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By Hand On The Hip - 7/18/2019

Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing great. I have been struggling to find time to blog or even participate in photoshoots lately and a part of it is because my skin has gone down the drain. Ever since I moved to Australia, I have had my fair share of acne attack! After some research, trial and error methods on my skin, blaming the weather, altering my diet and all that jazz, it definitely feels like I am allergic to the milk we get here and have been trying to cut down ever since. Milk, of all things, something that's been sacred for generations, loaded with Calcium and what not, could cause pimples? Strange, isn't it? Well, unfortunately for me, in today's world cows are pumped with hormones to produce milk and as a result of this, cystic acne, my friends! It's a sad story I tell everyone, but what's also important is skin care! It's practically impossible for me to give up dairy altogether (considering how much I love chocolates and cheese!), but it is definitely possible for me to take care of my skin. After trying out multiple different brands from all over the world, this one particular brand called Crisp Cosmetics has suddenly become my most favorite!

Crisp Cosmetics is an organic, cruelty free, vegan skin care brand from New Zealand and pretty much every product of theirs is loaded with vitamins and is completely paraben free. They are plant based and that's just the right kind of skin care we all need. I got my hands on the Tea Tree face wash, the Retinol moisturizer and the Vitamin C and Vitamin E eye cream and boy, they are super fun to use! Since I have been suffering from acne for a while now, I've been very skeptical about trying out new products and making it worse. However, the moment I observed the texture of these creams and researched on the ingredients, I felt that it was okay to go ahead with these and now it has become a part of my skin care routine. Also, did I mention how luxe the packaging is! Let me give you a super quick overview on my modified skin care routine and how I have incorporated this brand in my daily skin care regime.

I kickstart my day time skin care routine with my regular Neutrogena face cleanser because that's one product I cannot live without. I then apply the Crisp Cosmetics Retinol moisturizer on to my skin. The moisturizer has a creamy texture, but it is perfect for oily skin like mine. It just disappears on to my skin in seconds. Because it contains Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Green Tea and Jojoba Oil, it has all the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants that your skin needs. I then proceed with my make-up  and I am good to go to office.

Once I am home and about to hit the hay, I wash my face with the Crisp Cosmetics Tea Tree face wash. The word "Tea Tree" got me exciting because every time I google a remedy for cystic acne, "Tea Tree" has been on top of that list. So this face wash doesn't smell great and that's a true sign of a plant based product. The face wash also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber Extract and Palmitic Acid. Once again, from my research, I know that all these properties are things that are necessary to fight acne, blackheads, blemishes and so on. The next thing I do is apply the Crisp Cosmetics Vitamin C and Vitamin E eye cream around my eyes. In addition to all the ingredients mentioned before, this product also contains Peppermint Oil. This product has definitely helped me reduce the size of those big bad panda eyes and the face wash has helped reduce the size of my giant pimples overnight!

I must say that I am really impressed with these products and the results have been instant and fabulous so far. The pricing isn't ideal if you want to own the whole set, but they do have a combo kit and I will be hosting a giveaway super soon! So watch out for that on my Instagram channel.

Here is where you can buy these amazing goodies and do make sure you check out my video demonstration/review of these products here.

Hope you liked this blog post and I hope all your pimples vanish.

Hand On The Hip

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