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By Hand On The Hip - 8/31/2018

Hey guys!

I've had so many DMs, Whatsapp messages, phone calls and a lot of question marks on everyone's faces regarding my return to the motherland a couple of months ago. Well, I didn't really anticipate it either. I was so sure that I would come back only after a year that I flew my parents all the way to Mumbai so that they see me off and shed a tear or two. Thanks to the constant change in immigration rules of Australia, my "dependent" visa process was taking a ridiculous amount of time and I found myself in this weird state where I couldn't just resort to working in India or stay idle in Australia. Thankfully, getting my work visa was the next best option available and my company was kind enough to get things done at a much faster pace! Yes, I was lucky enough to get myself a job before I moved here. (Thanks to those bazillion applications I sent out online and multiple searches on lifesavers like Jooble!)

From one of the events I attended - saying hello to Bengaluru :)
Now that I am back in Australia, six months and ten pounds later, I can't tell you guys how disappointed I am in myself for posting literally just once this month! (Wow, can't believe it has been a month - I hope you missed me :p) From not knowing what to do to keep myself occupied the very next day to not knowing how days suddenly seem way shorter that it actually is, the transition has been pretty sudden. Fortunately, I made good use of my unexpected break by spending quality time with friends and family, exploring Australia, getting a lot of photoshoots done (also shot at the airport because I did not wanna waste any time! :p), being an active participant in the Tableau community (work related stuff - did not wanna lose touch with my skillset!), attending tonnes of gatherings and functions, fixing my mum's virus-infested pen drive (had to causally mention that :p), unbelievable amounts of shopping and much more. I am glad I got a chance to relax and refresh before I got back to the grind.

L to R: A friend's wedding, some family time

L to R: Some more family fun with my sisters, my grandma with her siblings
I started working literally two days after I landed in Sydney with no time to let the jet lag fade away, with no time to get acclimatized to the harsh Aussie winter, with no time to get used to walking around in skirts and tights! My scalp went absolutely nuts because of the weather and saw the worst dandruff attack ever followed by loooaaads of acne. My feet are in a million pieces because of the insane amount of walking. And with work - well, let's just say the culture is very different in India. There's definitely a lot to learn, but it is going to be one crazy ride! But I am absolutely loving the discipline here (...not! :p), the fact that I get to start afresh on all fronts, a new life (feels like my marriage has only just begun!), a new wardrobe (my husband ain't gonna like this :p) and loads of shopping at Kmart and Target! :D

L to R: The day I left for Sydney, one week after arriving in Sydney

The only photoshoot I do these days - my OOTD posts!
Them views that keep me going!
I am yet to form that rhythm where I am most productive at work and also have time for other things in life (don't be surprised if I suddenly decide to move back home :p), but otherwise, all is well. Just wanted to update you guys on what's been happening in life and make sure you check out my Insta posts and stories regularly for daily updates, new Aussie products and brands I have been trying, OOTD posts, travel posts, food posts and much more! And, do stay tuned for some blog posts - have an enormous amount of pending posts in my archive that would be coming your way!

T'was good catching up!

Hand On The Hip

P.S. Have just thrown in some raaaaandddomm photos, so don't worry too much about them!

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