Behind every successful woman is..herself!

By Hand On The Hip - 3/07/2018


Happy International Women's Day! While I may not be a big fan of Valentine's Day or Holi, Women's Day is something that always brings a smile on my face. You must think I am a hypocrite considering how I told you guys in my previous post that we don't need a special day to celebrate love, but I feel differently about Women's Day. There may have been a gazillion people out there fighting for our rights and there definitely has been an improvement too, but I strongly believe that we need a day or probably a week or a month to celebrate women. Why? Because we put up with a lot of crap! We tolerate so much, but no one really thinks it's important to do anything about it! Let me pen down some reasons for you!

We are always a target of gender stereotyping!

We've all seen how men (or sometimes even other women) tend to say, "must be a woman behind the wheels" every time they end up behind an okay-ish driver's car in traffic. Well, I don't know about you, but my sister-in-law is one of the best drivers I know. My mum has been driving for ages now and she does a decent job considering her age. I don't understand how people think it's cool to say such things, leave alone say such things about a woman.

A woman's place is in the kitchen...say wwhaaaaat?

When I was in college, the "Go, make a sandwich" joke just went viral and I never found it funny. A lot of people still believe that a woman should just spend all her time cooking and cleaning and they actually implement it in their lives. They flirt with all the 21st century independent girls all through college and end up marrying a gharelu sati savitri who still lives in the India-before-independence era. Thanks to the system our forefathers established, I have seen so many of my female friends think it's wrong to work post marriage. Thanks to the women whose mindset won't ever change, we who think differently end up becoming victims to such societal crap.

It's because you're a girl!

How many of you have heard this line being thrown at you by co-workers? There's always this bunch of douche bags at one's workplace who think that a woman is praised or celebrated for her work only because the male manager has a thing for her. Why is it so hard for those jealous idiots to understand that we can be better than them? Well, how much of a man are you if you are so insecure?

Hello? Hello? Why aren't you replying?

I've often received flirtatious messages from unknown people from my college or workplace. No matter what you do or say or not say or not reply at all, there seems to be no way to let them know that you're not interested in them. And apparently, silence is considered rude. Literally every female friend I have has been through this and probably more than once. Why are some men so jobless in life that they feel the need to bully girls into becoming their girlfriends?

She had 3 boyfriends? What a s***!

When a girl dates a lot of people, she is known to be "easy" and is called all sorts of vulgar names. Boys tend to surround her and try their level best to get off with her since they believe she's easy to get. And eventually, the poor girl loses all her self-respect. But when a man does the same thing, he is worshiped. Why? Why won't anyone call him a s***?

I have always been very conscious of what I do and say. The rules have always been different for me and a boy who's the same age as I am and is doing the same things that I am. But I am done living my life this way. I've had great role models at home like my mum, my grandma, my sister-in-law and now, my mother-in-law who have shown me that a woman is capable of doing anything a man can and probably do it better! To all the suppressed women out there, it's time to wake up and create a difference. To all the college girls out there who have been called names, it's time to ignore the barking dogs and move on. To all the ladies out there who are kitchen-bound, get out there and show them what you're capable of!

Being in sync with the theme, here I have experimented with some prints on stripes from FBB, some tribal jewelry from Shantiniketan and bling shoes from Max. Why does one always need to follow the rules? Just like my ensemble, a woman also is made of different wonderful elements, which when put together make a great piece!

Happy Women's Day!

Hand On The Hip

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