That saree saga

By Hand On The Hip - 9/01/2018

Hello lovelies!

I recently received a DM on my Instagram from someone who loves ethnic wear asking me for tips to drape a saree! I was completely blown away because ethnic wear is not my forte. However, I am absolutely comfortable in sarees and know a thing or two about draping them. In fact, when it comes to chiffon or cotton sarees, I barely need 5-10 minutes to drape! It may not be traditionally the best way to drape a saree, but I can assure you that eventually it looks just as elegant and you'd definitely not have a wardrobe malfunction :p Anyway, for those of you who always take loads of time to get ready and need quick solutions, I have curated this post for you!

Unnati Silks has taken the saree market by storm. They have a wide variety of prints, materials and styles to brag about. I had heard and seen so many cool prints that combined Indian traditions with modern day depictions of art. I was really excited when I could pick up a saree from their collection, however I was hugely disappointed to open the package and find a plain-ish blue uppada cotton zari border saree inside! You might be wondering why I am complaining about it and my mum had the same question! Well, I was really expecting something with "bicycle" prints on it or some kind of abstract art. I had to make do with whatever I had received and quickly put together two different looks. I found an old green blouse in my closet that I thought went really well with the blue of the saree. I then picked up some jewelry I had purchased for my wedding and adorned myself with it. And as far as draping a saree goes, it only comes effortlessly with loads of practice! I have been draping a saree on my own ever since I was 13. So, yeah :D

1) I first tried to go full-blown traditional with this saree by wearing big gold earrings, bangles and a waist chain. I pleated my pallu with great difficulty and pinned it up as well. I definitely like this look for a traditional saree like the one I am wearing, but probably won't try it for chiffon sarees.

2) The next look I tried was with my pallu falling out. I didn't think it would go well with the stiffness of the saree, but somehow it did work. The best part about my waist chain is that it's super versatile. I wore it around my neck this time just to highlight my outfit. I think it looked really pretty. What do you think?

Here are some tips to make your saree stand out -
  • Try wearing a contrast blouse always! Chuck the blouse piece that was meant to be and get something else stitched instead.
  • You can play around with prints, shimmer, embroidery and much more for your blouse instead of going the traditional way.
  • Accessorize well! Grab some junk jewelry and give your outfit a twist.
  • Pallu out or pallu in? Totally depends on what looks good on you! If you're on the bulkier side, then definitely pallu out, but if you are on the thinner side and you want to look plumper, then tuck your pallu in nicely.
  • Wear a waist chain to accentuate your curves.
  • Drape your saree differently if you dare!

Eventually, since my mum liked the saree quite a bit, I let her keep it. But only recently did I find out that it was way shorter than normal sarees are supposed to be and the saree could lose it's texture if poorly maintained and the saddest part of all - the color literally came off on my skin after a while! Overall, I'd give Unnati Silks a 2.5/5 only because of the length and the quality of this particular saree, but I am sure they have some good stuff too and are quite affordable. Their website showcases some of the prettiest and most elegant sarees the internet has ever seen in a decent price range. Do check out their collection!

Hand On The Hip

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