Unexpected Ways To Save Money on Your Next Home Renovation

By Hand On The Hip - 3/30/2018

When was the last time you had a really meaningful home renovation? Did it involve just a bit of repainting and moving furniture around, or was it something major such as replacing your kitchen or even knocking down a few walls?

As much as we’d all love for our homes to undergo a hefty renovation, the truth is that it’s far too expensive to do any kind of work on our houses. We need to think about everything from material costs to paying contractors, and if we even think about doing it ourselves, we’re going to be swamped with tasks and find it almost impossible to balance work, family and our renovation, not to mention it will cost a lot more than you expect!

So to help, we’re going to show you a couple of good ways to save money on your next major home renovation.

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Hire an architect

It might sound like a huge expense to hire an architect, but you’d be surprised at just how much money you can save if you look at architects such as Playoust Churcher. The reason architects save money is because they can produce all of the accurate drawings and design plans that you need before you hand to your contractors. It will give you far more control over the entire process and you’ll save a lot of money with clear designs that your contractors understand.

Hire contractors

And on the topic of hiring people to help, don’t get overconfident and try to do it all on your own. Instead, you should be thinking about speaking to local contractors and businesses to find out who is the best value for money. There are far too many things involved in performing your own renovations, such as purchasing tools, learning how to use them and getting the right materials for your project. It’s a huge bother and you’ll be much better off paying a higher upfront cost for a contractor than wasting your money purchasing tools and materials

Be patient

Many people end up paying a lot of extra money just to have their renovation done sooner rather than later. You should focus on saving money by being a little more patient and waiting for better prices, or by taking the long route and renovating one room at a time instead of your entire home including the outside. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue and certainly one that you could benefit from if you’re in need of a home renovation.

Pay in cash

Don’t pay with credit cards if possible because it gives you the illusion that you have more money than you think. You might even be tempted to take out a loan just to pay for a renovation, but the truth is that if you don’t have all of the money on hand and can’t pay it up front, then you probably don’t want to be financing your build because it’s simply too expensive for your budget. Set a limit to how much you want to spend and try to avoid paying with a card.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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