Divided by distance, united by hearts!

By Hand On The Hip - 8/05/2018

Hello loves!

Happy Friendships' Day! Today's post, as you might have already guessed, is about friendship, a little something dedicated to these two ladies who are my constants! In a class of eighty kids of an all-girls convent school (yeah, my school is weird like that and they like to over-accomodate!), you can kinda feel lost. You could say that I was a bit of a loner back in the day, but after precisely three friendship breakups, trying to form a girl gang of eight in high school and failing miserably at it, the three of us spun off and I found myself stuck with two crazy girls I call my besties now.

DPD Forever and Always!

We've known each other for over twenty years now and although we are literally in three different continents right now, our friendship grows stronger with every passing year. From our first drinks to our first heartbreaks, gaping over the awesomeness of the friendship shared among Aamir Khan and his entourage in Rang De Basanti and hoping we'd give up our lives for one another (we'd probably just kill each other instead, just for fun!) to playing 'Hansa', 'Praful' and 'Komolika' in school plays that were major flops to living together in a shady-ass, cockroach-infested house in Bengaluru, I think we have done it all and can safely say that these two are my go-to people for everything!

Annual rituals!

Dimple aka Wimbly aka Mint Babe aka Dimz

Dimple is the sober one among the three of us. She has always aimed to be a good student and academics was of utmost importance to her. When we were ten and we spoke for the first time, she proudly told me that she's never been hit by a teacher before and BHAM! The teacher spotted her talking to me in the middle of a class and slapped her wooden ruler against Dimple's back - sad story, but that's how we ended up becoming friends. We are quite similar and have always had the same things happen to us at the same time (we were ever born ten days apart!) and it did not amuse us at all when we were once asked if we're twins! From getting tattoos together to wearing similar outfits and flaunting it with joy to finding our husbands at the same time, it's uncanny how we are always walking hand in hand. Dimzie is now a hi-fi techie in the US, always gives great advice about life and is an empathetic human being. She carries herself with much poise and is one the most fashionable women I've known. But underneath all that grace and elegance is a goofy person who's effortlessly funny and is constantly entertaining us with her spontaneous jokes. I love you loads and I really hope we have kids at the same time! :p

When this cutie threw me a bachelorette party in Vegas!

Frama aka Deepthi aka Depthi aka Deepti aka Depz

Well, yeah, she had no idea what her actual spelling was until recently. I still don't know how her name is spelt to be honest. Depz and I started being friends in eighth grade when we ended up being bench-mates. I was this super snobbish nerd and she was a total tomboyish goofball and as years passed by, she somehow managed to bring out the prankster in me and well, I will take credit for encouraging her to study a little bit! :p My favorite passtime in school was to poke her, pinch her and distract her in class and eventually get her in trouble with the teachers. Luckily for me, she was always unsuccessful in taking revenge despite multiple attempts and was a great sport. We were so different that it amuses me how we ended up being such great friends! She has now grown into a responsible, career-oriented woman who is also a caring mother to a beautiful baby girl. Every time I whine and complain about the world being a pain in the neck, she always plays the devil's advocate and tries to challenge my opinion, followed by an insult and a gaali. I guess that's how it has always been and probably always will be. Much love to you, b@#%$ (that's what we fondly call each other!) and I hope your daughter doesn't read this! :p
My girl and I on her wedding day!
I don't know how one would get through the day without having best friends and I am super lucky to have these two morons in my life. And when the three of us are together, it's absolute madness! They've taught me so much and are always making me laugh. I could actually write like a 450 page book (and also like a part 2 and part 3) on these two and all the insane things we've done together, but I guess that's for another time. Also, I've been spending days together hunting for a single normal picture of the three of us and it seems like an impossible task, so please make do with these goofy ones! :D

We all have our "fashion disaster" moments!

Plotting Frama's murder in Snow City!

Well, that's as normal as it can get!

Aah, here's a better one!

And nope, back to being weird!

True friends don't need to converse everyday, as long as you know that you're in their hearts and they are in yours, it's a relationship that won't ever die. On that note, I hope you have a delightful friendships' day and make sure you let your girls know how much you adore them.

Hand On The Hip

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