast on weekends.

I hope your mouths are watering after looking at all these pictures. I never cared a lot about what I used to eat until I moved here. After all, you only live once, why not make the most of it? Eat well, eat great food and live life to the fullest. Don't hesitate to walk in to any cafe while you're in Australia. You never know how amazing the food could be unless you try it!

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