I dressed like my husband #StyleChallenge

By Hand On The Hip - 10/24/2018

Hello everyone!

How has your day been? I am someone who has always borrowed/stolen clothes from almost all family members of mine and I like how I can transform an oversized tee from my bro's wardrobe to something cool. I love how my mum reacts when she sees I have styled her saree differently with a tee or a shirt underneath. But have you ever taken inspiration from people around you and dress up the way they do? I have decided to make things more interesting in this space and try out new things. I always like how my hubster dresses up and have often borrowed clothes from him. It was time I did a #StyleChallenge by putting together looks from my wardrobe that were inspired by him. I hope you guys like it! Also, a corresponding video went up on the YouTube channel! Click here to view the same.

Denim on denim
This is one of my fave looks! I am a huge fan of the denim-on-denim look. This was easy to re-create since I already have a denim shirt that I used as a jacket, a plain white tee and grey joggers because I don't have any denim joggers. I wore my white shoes to complete the look and cheated a little by borrowing his Apple watch.

Winter is here!
I took this picture in Melbourne where it was insanely cold at the time. This look was probably the easiest to re-create since this scarf belongs to me anyway, I already have a puffer jacket and blue denims and of course, black running shoes. It was really difficult to find a raised compound wall or something that I could sit on and had to make do with a much lower wall.

Chill Sunday look
For the next look, I wore my striped black tee with a pair of brown chinos I owned. I could not find anything similar to the polo tee he's wearing here and hence just decided to wear a random striped tee from my closet! I completed this look with my white sneakers and sunnies.

Let's get movin'!
While we were on the road for our Blue Mountains trip, he was in his puffer jacket, red sneakers plus the big black backpack for most of the trip. I gave this look a twist by wearing a leather jacket and a printed tee underneath. What do you guys think?

Welcoming spring!
The last look is probably the most exciting and very complicated considering I did not own any of these items in my closet! I did not have a purple polo tee, so I had to manage with my purple formal shirt. Also, I don't own shorts that are this long, so I wore slightly shorter floral ones and re-created this look. I don't have brown boat shoes, so I had to make do with my black ones with tassels that I wear to work everyday.

I guess that brings us to the end of this challenge. I really hope this was fun for you guys. I had loads of fun shooting this and I cannot wait to do more of these style challenges. I am going to try and dress up like one person from my family at least once a month or every other month. Sounds exciting?

Hand On The Hip

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